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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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         James was locked in the room in which Demetrius spent his peaking time in. He was going crazy with out the taste of human blood. To him human blood was so sweet compared to the animal blood that his father kept feeding him. Being isolated didn’t help either. He was going to go crazy if he didn’t get contact with reality soon. James wasn’t exactly willing to be come a vegetarian. He saw being vegetarian as a bad thing, it was going against his nature. The victory of the kill was too great a feeling to give up as well.

         James was an animal and couldn’t think logically about his feeding decisions, it was either human or animal and now that he’s had human blood he can’t stand the taste of animal blood. It was all a fight against good and bad with him. If he let the human blood side win, he’d surely get himself into trouble. A lot of the time James spent walking the perimeter of the room, ignoring the animal blood his dad had given him and just walking.

         Months passed and James was still locked in the room. Mr. McCoy decided to check on James one day. That was when he found that his son was passed out on the floor. A cup of animal blood was clutched in his hand and a stain sat upon his white cheek. “James, oh what have I done?” he cried. Mr. McCoy thought he had killed his son, but the truth was he was a possum caught in the act. Mr. McCoy moved James from the peaking room to his actual bed room. That was the night that James made his escape. Once he was sure that everyone was asleep he opened his window and climbed out. If I go after May, I’ll be caught again. That wouldn’t be a smart choice, at least not yet. I’ve got to get away from here, somewhere farther away than Nevada. Somewhere where they can’t find me or even be sure that it is me. James thought as he walked briskly down the street. He planned on going to Canada at first but he thought differently because there wasn’t really that much that went on in Canada so he’d be noticed because of the news crews and such. Alaska was his next choice the only down side to Alaska was that it wasn’t very populated. Finally he decided to go to Europe. It was the perfect place; he’d be putting an ocean between them. Plus none of his family seemed to really watch the news to see what was going on in the rest of the world.

         “AHHH! He’s gone,” Mr. McCoy screamed when he went to check on James that evening. Ben and Oliver came running.

         “What is it what’s wrong?” Ben asked.

         “He’s gone, James he’s gone, what are we going to do?” Mr. McCoy moaned.

         “But he’s in the peaking room,” Oliver answered.

         “No I found him passed out on the floor so I brought him out and put him in his room so that I could keep a better eye on him but he’s gone,” he sighed.

         “May!” Ben breathed looking started.

         “I don’t think he’ll go after her again because he’ll go away for a few years or something and then maybe come back. But I could be very wrong. Ben you just have to keep a very close eye on May,” Mr. McCoy explained. Ben nodded, and went to call May. He wasn’t sure if she’d be awake actually he was sure that she wasn’t but he had to check up on her.

         “Hello?” May groaned from the other end of the phone.

         “Oh good, your okay,” Ben sighed with relief.

         “Um can you explain? It’s three in the morning,” May asked.

         “James has just gotten out, but he’s not going to go after you just yet, I just wanted to make sure though, dad said I have to keep and eye on you now that he’s on the loose again,” Ben answered. 

         “Oh, well thanks for calling me and waking me up to check on me,” May answered.

         “Sorry, I just wanted to make sure that you were okay,” Ben answered.

         “Anyways, can I go back to bed?” May asked.

         “Yeah, sorry, bye,” Ben answered.

         “Bye,” they hung up. Mr. McCoy was talking to some one on the other phone. Mr. McCoy was speaking in a strange tongue that none of the boys knew how to decipher. Once he was off the phone he explained to them what was going on.

         “I’ve just explained our situation to my friends up north, they’ve said that they’d keep an eye out for him and make sure he doesn’t cause too much destruction,” Mr. McCoy explained. That was a down side to James’s plan, he had no clue that his father knew people up north, he planned on going north first before he cut over to Europe. Thought he was planning on staying on the outskirts of the populated areas so that he wouldn’t be noticed. It was going to be a long, hungry trip but he had to get away before he could replenish his hunger.

         The next morning May went over to the mirror and brushed her now slightly longer hair out. It still wasn’t as long as she would have liked it but, she could deal with it until then. It was going to be a long time before it was back to normal. Ben was going to come and pick her up so that they could go to the horse show. It was kind of strange going to the horse show with her competition but it was still kind of cool. At the local horse show the McCoy’s were everyone’s competition.

         May had her cast of so she was finally able to go horse back riding, both her and Hunter how ever hoped that she didn’t screw up and fall or something when she did the jumping course. May really didn’t think she would because she had been jumping at home and nothing horrible happened. If they all thought positive then nothing would happen. When they got to the show grounds May went over to Hunter’s trailer.  They were ready to get started so May went around to get her horse out of the trailer and get him ready. “Hunter… I don’t remember how to get on with an English saddle.”

         “That’s real nice, I’ll help you it’s not that hard,” Hunter answered. May nodded and swung her saddle up on to the horse’s back. There was a little bit of time for her to get ready and ride around a bit.

         The competition went smoothly and May got out unscathed. Afterward, Hunter, May and Ben went to get something to eat. Ben was a bit worried about May because James was now loose but he figured that by now James would be up north or something. They were pretty sure that he was gone for good but there was no way of telling unless they tracked him down and saw what he was doing. It wasn’t worth risking anything to actually track him down, at the moment he wasn’t harming them so they were good.

         “May, do you think James is going to come back?” Hunter asked.

         “No, he’s gone, good riddance too,” May sighed.

         “I wouldn’t be so sure, I mean he could be just doing this to throw us off his trail. It would be highly likely for him to be doing such thing. You may not know this but he’s pretty cunning, once we peak some chemical that we have is increased and we can think ten times faster than the average human,” Ben argued

         “Oh, so he’s probably planning something then?” May asked.

         “I’m thinking most likely. I’m so glad I don’t have Demetrius’ power that would drive me nuts!” Ben commented.

         “What do you mean?” May asked.

“Oh, I haven’t really told you that have I?” Ben asked. May shook her head. “Alright, well we all have some magic about us. It sometimes depends on the family or the vampire, and your diet sometimes. But the McCoy’s we have a long line of psychological twists. What I mean is that our magic usually has something to do with messing with other people’s minds or something. Demetrius can read minds, and my father can see into someone’s past just by looking at them.  It’s kind of weird.”

“That’s actually kind of cool,” Hunter answered.

“Glad you think so, it puts more weight on our shoulders than we actually need,” Ben answered.

“So if Demetrius could track him down and get close enough he could figure out what James was up to?” May asked.

“Yeah, probably but we just aren’t going to risk it, I mean you’ve been around us all so it probably wouldn’t be a good idea because your sent would go with him and might trigger another attack,” he said.

“Oh, well, then best not do that, I don’t exactly want to die yet,” May answered.

“Hey, can you turn people into vampires like in the movies?” Hunter asked.

“Ha, well, yeah, but only a few are actually able to control themselves enough to turn someone into a vampire, you see if they inject too much venom then they’ll kill the victim, too little and the victim becomes ill. It’s kind of a fine art and only one vampire every generation in the McCoy family that is able to control themselves to turn some one into a vampire,” Ben laughed at the thought of it.

“So it is possible then?” Hunter asked.

“Yes, but the process isn’t very pleasant, let’s put it that way, I’ve seen it done before, but I was too young to understand it then,” Ben answered.

“Oh, that sucks it totally wrecks my dreams,” Hunter joked.

“Why would you want to become a monster? It’s not all it’s cracked up to be you know,” Ben hissed.

“I was joking, but I guess if you think about it that way it’s kind of horrible,” Hunter answered. This was luckily the last time Ben had to bring up the fact about turning some one into a vampire, he really didn’t want May to get any ideas that she should become a vampire. It wasn’t the right thing to do and it would just ruin her beautiful skin. It wasn’t something that was easily done and something that Ben would keep as an option for her. He really didn’t want anything to happen to her and that was one of them. If May ever became a vampire, Ben wouldn’t know what to do with himself, the moment he told her that he would peak was when he promised that he’d never let her turn into one herself. Unless it was in her blood than that was different, but from as far as he could tell it wasn’t in her blood if it was she’d emit a different smell.

That was the afternoon when Ben felt kind of strange. When he got home he told his dad what he was feeling…the strange ach behind is bellybutton was really starting to bother him. “Ben, you’re starting to peak!” Mr. McCoy exclaimed proudly.

“Well? What do I do, do I have to be locked in the peaking room?” Ben asked.

“Yes, I’m afraid so, I don’t want you to join James in the man hunt, now, I’ll allow you to call May, to let her know that your starting to peak but other than that you can’t talk to her until I’m sure that you’ve finished peaking,” he answered.

“Okay,” Ben went to the phone and dialled the number and waited for her to pick up.

“Hello?” May answered.

“May, I’ve got to go, I mean, I’m peaking so I won’t be able to talk to you until my dad is sure that I’m finished, it’s going to be a while until I next see you but I want to make sure that you’ll be safe around me before I do, I’m really sorry but I want you to know that I still love you very much,” Ben sighed sadly.

“When will the process be finished?” May asked.

“I don’t know, but I’ll call you when it’s finished okay?” he asked a bit frightened of the answer.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you…Wow that sounded kind of cheesy but I will,” May answered.

“Alright, I love you May, I’ve got to go,” Ben replied.

“Alright, bye, I love you too,” May said as he hung up.

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