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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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         The first night without Ben wasn’t that bad it was just kind of strange. Ever since Jane passes away he was around her along with Hunter. Now he was gone. May didn’t know what to do, for now she went about her life as usual almost robotically, school came and passed without too much effort but once she got home she broke down and cried. Weeks passed and it got increasingly worse. At one point May’s parents took her to the doctors to see what was wrong with her…Depression was stamped across her forehead and she was sent along. The anti-depressant pills that where administered to her caused her more grief than she already had. Instead of her grades staying at what they were they started to slip.

         “May?” Demetrius asked over the phone one night.

         “Ben?” May asked.

         “No, it’s me Demetrius, May are you alright?” he asked.

         “No, where’s Ben?” May asked. Something had happened along her depression that she’d forgotten everything about Ben peaking. It was probably from all of the pills that she was told to take.

         “May, you don’t remember? He’s peaking,” Demetrius answered a bit startled that she had forgotten.

         “What do you mean? Is he there? Can I talk to him?” May asked.

         “No, I’m sorry May you can’t talk to him but he is here. Don’t worry May I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten you. What’s wrong why don’t you remember any of this?” Demetrius asked.

         “Pills…” May answered plainly.

         “May, are you depressed?” Demetrius asked.

         “I don’t know, the stupid pills are my problem, but the doctor said that I had to take them,” May sighed.

         “May, listen to me, I want you to take those pills that you speak of and flush them down the toilet,” Demetrius ordered.

         “Okay, I’ll be back,” May set the phone down and went to get the pills, she popped the top off and dumped five into her hand and popped them into her mouth before she dumped the rest in the toilet. Grabbing a bottle of water she swallowed them. “Are you still there?”

         “Yeah, did you flush them all down?” Demetrius asked.

         “Yeah,” May lied. She hadn’t flushed them all, five were now on their way to causing her some serious harm. May had just taken over twice the recommended dose.

         “Good, now don’t tell anyone that you did that okay? Keep that a secret. May, can I tell you something?” Demetrius asked.

         “Yeah sure…what is it?” May broke the sentence in a strange place.

         “Ben loves you, don’t forget that,”

         “O…..kay,” May slurred.

         “May, May? Are you alright?” Demetrius said in a panic as he heard her breathing grow shallow.

         “H-help,” May breathed before the phone hit the floor along with her body. Demetrius cursed and hung up. Grabbing the keys to his car he ran out of the house and headed over to May’s house. No, she couldn’t have! Why would she do this to herself when she knows that Ben wouldn’t have wanted this for her? She should have known! What the hell was in those pills? All of this ran through his head as he sped down the road. Only did he slow when he rounded the corner that lead to her house. Once he was parked he ran to the door and went inside with out knocking. May’s parents were out for the day. Demetrius took the stairs two at a time as he raced to get to her room. Swinging the door open he found her laying there on the floor.

         “May!” He breathed as he collapsed to his knees beside her. She was out cold that was when he found the open bottle of water with half of it gone. Thinking quickly he dialled 911 and waited for the ambulance to come. When he heard the siren he went down to meet them and the show they were she was. Demetrius sat in the ambulance with her as they took them to the hospital.

         “Do you know what happened?” the paramedic asked.

         “I think she over dosed on her depression pills. I could be wrong because I was on the phone with her when she started to slur her words,” he answered.

         “I see, she’ll probably need to have her stomach pumped then,” the paramedic answered. Demetrius sat there not moving until they got to the hospital, then he followed them into the back and waited with May who was being hooked up to oxygen and other things. Demetrius didn’t know what to do. Stepping out of the hospital he called his dad and told him what was going on. A while later his dad and May’s parents showed up. It was all a big shock to them to find that their daughter needed her stomach pumped because of a possible overdose.

         “Why would she do this?” May’s mom cried.

         “I think it might be because of that Ben he left her and hasn’t talked to her in so long,” May’s dad said sceptically.

         “I assure you both that Ben wishes he could talk to her but at the moment I feel it necessary to keep them apart at least for a little longer. You see, Ben’s driven himself crazy with your daughter, and was thinking of marrying her. I think you’d agree with me when I say that they’re far too young for that,” Mr. McCoy said.

         “Well yes, I do agree with you on that, but I think it’s cruel that your keeping them apart,” May’s dad argued.

         “Yes, well I didn’t think it would hurt her this much. Don’t worry I’m sure Ben will come and see her when it’s time, but at the moment I must leave you and he must stay away. I don’t like doing this to her as much as you don’t but its for their best interests,” Mr. McCoy stated plainly walking out. Demetrius stayed there.

         “Thank you for saving her by calling the ambulance. Demetrius, do you know why your brother can’t see her?” May’s mom asked.

         “Well, yes I do, he’s kind of in a strange state of mind at the moment and it is best that he stays away from May so that he doesn’t do something that might hurt her more than she already is,” Demetrius said thinking quickly.

         “Oh, well I do hope he gets better, I hate seeing my girl like this,” May’s dad answered.

         “Well, yes I can understand that, I’ve got to go, but I’ll probably be back,” Demetrius said leaving them. Later that night May woke up, Oliver was sitting next to her. She didn’t feel like asking questions as far as she was concerned it was too early to already be back in the hospital.

         “Oliver, why am I here, I mean I now why I’m here but…what happened?” May asked.

         “Well, if you weren’t mad before I think you are now,” Oliver said.

         “What do you mean?” May asked.

         “Ben’s peaking, you’ve gone to the extent of depression, then attempted suicide. May, Ben doesn’t want you to hurt like this, he’s extremely sorry to be peaking at the moment but, it’s best that we keep him away from you so that he doesn’t hurt you,” Oliver said. May starred at him like he was dumb, then realized what was going one with Ben was for the better and that she’d be able to see him soon.

         “Oliver, have you peaked yet?” May asked.

         “Yeah, actually I have, I peaked a month after Demetrius. I must say that it’s not a very fun experience,” Oliver answered.

         “How long does it take?” May asked.

         “Um, it depends but I think Ben should be done soon,” Oliver answered.

         “Oh, good,” May answered.

         “Um, I’ll just warn you before hand he might give you the third degree. Knowing him he doesn’t like it when some one he loves gets hurt due to him,” Oliver said.

         “Oh I’m sure he’ll be fine, besides it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other,” May said.

         “True, but just in case don’t say I didn’t warn you. Anyways, why did you go to the extreme?” He asked.

         “I guess it felt like I was loosing someone else that I loved and I didn’t want to realize that I really wasn’t just gaining a vampire as a boyfriend,” May sighed.

         “Oh, well I think if I had someone as close as you are to Ben I’d probably be the same way. I hope that he hasn’t gone all sad about peaking too, that would be bad,” he sighed.

         “Why, he knows it will be done soon right?” May asked.

         “Not exactly, sometimes in peaking you don’t think it will ever end. It’s kind of a horrible experience but it happens eventually,” Oliver sighed.

         “Crap, I hope he’s okay,” May answered.

         “My dad keeps checking up on him so you don’t have to worry about that,” Oliver answered. It was the most they had ever talked before, well was until Oliver told her that she should get some sleep for when Ben came out of peaking.

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