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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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         May still had her short hair but it was a bit longer then it was before he had left. James was so pleased to see that she was still with Ben. It had been so long since he had seen her and he couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into her. May had no clue that he was planning this…or so he thought.

         May actually had a better idea than James’ his brothers. James only hoped that she wouldn’t go and tell Ben what she thought was going on because it would just make it much more difficult for him to get to her. The party that was going to be taking place tonight was going to be his time to strike. As people arrived James took the job of greeting people at the gate. This way he would be the first to know that May was there. All in timing James had to be careful not to seem as though he was going to kill her or that he was interested in her. For one she was already taken and secondly he didn’t want her to go running to Ben telling him to keep and eye on him.

         May walked up and found that James was at the gate. “Hello May,” He grinned a little too widely at her.

         “Hello, James where’s Ben?” May asked.

         “Inside, I think he is upstairs but I’m not sure you’ll have to go and see for yourself,” James said. After a few minutes, when he was sure that she was inside he left his post and let the guard take care of the rest of  the night.

         May wandered around looking for Ben when she ran into Oliver. Oliver looked as though he was a bit drunk but May didn’t want to accuse him of that. “Hey, do you know where Ben is?” May asked.

         “Oh yeah, he’s in the kitchen. I expect he’ll be happy to see you,” Oliver said. He had definitely had something to drink that evening. Seeing as some of the “In” people at school accused Oliver of being the one that got drunk at all of the parties and ended up messing around. May made her way through the crowd to the kitchen. Ben was standing in front of the window.

         “Ben?” May called. He turned around and smiled at her.

         “Hey, I’ve been waiting!” He grinned sweetly taking her up in his arms.

         “Well then?” May asked and they walked out into the front room where the party was.  They danced a bit but after a while May had to go to the washroom. “Um… I’ll be right back, if you don’t mind me going.”

         “No but don’t take too long or I’ll have to come looking for you okay?” Ben answered knowing that his brother was in there somewhere. There was an ominous feeling that something was going to happen.  May made her way through the crowd and to the hallway where the washroom was located. The hallways was dimly light by a single lamp situated on a small semi circle of a table. May stepped into the washroom and shut the door. Once she was finished doing her business she washed up and checked herself in the mirror before she stepped out. James appeared out of nowhere.

         “Don’t say a word and you won’t suffer long,” James hissed into her ear as he clamped his hand over her mouth. This wasn’t good. May had a feeling that something like this was going to happen, seeing as he had been stalking her for a while. James dragged May to his room through a secret passageway. “Now if I let you go will you promise not to scream?” May nodded.

         “Okay, so I do believe my brother is keeping a close eye on you,” James glowered.

         “Yeah so, that means what you’re doing right now isn’t going to help your reputation,” May sighed.

         “Yeah, I know, it’s all good with me because you are the only one I want right now,” he smiled. May glared at him as if he were crazy. Mostly because he was acting really strange and well it was creepy. There was no way May was going to let this happen.

         “Dude, you do realize how terrible that sounded. I’m your brother’s girl and you’re acting like you love me to bits,” May said.

         “Well, yes, but you know you’re blood would do me good. Seeing as I am a bit weak from not feeding in so long,” he sneered. May wasn’t about to let that happen, then again she could much do anything except scream. Seeing as that wasn’t an option, at least not yet, she’d take her chances with the weak vampire. May knew his wasn’t a smart idea but it had to be better than suffering through getting drained.

         “And what makes you so sure that my blood is any good? I could have some sort of disease that hinders you powerless,” her voice raising slightly.

         “May, you’re still so foolish. I would have figured that Ben would have told you that even if a human has a blood disease it does not affect us the same way as it would you. In fact half the time the disease has no effect at all. Now if you’d keep it down I assure you it will be less painful,” he answered.

         ‘I assure you it will be less painful’ look James you and me both know what it’s like. I mean don’t so much as you do but you see it can’t be any worse than dying of a horrible disease. James, just get it over with or I’ll very well scream my lungs out,” May mocked him. James became angered by this seeing as she didn’t know the true pain.

         “You want to know the true pain?” James asked.

         “It can’t be that bad seeing as I’ll be dead afterward,” May sighed acting as though she was becoming bored of the conversation.

         “Fine then,” James cupped his large hand as hard as he could and swung at May, hitting her in the ear. May let out a yelp of pain as she fell onto the floor, “that’s what it truly feels like to be bitten by a vampire.” May lay on her back with tears in her eyes as the side of her face swelled up. James swooped down on her with amazing grace and pinned her to the ground with his knee. “And now, Miss May, I do believe it is time for you to say good bye to your human life and hello to a possible future as a monster such as myself…. hmmm that might just be being nice to Ben. On second thought I’ll just let you die slowly. May cried out, as James crushed her under his weight. Feeling his breath against her cheek caused her to squirm. Gasping quickly through little space she had left in her lungs because of the immense weight, May let out a gut ruling scream.

         Downstairs in the back room Daniel heard the scream and got up to investigate. He figured it would just be one of his brother’s stupid games but with James home he couldn’t be so sure. Running into the kitchen where his other brothers were Daniel wondered where May was seeing as Ben was sitting at the island. “Where’s May?” he asked.

         “I don’t know she said she was going to the washroom why?” Ben asked. Daniel stared at his brother as if he were crazy.

         “Didn’t you hear that scream?” Daniel asked.

         “No, what scream?” Ben asked looked at Oliver who was now swaying back and forth on his chair.

         “Come on where’s Demetrius? I think it’s James,” Daniel said urgently. The two of then went through the house looking for their older sibling.


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