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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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         May was in the hospital for a couple of days but she was out before Ben called to tell her that he was done peaking. It was a long day that day while May waited for him to call. Demetrius told her that he was going to be coming out of peaking any day now. May sat watch on the phone all day and at night she had trouble sleeping because she was so anxious for when he was going to call. They were all waiting for when he was to come out of peaking.

         Mr. McCoy was watching Ben closely as he started to come out of peaking. He had about a day left in peaking and Mr. McCoy wanted to make sure that he was going to be alright. Ben was actually taking the last few days of peaking better than Demetrius and Oliver did. Mr. McCoy went in to the room one day and found Ben sitting on the chair that was placed in there. “Can I come out now?” he asked.

         “Well how do you feel?” Mr. McCoy asked.

         “Kind of hungry but other than that I’m fine,” Ben answered.

         “Let’s see,” Mr. McCoy had one of May’s scarves with him. Ben knew the smell and didn’t bother to attack it.

         “It’s May’s, how is May?” he asked.

         “Good, one more test,” Mr. McCoy had a cup of human blood and handed it to Ben.

         “It smells so good!” Ben said hungrily.

         “Resist Ben, resist it,” Mr. McCoy growled. Ben sat there with his hands clenched into fists.

         “No, I know I have to…” Ben hissed. There was a moment when he thought his head would explode but then it subsided. Ben still wanted to drink the blood but not as bad. He could resist it easier. “I don’t know if that is normal.”

         “What?” Mr. McCoy asked.

         “For the headache to go away after a bit while being present with human blood,” Ben answered.

         “No, not usually… do you still want the blood as bad?” he asked.

         “No, in fact it’s kind of burning my nose,” Ben answered.

         “That’s curious; maybe it’s the fact that you’ve spent so much time around May that the smell of human blood doesn’t bother you. But why would you brothers not react this way? They were always around people?” Mr. McCoy wondered out loud.

         “I don’t know but can you please get rid of that!” Ben exclaimed after a bit holding his nose.

         “Right sorry, um, I believe you are safe to go, but please do come home if you begin experiencing any strange feelings,” he said a bit concerned.

         “I will don’t worry,” Ben answered getting up; Mr. McCoy led him out of the peaking room. Ben gave May a call to see what she was up to. May was so happy that Ben had called her.

         “Ben, is it really you? How’d your peaking going?” May asked.

         “It was…something I won’t forget let’s put it that way, can I come over? Or do you want to go over to Hunters to see what he’s up to?” Ben asked.

         “Okay, I’ll give him a call,” May answered. Hunter was luckily home. Once she had it set up she went over to his place and waited for Ben to get there. Hunter asked May if she wanted to go for a ride.

         “Sure, it’s kind of yucky outside though,” She answered. It had rained the night before and the pens were really wet still.

         “We can ride inside,” Hunter answered, “When’s Ben coming?”

         “Um, anytime actually,” May answered. Jake and Jenna where at the barn too but they had just gotten there. Hunter rode up alongside May.

         “Do you think something might happen between Ben and Jake I mean he just got out of…you know what,” Hunter told her discreetly.

         “Yeah, no, it should be fine unless Jake takes it over board; I mean Ben has nothing against Jake. Unless Jake talks bad about me behind my back,” May answered.

         “Well, I have heard some things that aren’t very pleasant,” Hunter answered.

         “Really? That’s horrible!” May exclaimed, “After all that I’ve done for him he should at least say sorry or something!”

         “Shut up would you, he’s coming in with his horse, besides I’m sure he just doesn’t approve of Ben,” Hunter sighed.

         “Well, he should just stuff it,” May sighed asking her horse for a trot.  There Jake went over to the mounting block and got on to his horse surprisingly. “Hello,”

         “Hi,” Jake said walking away from the block. Jenna went to get up on her horse.

         “Trying English are you?” May asked.

         “Yeah, I’m going to see if I can handle it, I mean it seems like a lot of fun but it’s just so different,” Jenna answered.

         “Yeah, once you get a hang of it then you back to western you’ll be a much better rider,” May assured her.  They rode around for a while until Ben got there. Hunter rode out to show him who he was going to ride. May was left alone with Jenna and Jake. Jake kept giving her dirty looks as she dismounted and set up one of the jumps. “I’m sorry Jake what have I ever done to you?”

         “Nothing, just the fact that McCoy is hanging around you a lot,” Jake answered.

         “Look if you have a problem with him then fine but leave me out of it,” May exclaimed.

         “No, look May, you’ve changed, you seem more of a snob since you’ve started going out with him,” he argued.

         “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” May shouted. Hunter came running.

         “What’s going on here?” he asked.

         “Nothing just May being a little temperamental that’s all,” Jake hissed.

         “Oh please you started it,” May argued.

         “Look would you to just shut up, if you have a problem with Ben being here then go ahead and leave, I don’t see anyone else having issues,” Hunter answered.

         “If only you knew,” Jake breathed. Jenna was the only one that had heard him, who rode next to him and slapped him. Hunter left to get his horse. Ben and Hunter came back in. May rounded to the jump.  It was a cold environment, and the horse Ben must have known it because he kept walking close to the other horses.

         “Ben, your horse is crowding people, and I know that some of them don’t really like it,” Hunter said.

         “Okay, he’s being stubborn though,” Ben answered.

         “Well make him do it,” Hunter answered. Ben kicked his horse in the side, and he cantered off. Ben pulled him back down to a trot. It was all really tense. After an hour Jake and Jenna went out to unsaddle their horses and walk them around a bit. May, Hunter and Ben followed a few minutes later. Ben went into the stall where he had taken his horse out of and unsaddled him there. Jake kept looking over especially when May went in to get the saddle from Ben. It all really bothered him for some reason. It might have been because even though Jake was a bit older than May he kind of liked her and really didn’t like the fact that she was going out with a McCoy.

         Ben went into the tack room to put the bridle away and Jake was coming in with his saddle and bridle. Ben stepped out of the way to let him in but Jake didn’t notice and just kept walking and put his stuff away. Ben smirked and shook his head at the fact that Jake was being so difficult. “What did I do now?” Jake hissed.

         “Huh, oh nothing at all, I just think it’s silly that you can’t just drop it,” Ben answered stepping out.

         “Drop what? The fact that you’re just with May because you feel sorry for her, the fact that you’re just going out with her until the fact that her best friend died because of some animal wears off. Face it McCoy you just feel sorry for her, there’s nothing to it but that,” Jake accused Ben for things that he wasn’t guilty for…May heard it all.

         “Ben…is this true?” May cried running off.

         “May, no,” Ben tried to stop her to explain.

         “Look what you’ve done, you’ve made May cry,” Jake hissed.

         “Look none of that is true you’re just jealous, if anything,” Ben answered.

         “Oh really? I would never make her cry like that,” Jake lounged at Ben. Ben was pushed over Jake kneeled on top of his chest ready to swing. “Look you just started magically liking her and she decides to go out with you? That’s crap, now I’m sure she isn’t happy about what she’s just heard and as far as I’m concerned she can keep believing that it’s true.” Jake swung and hit Ben in the face. Ben pushed Jake off and pinned him down.

         “Look you’ve got a lot of nerve, I love May and I’m sad to see that you just can’t accept that,” Ben issued a blow to Jake’s cheek. Hunter’s dad came out to see what the ruckus was.

         “Whoa, whoa, whoa what’s going on here?” he said angrily pulling Ben off of Jake. “Benjamin McCoy?”

         “Yeah, I’m sorry, he was insulting me and May,” Ben answered.

         “Jake is this true?” he asked.

         “No, he’s lying,” Jake hissed. Hunter’s dad didn’t know who to believe so he took them both into the office. It was sad to think that a fight broke out in the barn over May.  Hunter’s dad dealt with them both but he didn’t know what to do afterward.

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