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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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         It was all coming together, James was getting rather good at casting things out of his mind and letting himself thing deceiving things. Soon Rico agreed that it was time for him to set out on a flight back to his home town. However Rico suggested taking a flight right from Europe to the south so that he didn’t go through the north and get spotted again. That would be bad because his father would then be alerted of his position. The next day James was on a flight to the south. The plan ride was long and tedious because there were so many humans on the plane. James knew however that he needed self-control on a small aircraft because if someone went missing then people would get suspicious. Besides he wanted to make sure that he was hungry when he was near May next that way he’d be able to enjoy her sweet taste.

         As soon as the plane landed James was on the run to find some where he could stake out until he was ready for sure to get back in touch with his father. Though he was pretty sure that they were already aware that he was in town once again, he didn’t want them to know what he was thinking so he was keeping his thoughts guarded.

         It had been almost a year since he had last been in the south and he wanted to relax for a bit. Once he was ready he called his dad. “Hello?”

         “Hi dad, what’s going on?” James asked.

         “Oh wow I didn’t think you’d ever come back, wait are you clean?” he asked.

         “What do you mean?” James asked.

         “Have you sorted out your whole human obsession?” he asked.

         “Oh yeah, yeah, totally, but can I come home?” James asked.

         “What’s wrong?” Mr. McCoy asked.

         “Nothing really I just really miss you guys and I’m sorry for what I’ve done,” James lied down right. Mr. McCoy was silent for a minute.

         “Yeah sure, come on home,” Mr. McCoy said.

         “Thanks,” James grinned to himself.

         “I’ll see you in a hour?” he asked.

         “Sure, see you later then?” Mr. McCoy sighed.

         “Yeah, bye,” James hung up. Hook line and sinker! He thought. It was going just as planned now all he had to do was convince his father that he really was clean and get close to May again. It was going to be a long process but it was definitely going to work. Either way he was pleased with how it was going so far.

         Unfortunately he had the problem of Ben not still with May or Ben being totally protective and not leaving her alone with Ben. That would be a major problem because then he’d have to find out a way to get Ben away from May long enough to get her sweet blood. The aftermath was never thought through though because he was living in the moment and didn’t think of what might happen after he had killed May. What would most likely happen was that he’d be destroyed by his brothers because of what he had done. That didn’t entirely bother him because all he wanted was May’s blood before he died. James didn’t exactly know why he wanted her blood so bad but he did. He didn’t yet know that certain people’ s blood held powers that if ingested or infected with venom would become as powerful as a nuclear weapon if used right.

         May has such blood. If she were to become a vampire she would be very powerful, no plan old mind reading or something she’d possibly be able to make someone literally rip themselves apart with her power. It would be very useful for some one like James who was already more powerful due to his habit of drinking human blood. James could really turn the world upside down with this kind of power… and maybe that was why he was run off the first time, because Ben and the other knew something about May’s blood subconsciously or something. Perhaps they were protecting him from something that might just drive him mad.

         How could they do that when he was already mad because he wasn’t able to get away with getting her blood the first time. I guess it’s all a dog eat dog world. If you can’t have one thing you can’t have everything. Which to James meant failure and that wasn’t an option. Not on his watch that wasn’t going to happen he needed everything, James was power hungry and would stop at nothing to get what he wanted.

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