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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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         May, Hunter and Ben attended Jane’s funeral the next day, it was a sad situation and Ben spent most of the time trying to comfort May. It was so hard to think of the whole thing, to think that Jane was gone so soon. Hunter had always said that one of them was going to die before they graduated high school but no one actually thought it would happen. May had a hard time going up to set the single red rose on Jane’s chest. Jane was dressed in a beautiful black silk dress with her hair down and fanned out on the pillow. Many people had put things in with her. May saw a picture of all three of them on the beach and burst into more tears. Ben came up and led her away. It was so hard for both May and Hunter to see their friend laying there…not breathing, non living, not about to awake from her now endless slumber.

          May was surprised to see that Ben actually shed a couple of tears as well. Jane’s mom took a picture of May, Ben and Hunter in front of the funeral home and a picture of May and Hunter with Jack. It was kind of morbid but I guess Jane’s mom wanted to remember that Jane’s best friends and someone that she barely knew came to her funeral. It was sad to think that way but it might have made her feel a bit better that a sibling from the accused family came to show his sympathy, in fact Demetrius came a little later.

         The day was filled with a lot of crying and trying to comfort different people. Jane’s mom was so upset that she could barely get down the stairs when they had to leave. Oh how people did cry that day. Hunter’s dad offered to have the get together afterward at the farm so they all headed to Hunter’s place afterward. Hunter, May and Ben ended up talking to Jack for a lot of the time as they sat under the tent that was set up.

         “We have a big problem,” Ben sighed.

         “Oh, I don’t need any more big problems,” May huffed.

         “No, it regards James, he’s um…well, gone a wall. We can’t find him anywhere and there have been reports of girls going missing around the Frost lake area,” Ben answered.

         “Really, what are we going to do?” May asked.

         “I don’t know, dad’s gone out to see if he can bring James back, but I don’t think it’s going to work very well. James is hard set in his ways by now, there’s no way to change him back,” Ben said.

         “There’s got to be a way though,” May sighed.

         “Trust me dad’s put me and Demetrius in charge of going through the books to see if there is a way and we haven’t found anything. Only the fact that he’s the first McCoy to drink human blood in three centuries,” Ben answered. May and Hunter looked at each other. The McCoy’s were that old?

         “Wow, that’s a long time, what happens if we can’t stop him civilly?” May asked.

         “Well, we’ll have to get rid of him, and that won’t be easy because he’s our brother. For some reason it’s always harder for a vampire to get rid of his own brother no matter what that brother had done,” Ben answered. Ben’s cell phone rang, it was his father.

         “Ben? Is May there with you?” he asked.

         “Yeah, why?” Ben replied.

         “Good I need you to get as far away from the city as possible, like now! You’ve only get two days before he comes there. I suggest you take Hunter with you. If he gets with in ten miles and you aren’t gone then they’re both dead. We’ve got an animal on our hands now. James is no longer your brother Ben, I need you to think of something to get both Hunter and May away from there,” Ben’s dad was urgent.

         “Alright, I’ll call you when were safe,” Ben answered

         “Okay,” he answered.

         “And dad, be careful,” Ben sighed,

         “Don’t worry about me, just go!” he hung up. Ben looked at May and Hunter.

         “We’ve got to go. Get away from here as quick as possible. I’m going to call Oliver to and Demetrius to go pack your bags. I’ll go talk to your parents,” Ben said. May didn’t know what was going on but Ben seemed pretty worried about the whole thing. May and Hunter didn’t know what was going on but seemed to know that it had something to do with James’s disappearance and the call that Ben had just received. It was really strange but the two friends thought it best not to question Ben’s rushing around. At least they’d know they were safe…possibly. That was the only problem with hanging out with vampires or soon to be vampires it was that you’d never know when one of them would turn or if you had to take a sudden vacation. 

         Ben got back and took them to his place for a little bit. Demetrius and Oliver weren’t there because they were still packing a suitcase for them. Finally they showed up. “Right, where are we going?” Oliver asked.

         “I’m thinking Nevada,” Ben said. Oliver nodded and called that airline. “Ever been on a plan?” Hunter and May shook their head. They had never flown anywhere so this was going to be kind of interesting. May thought of it as a new adventure. Possibly one that had something to do with her life or death.

         “Alright, we have to head out now, we have tickets to Nevada on the next flight which leaves… in an hour. I guess we’d better get on with it,” Oliver sighed. They hailed a taxi and paid the driver extra to get them to the airport before three. It was a frightening ride but they made it there in one piece. Ben on the plan Ben explained that James was now tracking her and if they didn’t get away from there he would surely kill her. Once they were in the air May thought that it might be best if she tried to get some sleep. She didn’t know what she’d end up doing that night, so if she slept now she’d be ready for what ever was to come.

         Once they landed Ben took them to a hotel and checked in. As they were going up to the room Ben got a call from his dad that James was now in the city were they just were. He had made a deal with James that James would stay in the city until Ben and Demetrius got there. “May I’m going to leave you and Hunter in Oliver’s care, don’t worry he won’t bite. You know I love you, so if anything happens to me, I want you to know that I love you,” Ben kissed her then walked out the door.

         “He’s so cheesy no wonder he never kept any of his other girlfriends,” Oliver laughed at his brother.

         “Oh, well,” May sighed. It was going to be a long day, if he didn’t come back May didn’t know what she was going to do. It would break her heart to lose someone else that she cared about so soon. Ben guessed that his father needed their help to convince James to come back to their side, but just in case it didn’t work then they’d be there to help destroy him. May didn’t liked the fact that Ben was so torn up by the fact that his brother might have to be killed before he could expose the secret. Unfortunately there was no other way. If there was then Ben probably wouldn’t be on his way back to the city to help his father.

         Vampires were confusing, and now that May knew that she was living along side them it was more nerve racking then anything. You never knew when they were going to have to move, or when they were going to peak or what ever. It was all very dangerous, but for some reason May found the danger factor to just be a high. She didn’t need a drug if she had vampires around, besides they didn’t scare her.

         Hunter on the other hand found it really dumb that vampires actually existed and he hadn’t known sooner. He didn’t like it that his best friend, now the only one that was left that he was really close to, was getting herself involved with the McCoy’s. Danger in his eyes wasn’t an option, if Jane had already died because of them, then would May be next? He couldn’t live with himself if he let May die in the hands of a McCoy as Jane had.  It wouldn’t happen not if he had a say in anything. Besides now, there was an issue with both of them possibly being killed at the hands of a McCoy, and that wasn’t a good thing. If Ben truly loved May then why had he told her all of this, why is he making it more difficult for her to let of the fact that she might die because of him and his brothers?

         May laid down on the couch, Oliver was much quieter than the other McCoy’s so they didn’t really hear much fun him. Though a lot of the time when he did speak he was the funny one. Only he didn’t speak often. Hunter wandered over to the window and looked out as Oliver surfed the channels on the TV for something to watch. Giving up on that Oliver sat down in the armed chair in the corner of the room. “Oliver, do you think Ben will come back?” May asked.

         “Of course, why wouldn’t he, I mean, James was never very strong,” Oliver answered.

         “But, what if something goes wrong and he ends up being killed?” May asked.

         “Oh, I guess, Ben hasn’t told you, but it takes a lot to actually destroy a vampire, you can’t just shoot them and your done, it takes a lot more than that,” Oliver explained.

         “That makes me feel a whole lot better,” she mused closing her eyes. For some reason she was suddenly really tired. Ben was probably already in the city with his dad trying to get James to come back to them… The phone rang, there was a call for May at the front desk. May made her way down to the desk to answer it.

         “May, May!” it was Ben’s voice he sounded very distressed.

         “Ben? Ben, are you okay?” May asked very startled.

         “If you want to see Ben in one piece I suggest you stay in the lobby. Make sure you’re alone or he’s dead,” another voice came on.

         “Who are you what have you done with Ben?” May asked.

         “Why, its James, sweet May, look just meet me in the lobby, don’t ask any questions,” he said sourly.

         “What time?” May asked.

         “Twelve, make sure everyone is asleep. Then come down,” he said.

         “Alright, fine, just don’t hurt Ben,” May said.

         “Don’t worry he’s safe with me,” James hung up. The man at the desk looked kind of worried.

         “Is everything alright?” he asked.

         “Yes, I’m fine, everything’s fine,” she answered going back up to the room.

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