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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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         This wasn’t the end mind you. This is basically just the beginning to Hunter’s life long quest. A quest that could leave him broken and bloody on the side of the road, and he knew this. Only he had to do something with his life. Either being the lone wolf or just plain end it early. Mind you the ending it early part wasn’t an option for Hunter. After he had helped Ben and his brothers get ride of James he was dead set against any kind of vampire activity. When ever something strange showed up in the paper, like another young girl dying from an unexpected cause Hunter would be on the phone to Ben or Demetrius asking what could have happened and if they knew of anything that was going on in the vampire world. At one point Oliver had started to screen their calls just so Hunter wouldn’t be bothering them.

         That was when Ben finally talked to Hunter one day during a three day event. “Hunter, you’ve got to stop jump at every murder you see in the paper. I mean your driving us all nuts!” Ben sighed.

         “I know I’m sorry but I just can’t let anything more happen to this place like what happened to Jane and May,” Hunter answered.

         “I know how you feel but you’re going to compromise our cover. Besides not every murder is going to be because of a vampire, it’s stereotypical that humans would think that way. Hunter, I’m surprised at you, I would have never thought that you would go and jump to conclusions like this,” Ben sighed. Hunter looked at Ben. He was right, it was silly for him to be jumping at everything that went wrong in the city. Hunter sat there for a minute. “Hey, I’ve got to go but please rethink everything before you call I mean, if you keep it up you’ll probably end yourself up in a mental institute.” Ben rode off after this. Hunter just stood there pondering this for a while.

         “Hey, Hunter what are you doing? Fraticinzing with the enemy are we?” someone walked up behind Hunter.

         “Huh? No, no what do you want Jake?” Hunter asked.

         “Nothing just wondering why your talking to Ben after what happened to May,” he answered. Hunter growled something at him and stormed off to get his horse ready for his class. Competing was all he had now and Jake and Jenna where his only sort of friends that was other than Ben, but at school Hunter was the loner. No one talked to him other than to say sorry for his losses and that was worse than people not talking to him at all.

         At school Hunter’s social life was dead. Along with his friends, he stayed home when the dances were going on, sat alone at lunch or walked down to a cafĂ© that he used to go to with May and Jane. It was sad really a lot of people made fun of him. Mind you most of what they said when in one ear and out the other because he didn’t really gave a damn what they thought anymore anyways. It was one of those things that you couldn’t let bring you down anymore than you already are. For Hunter being on the emotional roller coaster of losing two close friends it was rock bottom and any more lower than that was hell. Rock bottom was close enough for Hunter so he just let people talk. That was until a few new kids arrived at the school.

         Public school kids never did understand how private schools worked and well they’d believe pretty much anything they heard. Once Hunter was sitting in his history class when one of them spoke up about how May had been a whore and Jane was collateral damage. That’s when Hunter spun on them, during class at that too.

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