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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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         May was terrified as to what James was going to do with her once she met him in the lobby that night, but she didn’t want anything to happen to Ben so she went down willingly. It wasn’t as if she was just going to let him harm Ben, besides it was his own brother. May knew that he didn’t want to hurt his brother any more than Ben wanted to hurt him. May made her way down and into the lobby where James was standing with his back to her. “Where’s Ben?” May asked.

         “Oh, trust me he’s fine, I figured I had scared you enough so I let him go. Now, follow me, here isn’t safe. Besides I don’t want to ruin this beautiful rug,” James turned grabbing her by the arm and leading her out. His grip was like iron and despite her efforts May couldn’t loosen it. Out side of the hotel James turned her to face him. “Now, don’t scream or I’ll make it a bit more painful. Oh how I’ve waited for this!”

         “You do know that you won’t get away with this,” May hissed angrily.

         “Oh, really? Look around sweet heart now one is around to see me drain you of your life. Looks like I can get away with this. However, I can’t guarantee it to be painless; you see I haven’t actually seen the affects of my venom…other than one your friend. But she was just lucky that it didn’t last very long,” James hissed back. May glared at him. “Oh, don’t waste your strength, I’m sure you don’t want to go down without a fight do you?”

         “Let me go,” May stated plainly.

         “Oh, so she thinks she can make me give such a tasty piece of fresh meat up? I don’t think so!” James kicked May’s knee back.  May shrieked in pain as her leg snapped. She would have fallen but James had her tight in her arms. As she was held there he leaned in and brushed his nose against her jaw as he went in for the bite. Oliver sprung down from no where and knocked James back. May fell to the ground and hit her head on the pavement.

         “MAY!” Ben screamed at the top of his lungs when he saw her hit the ground. May lay there unconscious.

         “Leave her she’ll be fine for now first we’ve got to get your brother down,” Ben’s father yelled as Oliver and Demetrius held him down.

         “Why, did you stop me, oh gosh, I can smell that sweet blood, please, please Demetrius let me go!” James pleaded.

         “James, James! Look at me, James, why are you doing this to us?” his father yelled at him from atop his chest.

         “Please! One sip!” he begged as he struggled more.

         “No! James, this isn’t you this isn’t what you are, you’re a vegetarian. You don’t hunt humans,” he snapped.


         “NO, look at me, you can’t do this to yourself, if you continue to feed on humans, well be forced to kill you. I know it seems hard to believe but it’s true, now, drink this, and control yourself!” Mr. McCoy tipped a cup full of deer blood into his son’s mouth.

         “Oh gross! That’s nasty!” He shouted.

         “Shut up would you!” Ben yelled.

         “Look just calm down; you can’t have her that’s that, it’s impossible for us to live with normal people if you go about killing random girls. Look just drink it, it’s not going to kill you it will help you survive if nothing else,” Mr. McCoy insisted.  James grumbled but drank the blood anyways.

         “That’s so gross, I’ll never get used to that,” James whined.

         “Shut up!” Oliver smacked his brother. Mr. McCoy stood up and went over to the black car that sat at the curb and crabbed a long metal chain.

         “Hold him steady while I tie him up. We can’t let him get away before we get him home,” Mr. McCoy wrapped James up tightly in the chain. Once he was unable to go anywhere or do anything the put him in the back of the car and Demetrius drove off. Mr. McCoy, Ben and Oliver went to see if May was alright.


         A day later May woke up in the hospital; Hunter was sitting next to her when she woke up. The IV that was in her arm annoyed her as she went to sit up. “Hunter? What happened?” May asked looking around.

         “Oh May!” her mom gasped with joy from a cross the room.

         “Ben said that you had fallen down a flight of stairs at the hotel and hit your head on the ground,” her father said.

         “Sounds like me,” May answered.

         “Where is Ben anyways?” Hunter asked.

         “Down stairs talking to his dad,” her mom answered. May reached up to scratch the back of her neck and found that her hair didn’t need to be moved away.

         “My hair!” May gasped.

         “Oh, May we’re sorry but they had to cut it in order to close up to wound. Don’t worry it will grow back,” her mom reassured.

         “That’s crummy,” May sighed. Hunter stood up. May was in the hospital for a little longer, at least until her stitches were out. May was upset about her hair, it had taken her so long to actually grow it out and now it was really short. It didn’t look too good, or at least that was what she thought. Ben and Hunter didn’t seem to mind it but she absolutely hated it. Finally they let May go home. May flew with Ben and Hunter back and her parents caught a different plane back.

         It was a relief to finally be home, the only problem was that May had a big ugly cast on her leg. Luckily she was able to walk on it because it was a walking cast. But it was still kind of annoying. May stood in front of her mirror and played around with her really short hair. It was so annoying; May couldn’t believe that her hair was cut that short. It wasn’t even a very good hair cut to begin with. “Mom, can I get my hair cut again?” May asked.

         “Yeah, I guess they didn’t exactly cut it very well did they, maybe we can get it to something that you actually like,” May’s mom answered. Next week May went to get her hair cut. Though it was still short it was something she could deal with. It would take a while for her to get used to the shortness of her hair. It was interesting to see what people said when May got back to school. A lot of them thought it was funny how she was going out with a McCoy. Others thought her hair looked good, and many wanted to know how she broke her foot.  May didn’t really like the attention she was getting from everyone because it was just really weird.

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