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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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         It was all going just as planned; James was now back at home and was getting along just fine with them. Ben still didn’t have May over though because he was afraid that James would do something rash. Ben would go over to May’s instead so that the smell wouldn’t be as strong. Every time Ben came home it drove James wild. Having not eaten in three months he was pretty hungry. It was a surprise that he was still alive.

         As the days passed James started to regain their trust and Ben had May over once. That was almost like murder. Every time he breathed it killed him to not be able to get to her, at least not yet. He had to wait and let her come over one more time…or there was the possibility that he could go to her place in the middle of the night. “Hey May,” Ben was on the phone with her once again. “Are you going to come tonight? We’re having a small get together and I was wondering if you would like to come?” James found his chance. It was just what he needed a party so that he could get to her with out anyone noticing. “Great I’ll see you at seven then?” A moment later Ben hung up, Mr. McCoy was standing in the door way.

         “Do you think James is ready for this kind of thing?” he asked.

         “He’s been fine with May around so I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine. Besides if he can stand being around May then he can be around anyone. May has the sweetest blood I’ve ever smelt,” Ben answered.

         “Alright, just keep an eye on him. I’ll warn your brothers too,” Mr. McCoy left. It was going to be a good night – or so they thought. Ben and the others spent the day getting ready for the party and James was out getting stuff that they would need. He didn’t mind helping because he was about to get exactly what he wanted very easily. It was going to be sweet.

         May was at home wondering what she was going to do too keep away from James despite the fact that he seemed fine when she was over. That however didn’t mean anything. If he was indeed over his human blood spree than it should be easy for him to stay away, only May wasn’t entirely convinced the fact that he really is over it. Every time he looked at her she felt as though he was looking at her as if she were his next meal. This assumption wasn’t entirely wrong either. No one knew what James was up too, and at one point Demetrius had talked to his father about the fact that he could no longer read his brother’s thoughts; this frightened him because he was able too before he left.

         It was kind of stressful, the arrival of they’re brother whom they were sure was going to be gone forever. James brought a lot of tension with him. Every brother was ready to strike at any moment because they didn’t know if he really was clean or if he was just back for May. With James guarding his thoughts it caused another worry. What had happened to him that didn’t allow them to know what he was thinking. Was he brain washed? It was all very stressful for Demetrius and Mr. McCoy. They wanted to know what had happened.

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