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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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         James was roaming the wooded areas of the north, when he could he’d sneak up into civilization and take his next victim. Most of the time he would stalk his victim, only now he didn’t have time, he had to get away from the north as soon as possible. On his travels he’d met another band of vampires, only they had warned him about the Elders, at first he didn’t really care about them, if they wanted him they could have him, but he needed to get May some how.  It was the only thing that he wanted really badly.

         On the other hand it was going to get risky as he made his way closer to her, knowing his brothers they’d know about his arrival once he got into range for Demetrius to read his mind. It was a down fall, but if he could find some way to throw him off of his mind then he’d be able to strike. The day he was flying over to Europe, possibly the most populated by vampires. On his boarding of the plan James hoped that he’d be able to find some vampires that would be able to help him to throw his brother off of his thoughts. It was highly possible but the only problem was that James didn’t know who had connections to his father. If the ones that he went to had connections to his father then he wouldn’t be able to deal with them. It would be too risky because they might call his father. That was when he thought of something there was a way that he could tell if they knew his father, if they knew who he was then he had to get away from them as soon as possible.

         Once off the plane he wandered around the city where he landed to see if he could find any vampires. Though he probably wouldn’t European vampires were sensitive to the sunlight so if they went out in it they’d become obvious to the others that they were different. James decided to get a hotel room and wait until night fall to see if he could find any one that he might be able to use to get him a way into the city where May was. If it was the last thing he was to do he was going to taste her sweet blood.

         There were many people out at night fall, so James found, and it wasn’t too hard to pick out which ones where vampires. They usually kept to shadows and walked slower than the humans did because they enjoyed the dark. While humans would want to get indoors a soon as possible as soon as dark falls it’s kind of a down fall when it comes to hunting but it was a fact that couldn’t be changed. James went into a strange building that he had seen many of the vampire-like beings go into. It just seemed like that natural thing to do seeing as he was a vampire himself.

         Inside he found that it was kind of like a bar, only they weren’t serving alcohol. James took a seat at the bar and ordered a drink from the tender. “You’re a new one, I haven’t seen you around before, what’s your name?” he asked.

         “James,” James answered not wanting to give his actual last name away.

         “You’ve got a last name there? Or are you just straight James?” he asked.

         “Oh right, James… Coy,” he answered. The look that crossed the bar tender’s face frightened him.

         “As in McCoy?” he asked.

         “Um…yeah, I guess, do you know my father?” James asked quickly. His face softened.

         “Not to say so no, I’ve never met him, but I do know that the McCoy’s are the most famous vampire family amongst those down south. I wouldn’t say I approve of their methods…that kind of thing puts me out of business,” He answered.

         “Ha, you’re telling me, it’s not as easy as they make it look. I didn’t want to go down the… “vegetarian” path so I’ve run away. I am now looking to find some one that can help me get past my brother with out him knowing what I’m thinking because there’s this girl...whose blood is so sweet smelling it would drive you wild,” James explained.

         “Ah, nice to see you broke their system. Your brother his he a mind reader?” the bar tender asked.

         “Well yes,” he answered.

         “Right, you see that group over there, in the corner, they can help you. That’s Rico Mendez and his coven, a long line of mind blockers. They could probably help you, just tell them you’re a friend of Mel’s they’ll understand,” the bar tender advised.

         “Who’s Mel?” James asked.

         “I am,” he said. James stood and walked over to them. They were kind of shady, but what did he expect they were vampires. It wasn’t like they were going to be pleasant. They were aware of his approach.

         “What can we do for you there fellow?” an older man asked.

         “Well, you see I’m seeking help against my brother’s mind reading powers,” James answered.

         “And you expect us to help such a young vampire such as yourself?” a girl cackled.

         “Well, I’m a friend of Mel’s and well I’m kind of against my families feeding behaviours if you know what I mean,” James answered. They looked at each other as if the ask each other what to do.

         “Well, I suppose any friend of Mel’s is a friend of ours, have a seat, I’m Rico, this is Annabelle, Nathaniel, Jazz and Lars. Now, we’d like to hear more about this help that you need,” Rico said. James proceeded to explain his plan…after a while it started to get close to dawn so they asked him where he was staying. Since he was staying at a hotel they asked him if he’d like to go to their place, instead of wasting his money on a hotel room. That morning James checked out of the hotel and made his way to Rico’s house… a castle if you will.

         Rico lived with his coven in an enormous house on the outskirts of the town. James could see how it came in handy seeing as they weren’t of the vegetarian side of things. And to accommodate four adults it would have to be large. James made his way up the winding path to the front door. “Ah James, quick, come inside. The light does not do me good.” Rico greeted him.

         “Hello,” James said. As soon as he entered he felt a bit more comfortable. Rico showed him to his room and James got unpacked. Annabelle came in a bit later.

         “I see you have arrived,” she grinned leaning against the door frame.

         “Oh, yeah, what’s up?” James asked.

         “Huh, oh nothing, just wondering where you come from… we know that you have brothers but other than that we don’t really know much,” Annabelle answered.

         “Oh, well I come from down south and a cross the ocean,” James said.

         “Southern vamp I see, that’s sweet,” Annabelle said looking around, “Can I come in?”

         “Sure,” James answered proceeding to unpack.

         “Other than that though what’s your life down there like?” Annabelle asked. James had to think for a moment. Until now he hadn’t really thought about his parents or anything like that. It was kind of painful when he looked back on the past few months.

         “It was…nice, I can’t lie about that. Only I wish I hadn’t done all of this, I kind of screwed up I guess,” James answered feeling torn about the whole thing.

         “So you’re saying that you want to go back?” Annabelle asked.

         “No, I don’t want to go back, I only want to go back to get May. My brother’s girl friend, as shallow as thought sounds,” James said.

         “No, no I understand sweet blooded gal is she?” Annabelle asked.

         “Oh you don’t even know,” he sighed. Annabelle batted her eyelashes. James was sitting there a bit uncomfortable. Annabelle was kind of acting really weird. Like too weird to be normal. “Is that all you wanted to know so that I can get back to what I was doing?”

         “Um, yeah sorry,” she said a bit coldly. He was kind of confused by this but didn’t want to do anything to actually say sorry. He just wanted her to leave. It was kind of annoying how she just showed up out of no where anyways. Later that day James was called down to their “Dining table” for a meeting. Rico asked James several strange questions.

         “Right are you ever going to go the vegetarian way? I mean once your bound to us you can’t break the blood bond, if you do you instantly die and don’t go to Paradise,” Rico said. There was a long knife sitting on the table.

         “No, I don’t have enough will to even taste that nasty blood again,” James answered truthfully. Rico nodded and the others grumbled in agreement.

         “Right I believe we’re ready,” Rico said picking up the knife. “Annabelle would you like to do the honours and start us off.

         “Certainly,” Annabelle took the knife from Rico and ran the blade along her hand. Once she was sure that she was bleeding she handed the knife to James.

         “Go on it’s not going to kill you,” Jazz laughed. James took the knife and did like wise, Annabelle took his hand and pressed her bleeding one to his fresh wound. Jazz then took the knife and did the same. Soon it was Rico’s turn and he sliced his hand open like the rest of them had and pressed it to James’s hand. 

         “You are now bond by your blood to us, even though you maybe a McCoy you are now part of our coven and will always be until you reach Paradise. If you go back on your promise and become a vegetarian then you will die painfully and never reach your final destination,” Rico said with his hand still pressed to James’s. This was all really weird and James wasn’t really sure what to do so he just sat there in silence as his hand burned with all of their blood.

         “You are now one of us, James,” Lars grinned wiping his hand on a satin rag. “You have now inherited some of our power to block mind readers. Now you must practise clearing your mind and leaving it to fate as to if you are detected or not. If you mind is clear then your brother will only be aware that you are near.”

         “And you’ll be able to only think things that will trick him into thinking that you’ve come back to say sorry for what you have done when in fact you really aren’t your just there to get May,” Nathaniel explained. When they were finished Rico asked if James wanted to join them for a drink at the “bar” that they had met at for celebration but James just wanted to stay there and get some rest. This was all kind of stressful for him. Plus he wanted to get right on practising to clear his mind.

         The rest of the coven went out to the bar and James stayed behind trying to clear his mind of his original plan and anything else that might give him away. It was kind of difficult seeing as though he had never thought of keeping something from his family but now that he had to it was critical that he did this. If he was to get to May he’d have to regain their trust then strike. It all went in so many directions in his head. That was the problem he faced. Which direction was the legitimate direction it would take? Would he be able to get past his father and his brothers to get to May? Would May wonder what’s going on? Or would it be easy to get to her?

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