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notes on tennis family
Cynthia off and on for 10 years. Hit the ball friend debrah said they needed to get involved so they took tennis lessons. Joined. A league.

Kids enrolled in-group class. Everett started taking tournament club. 9 years old till tournaments.

Tennis lesson for one full week sugar creek in Atlanta.

Last year, high school talked her into it.

Morris sisters and brother in laws. On vacation. Play during the weekends. Some for exercise and some for comraderies.

Exciting and nerve wracking cuz you want them to do well. Want so much for them to do well. Mostly singles. His progression. Be able to accomplish things he wasn’t able to accomplish. Fruits of his lessons. Over the win.

Several hours a week. Always bring racquets w/ tennis vacation destin or Hilton head.

Everett – 10 years. Competing at 11. Howard in 9th is currently 10th. On court at least 3 hours a week – 6 week. Hit w/ friends 11 hours a week including friends. Enjoy tennis vacation. Plays w/ mom dad cousins and aunts and uncles. Crhis rashad.

Play wii tennis I don’t lose on wii people challenge me all the time. I run and work out upper lower body everyday. Stay in shap help your game.

Opens doors keeps you fit physically fit. Met most of my friends through tennis.

15 years old

Cecily 15 twins. Howard. Taking lessons at 5. picked up again in high school took .

Watched them play. Play w/ them. Take lessons once a week w/ sarah witherspoon. Take dance three times a week sometimes go running. The combination helps legs strethng .

Mostly plays with friends. Consistent and patient working on it. Meeting people and seeing how others react to opponents…sportmanshps or not. Realize how bad or good it looks. Favorite thing…hitting winner. Miss sarah talked her into it. You have to because there isn’t a girls on the team. Enjoys it planning on participating on the team through her high school. Lifetime time.

Everett Reese 14 years old. August, he'll be playing 16's

2 weeks.

I don't know the difference. I just really see him as a regular person, just super tall.

breakfast, trains with Corey, Paul Tobin before the others arrive.

8 hours of training. sometimes 11. hit a lot more balls. feel more comfortable."
Basketball play for fun. Used to play soccer. 7 or 8 competitive soccer, middle school. With friends. Go outside and shoot almost every day. Just think it’s fun.

all coaches and kids played flag football. i ddin’t want to guard john, he's too tall

Morris Reese played tennis off and on since 1985. League tennis on a regular pbasis in 2003. Nov. friend invited me to play a tournament. Excitement and trhill of winning matches in a tournament set him on fire. Sister since 1984. Atlanta city tiltle many times. She’s the usta teaching professional in the family.she would organize family trips for us to go on and play.vacation and play and she would teach the other family members. 2003 or 2004 she started recruiting the children and started teaching the children how to p lay.
It helps us all go in the same direction. Before tennis there was piano, football, soccer tee ball, etc dance. All going in different directions and it was too much. Didn’t want to tell them what not to be interested in. since we did it on vacations anyway. Mom and dad could play while kids doi lessons.
Everet has a tough coach. At age ten, thy thought it was too tough. He stayed. Rough and serious. Somehow he’s internally motivated.
I wanted hime to play and was careful not to shove it down his throuat. Am I big enough yet, am I big enough yet? Once we let him play it was on. He wants to playk when is his next tournament. He gets ready for practice.

Just exercising can be monotonous. The thrill of winning and loosing provide motivation you seek to improve your fitness. Used to bike ride. Trained. I had motivate myself. Winning calls me to go and exercise. The element of competition fuels the fire to seek fitness outside of the court.
Motivate each other. Family trophy that gets past around.

The greek thinking man tstatue in marble. It’s held by singles player in the family. Currently, hands down, Everett is the best member. Brian holds the trophy and won’t give it up. The family has talked about taking it from him.
Non of us have been able to beat everte since he was 12.
Go to destin a number of years in a row. As memany as 25 of family…as many 12. Go at it all weekend long. Trips to Hilton head. Battle and bragging rights. 07 settle a family fued in hawii. We are gonna play tennis where ever we go. If all of us are gonna be there. The ones that play tennis come to the table. It starts at the table. Smart remark about someone’s game. The ones who don’t play come out tand hand on.
Tennis for me me and my family integral part. I use it to teach physics analogies how to handl difficulties in schoolwork. Bond w/ father/son bonding. Outdoor life. Play w/ Cynthia league when we were the same. I’m a 4.0 and she’s a 3.5. mixed in 06 family team that went to state family chips.
Ces was the last one. Played high school tennis because her friends plays. Comes everyweek was a hold out her friends play.
Everett mpv. Girls tennis everet played number one. Girls won and went to . there wasn’t gonna be a grils team and they won region.

Used it in science project. Which bouce higher. Teach anglu and linier momentum kinetic streggh. Nutrition. Everet has to eat right before matches…hidration. Constant mediam for teaching. Most tennis is principal based. Bookcase of tennis literature. How too technique.
Tennis is a way of life for these folks. Watch pros key biscane. Miami, u.s. open…front row. Blake…Atlanta, family circl. 2007. Four of us. Got to sit on the front row seat. Saturday night match when blake was playing. Was invited to sit on front row. Have to fill up those front rows. Just luck. Saw dona and some macon folks. How made me sooo high.

The Thinker (French: Le Penseur) is a bronze and marble sculpture by Auguste Rodin held in the Musée Rodin in Paris. It depicts a man in sober meditation battling with a powerful internal struggle.[1] It is often used to represent philosophy.

Dr. family physician Reese Family health care Gordon admit through coliseum.
Delphine Reese 404-791-0410

Brian Reese.

Leisure in college and graduate school living in Atlanta and working w/ youth it sharing love w/ the rest of the family. Since it was a lifelong

Family competiton w/ me and morris say who is the king of the hill or queen of thill. Singles one on one.

When I turn 50 I wouldn’t be challenging them anymore. They had their chance. Good thing for kids kids and tennis for 30.

Family circle attend that annual. Keeping her involved with it for years. If she decided she wanted to do it. So coaches in Atlanta really encouraged her because the potential was there.

Kept in the circl of tennis. Coan Tennis Association. …

Corrections Administrator w/ Ga department of corrections.
Teach leadership, manament, education development for staff.
Volunteer in tennis…ATLA level coordinator. Over several level

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