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Image Guidelines and Policies
Icon: Upgraded Membership (Small) Any image that is posted on Writiing.Com must adhere to the same rules as our written items. You must either own (copyright) the image or have permission from the original owner to post it in your portfolio. If you have neither, you do NOT have permission to post this item. Even if an offsite website tells you that you may post an image for free, you must still provide a reference to the site from which you took the image. If an image has not been drawn or designed by you, you must provide information regarding the original owner of that image. You must include the name of the artist of the image just as you would include the name of the author of a quote, For more information on copyrights, please read: "Writing.Com Copyright Policy.

*Bullet* Images may be no larger than 400 x 400 pixels in size. Animated images may be no larger than 200 x 200 pixels (available to Premium members and above; see: "Free and Paid Membership Benefits).

*Bullet* An image file size may be no larger than 150k.

*Bullet* Images must be rated properly. For more information on content ratings, please read Content Rating System (CRS).

*Bullet* The Writing.Com logo may not be used in any of your items, unless we have authorized it. The Writing.Com logo (and any other images located in a Staff member's folder) is a trademark of 21 x 20 Media, Inc. and may only be used by Writing.Com Staff unless you have express written permission. If you would like to use an authorized Writing.Com logo in your signature, please see: Writing.Com Images For Upgraded Members . These images are sharable so that you do not have to upload them into your own portfolio.

*Bullet* Discretion should be used when placing your images in signatures that appear in emails and message posts. Emails are a public service on Writing.Com and as such, you should pay particular attention to the image that is contained in your signature. Sending inappropriate images to unsuspecting viewers is considered harassment.

*Bullet* You may post mildly erotic images on here, but there are a few things that you must consider:

The image must be rated properly. See: Content Rating System (CRS).

When posting any image that may be considered erotic, please pay careful attention to the rating you choose. Erotic images should fall no lower than 18+ and most will be at least GC. When in doubt, the rating of an erotic image should lean to the higher rating. Ask a Moderator for help if you aren't sure what rating you should use.

Pornography is not acceptable here. Any image requiring a rating higher than XGC is not acceptable, and you will be asked to remove it from your portfolio. Hardcore pornographic images such as blatant sexual acts, exposed genitalia, etc. are not permitted. Failure to follow this rule may result in account termination.1

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1  Written by The StoryMistress

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