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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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Twenty One
         Hunter blasted them, and well kind of broke a couple bones. Luckily his history teacher understood what Hunter was going through and just told them to take it outside. So they took his advise… A few bruises and a broken rib later and Hunter wond up in the hospital while the public school guy ended up with a broken nose. It was pretty bad and Hunter knew it. It was when they took him into the operating room that Hunter had a vision. Maybe it was the meds that he was on but Hunter believe that he was pretty close to being dead.

         Hunter needed surgery to set his rib back into place otherwise it would end up puncturing something. So when he finally went under he thought he saw the light. Then again it could have been the bright lights that they used. That’s when May and Jane appeared. They were both dressed in their best dresses and giggling. “What are you two up to?” he’d asked.

         “Oh Hunter your going to make us late, now get your butt in gear and put your jacket on,” Jane shock her finger at him. May just laughed. That’s when his vision changed. May was sitting in front of him with a very serious look on her face. Jane was standing behind her.

         “Hunter, we’ve got to talk to you. You’ve been acting very strange since we met the McCoy’s and well if you don’t smarten up we’ll send you to the mental hospital,” May said.

         “I have a good reason don’t you think?” Hunter asked.

         “Just because we’re gone now doesn’t mean you have to go jumping at every thing that seems a little suspicious. Look Hunter, we don’t want you to live like this. Sure maybe in the future we’ll need a vampire slayer but right now just be Hunter,” Jane explained.

         “But until then I should just let innocent people get slaughter by these menaces?” Hunter asked.

         “No, no you see there isn’t that many around, I mean it’s horrible that people can die that way but you’ve got to let it slide. Seeing as your practically ripping yourself apart because of this, we want you to know that we love you and that you need to let go of what has ended our lives and begin your own,” May answered.

         “Hunter haven’t you always said that you wouldn’t mind acting in a play? Why don’t you go do that, I’m sure you’ll find that theatre people are really nice. Heck look at Shell she’s the sweetest thing around,” Jane smiled.

         “I heard from a little birdie that she likes you too,” May sang.

         “What? They actually do talk?” Hunter asked.

         “Yeah,” May said. Hunter thought for a minute.

         “Hmmm, I guess she’s kind of pretty, and she’s really nice,” Hunter said.

         “Come on Hunter don’t be shallow!” Jane snapped then the disappeared. A moment later Hunter woke up in the hospital room, it was just like one of those movies where the lead character which is a goof who fell off a roof or something like that goes under and sees God who tell him to smarten up. Very cliché, yes, but it’s just what happened. Hunter didn’t believe what he saw but decided to follow their advice. Figuring that if he didn’t what they said might actually come true. Besides what if Shell really did like him? It could start something new for him seeing as he was kind of going down hill. In fact he’d actually contemplated suicide and maybe that’s why he’d gotten into a  fight with the public school kid.

         Knowing now that he had hope that there was something better in life than basking in the sorrow of losing two friends, made him feel a lot better about himself. Hunter’s dad came up to visit him and so he asked him to buy him a book of Shakespeare. That day he spent his hospital stay reading Shakespeare. Which saved him for the enviable boredom that was looming?

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