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Tell a Friend
Using the Tell A Friend form is a wonderful way to share a page, including your public portfolio URL, with friends, family and associates. You can use the Tell A Friend feature to notify your friends of any new items you create, to share a story you think they'd like, or to share a direct link to your portfolio.

To use the Tell A Friend feature:
*Bullet* View the page you want to share.
*Bullet* In the left-hand column click on Writing Resources/Tell A Friend.
*Bullet* The Tell A Friend page opens with the URL of the selected page preloaded.
*Bullet* Enter the email address, enter an optional comment, and click Go to send a link to the page you are viewing.

Please keep in mind that if an item uses "Access Restrictions, then guests may need to sign up for a Writing.Com account to view the item linked.

Not only do you benefit by sharing your writing, but you will also automatically receive referral credit for new members who sign up for a Writing.Com account by visiting the site from an emailed URL generated by our Tell A Friend system! 1

Recommended Reading

1  Updated by Northernwrites ; written by Diane

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