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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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         James kissed May’s neck before getting ready to bite her. May struggled to push him off but he was too heavy and wouldn’t budge. That’s when she felt his teeth break through her skin. Pressure pushed down on the side of her neck until blood oozed out and James started to lap it up. Minutes later Daniel, Demetrius and Ben burst through the door. “James stop!” Daniel shouted.

         “Not until she’s drained,” James lifted his head. A searing pain filled May’s head as she lay underneath of him. A strangled cry burst from her throat. Ben lunged at James knocking him off of May. Daniel and Demetrius then pinned James to the ground.

         “May, are you okay?” Ben asked urgently.

         “Ben?” May asked weakly.

         “Look Ben you have to suck the venom out of her system before she turns. If she turns then there’s no hope in ever getting May back to normal,” Demetrius instructed as they struggled to hold James back. Ben bent down to his girlfriends neck.

         “Look May forgive me if this doesn’t work,” he whispered into her ear before pressing his lips to her flesh. Sucking her blood like a bee sucks the sweet honey from flowers he did his best to get all of the venom out. After a moment or two Daniel came over and told Ben to stop otherwise he’d drain her of her blood. Daniel pealed Ben off of May, her body limp from being drained. Pulling her up into his grasp Ben sobbed at the sight of her.

         “Dan, please tell me she’ll live, please,” Ben’s eyes pleaded his older brother. Daniel and stood there after they got James restrained looking down at his brother as if he didn’t know what to do. May certainly did look dead. Down stairs there was a ruckus.

         “Daniel, do you mind seeing what’s going on?” Demetrius asked. Daniel nodded and left. Demetrius looked at his brother grimly. Ben’s eyes glistened with tears not yet shed.

         “Please, will she live?” Ben asked.

         “I honestly don’t know Benjamin. I really don’t know. We’ll have to asked dad when he gets home,” Demetrius answered. They then laid May down on James’ bed while they disposed of James in the Isolation room. Daniel had gotten everyone out from downstairs by then and was cleaning up the mess of broken glass. Ben then went back upstairs to see to May. Demetrius called his dad to see what they could do. Not knowing off hand Mr. McCoy suggested that they put her in the bathtub with some ice until he got back.

         Ben thought that this was kind of like persevering a murder victim until the forensic team got there. It wasn’t the most settling thing to do either. His girlfriend was possibly dead and they were sticking her into a tub with ice like a dead fish waiting to be fried. It wasn’t the greatest feeling. Not to mention that it was hard to find the words to tell her best friend what had happened. Taking a deep breath Ben dialled Hunter’s number. “Hello?” Hunter answered.

         “Hey, um… man I don’t know how to tell you this,” Ben sighed.

         “Ben?” Hunter asked.


         “Is everything okay?” he asked.

         “No, that’s sort of what I was calling you about. Um, damn it I don’t know how to tell you this but May, could possibly be …” Ben sat there in silence for a moment swallowing the word before it was said.

         “Dead?” Hunter breathed.

         “How’d you know?” Ben asked quickly.

         “I sort of had this really horrible feeling about a hour ago,” he answered. It was as if his heart was shot with a deer slug. After Jane had died he didn’t know if he would be able to hold it together with May. But now that May was gone… or even just the possibility that she could be meant that he’d be down and out for quiet a while. Heart thundering in his chest Hunter sat there waiting for Ben to say something.

         “Hunter? I-I’m sorry I know how much you cared about her, I mean she was my girlfriend and….and I have no clue how I’ll get through this. I mean you’ve known her for much longer so I can imagine how you’re feeling seeing as you lost Jane as well. I’m going to like argh!” Ben hissed.

         “It’s okay, I’ll be fine, I mean it’ll be okay. If you need anything just call… Are you sure she’s gone?” Hunter asked swallowing hard as tears rose.

         “No, we’re not but there’s a pretty good chance that she’s gone,” Ben sighed. Gone… that’s not what Hunter wanted to hear. Dropping the phone down on the receiver Hunter burst into tears. There hadn’t been I time where he’d just dropped everything and bawled his eyes out. If May was gone… then who did he have left? No one, this was a heart breaker….as though he was shot dead Hunter moaned and moaned until his dad found him laying on the floor asleep with tears still streaming from under his eyelids.

         That night Hunter and Ben were both haunted by the sweet memories of their beloved friend May. If she really was gone then they’d have a whole world of pain ahead of them. Asking for suicidal thoughts from both of them, James seemed to sneer in his shallow grave that they called the catacomb. It’s as though James damn well knew that this was going to tear these two strong souls apart to the point of breaking.

         Mr. McCoy diagnosed May… once he decided that she was truly dead he took her out of the ice bath and set her out to the gruesome task of moving her to the meat freezer down at his friends place. Ben wasn’t happy with this either but they made it look like a murder and the body had been stored there. Mr. McCoy’s friend said that he didn’t mind going in the slammer for a bit for his boy. Seeing as that was a pretty strong bond Mr. McCoy offered to pay his bail.

         May’s funeral was huge. Pretty much everyone from school had come to pay their respects and to try and comfort Hunter. And to Hunter’s surprise a lot of people who he’d have never thought would show, showed up with a single rose to lay on her casket. It was a closed casket ceremony seeing as her parents didn’t want people to see the marks. It was really sweet how everyone showed up. And there was not a dry eye in the crowd. Hunter and Ben helped May’s dad and her uncle carry the casket out. It was very emotional for everyone.

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