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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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         Ben called May the next day to explain what had happened and to tell her that what Jake said wasn’t true. May at first didn’t believe him but when Ben explained that he fought for Jake to take it back she believed him. Even though she scolded him for causing a ruckus at Hunter’s place. May was a bit upset with Jake because he was being really difficult for no reason.

         Mr. McCoy had gotten a call from his friends up north saying that they had spotted James on their way out on a hunting trip. Mr. McCoy wasn’t very happy with this but it was true. Luckily he was keeping a low profile because no one had reported any missing person’s reports for a while. That was a relief in some ways. However either way it was still a stressful thing for Mr. McCoy and his wife. They didn’t want James to become an animal though it was kind of too late for that but if he was going to be this way then he should be at least a bit cautious. It wasn’t a good thing to have a vampire exposed. People would go crazy.

         Mr. McCoy told his friends up north to make sure he didn’t do anything too drastic. If he did they’d have to cover it up or try and stop him. It was a very risky but it had to be done. Otherwise the vampire secret would be revealed. That wouldn’t do because it would mean that all living vampires would have to go into hiding. It would be hard to do that because there were more vampires than people thought there might be.

         Mr. McCoy hung up from talking to them; Ben came into the room moments later with a faint bruise on his face.  “What happened to you?” he asked.

         “Nothing I’m fine just a little misunderstanding,” Ben answered. Mr. McCoy’s face grew grim. “What is it?”

         “James has been spotted up north,” he answered.

         “That’s um…great?” Ben didn’t really know what to say to this.

         “No, it’s not, it means he really is on the lose. He’d better not kill any innocent people other wise he’s dead. Not just from us but from the Elders too,” Mr. McCoy hissed angrily.

         “What do you mean by the Elders?” Ben asked.

         “I can’t tell you, you’ll find out soon enough, if James is planning on what I think he is you’ll find out soon enough,” Mr. McCoy shook his head. Ben was confused by this but knowing his brother it probably wasn’t a good thing. Demetrius came down a little later.

         “You’ve got some battle wounds I see, what happened?” Demetrius asked.

         “Long story short I was fighting for May,” Ben answered.

         “What? Did some jerk try to steal her from you?” Demetrius frowned mockingly.

         “Shut up! I wouldn’t exactly say that, he was just being a jerk and made May believe that I didn’t really love her,” Ben said.

         “Oh, I see, good one,” Demetrius sucker punched him in the arm before proceeding to go to the kitchen.  Ben sat and waited, May was going to call him about something. Finally the phone rang.

         “Ben, what’s up? I’m bored,” May sighed.

         “That’s nice, um…I guess James has been spotted up north, and no that’s not good, I made that mistake. I guess if he gets caught hunting humans the Elders will get made. What ever that means,” Ben explained.

         “Oh, do you think he’s going to come back for me?” May asked.

         “I sure hope not,”

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