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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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As they lowered her into the six foot hole Hunter was wishing he could go with her. Ben was most likely thinking the same thing. It was terrible the way she went and it tore Ben up knowing that he could have very well been the cause of her death because he sucked too much of her blood out. Then again they didn’t know how much James had sucked out before they got there. It was so heart breaking to see their best friend or love of their life be buried at fifteen. It was as though a piece of them was torn off and thrown in the grave with her.

         Hunter ran off as they watched the backhoe lift the bucket to dump the first load of dirt into the hole. Hiding behind a large oak tree Hunter cried once again. It was his final farewell to his dearest friend… his only friend that had been left from the first episode. Sitting at the base of the tree Hunter buried his face in his hands. The rough cuffs of his jacket scrapping against his face as his tears fell to the  ground between his legs. That day he wept for Jane, and for May and for his mom who had been gone for quiet awhile. The sorrows of the past had been let out in this one moment. It was as though his heart had just been torn out and set on her fresh grave.

         Ben was still standing there watching the backhoe bury his girlfriend in her eternal rest. Rain started to pour down and slowly they crowd started to leave, leaving Ben and his brothers standing there. Hunter was sitting in the rain underneath the tree. As the rain started to pour Hunter got up. His dad waiting for him a little ways off, “Do you want to ride home with me?” he asked.

         “No, I’ll walk,” Hunter sniffled. The rain washed the tears away as they came, walking home he ran the risk of getting a cold but he didn’t much care. Right now all he needed was time to think. Walking was the prefect way to do so. Ben walked home with his brothers not bothering to ride back with his dad. 

         This was the end. The end of the pain, the end of the horror caused by James…

Rest In Peace dearly Beloved

May Riddley

May her soul Rest among the stars.


R. I. P.

Jane mall

We’ll miss you dearly

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