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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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         In the morning Ben called May to tell her the James had disappeared. It was strange that all of a sudden he was gone after Ben had said that he had already had his first taste of human blood. Now he was gone. It kind of tied together when you thought about it. Demetrius and the rest of them were either “vegetarian” vampires or not a vampire yet. So in some ways James wasn’t welcomed. To be honest it was kind of ironic that he left. To the McCoy’s depending on what blood you drink makes you either the good guy or the bad guy. If you drank human blood you can forget about it. If you drank animal blood then there was a different story. It was okay to drink animal, in fact Mr. McCoy was an avid hunter. The blood from animals didn’t make them as strong as human blood does but it keeps them under control.

         May found this all very confusing but she liked the fact that she was around such magical creatures. Indeed they were magical as well as dangerous. The vampires had some sort of magic that was special to their family name. May didn’t know this but it was true. It was the only thing that the McCoy’s really couldn’t tell anyone outside the family about otherwise it was going to be chaos. People would treat them like witches when they really couldn’t help the fact that they were magical. All of the McCoy secrets were hidden in the library beneath their house. Only some people knew them and that were the ones that worked for the McCoy’s.

         These workers were called the Soulless and that was because instead of their soul being inside of them like everyone else they had an animal that held their soul that couldn’t leave their side. It was strange and they had a story of their own. These people worked for vampire families keeping them safe from the outside world finding out their secret.

         The Soulless were pretty much the Protectors of the Achieves, they didn’t allow anyone down into the library except the McCoy’s. No book was allowed to be brought up from the library. All with all of this if a new book was printed about the McCoy’s it was their job to go and get it and bring it back into the library so that it wouldn’t get out into the public. Extreme measures were always taken when it came to the McCoy secret because what was aforementioned they would be ruined and be cast aside like loners.

         Along with the McCoy’s there were different families of vampires living in their town, there are only three in all. But the one was kind of joined with another family that lived in the neighbouring town. They weren’t as rich as the McCoy’s but they were just as forceful as the McCoy’s were. They were also ones that had a library under their house that the Soulless worked to keep the people away from their secret.

         “May, um, I was wondering, are you going to the dance that’s being held at the school?” Ben asked.

         “Ah, no wasn’t really planning on it why?” May asked.

         “Oh well I was wondering if you would like to go with me, cause I am your boyfriend and all,” Ben said bashfully.

         “Um, I’m kind of against homecoming dances. I usually have an anti-homecoming party at my place,” May answered.

         “Oh well, then do you mind if I came?” he asked.

         “Not at all, Hunter will be there with a couple of his friends so yeah. I guess it won’t matter if you come. I’m warning you though the people that I’m inviting are kind of…ah…well crazy for you and your brothers so beware,” May laughed.

         “Okay, don’t worry I’ve got you,” he answered.

         “Pfft that’s nice to know,” May laughed at him.

         “Alright what time do I come over?” he asked.

         “Six, don’t be late or I’ll have to let the girls have their way with you,” May answered.

         “Oh gosh, I’ll be there at five thirty then,” he laughed. Then they hung up. Hunter was coming over at five thirty too so that wouldn’t be a problem. Well there was still a problem and that was that Jane wasn’t there to hang out with them too. It was going to be kind of sad not having Jane there. Hopefully it wasn’t going to be too crazy with questions as to why Jane isn’t there because May didn’t think that too many people knew that Jane was gone.  Hunter had been keeping an eye on the paper and all it said was that another girl died because of something that happened at the McCoy’s party.

         May’s friend Julia showed up a little later to help set up. Hunter was surprised that she was actually helping to set up because usually she just sat there babbling about how she’d just broke up with her latest boyfriend and how he was so horrible to her. It was of course a lot of mumbo jumbo. That was the problem, May usually put up with it every year and Hunter ended up running off to get pizza or something. Ben and May were sitting side by side and Hunter seemed to be kind of fidgety about it. Julia sat just a little too close to Hunter who was about ready to move and sit in between May and Ben. “So, what do we need to get ready?” Julia asked.

         “Um, well the chips and dips and snacks are all down stairs if you wanted to bring them up. Oh and… I guess we can wait until more people get here to bring the drinks out,” May said. Julia nodded and ran down stairs. 

         “Finally!” Hunter sighed.

         “Nice, she seems… um nice,” Ben tried not to insult anyone.

         “Its okay, she’s only quiet because you’re here otherwise I think Hunter might be in some trouble,” May held back a giggle.

         “Oh gosh, I hope that she doesn’t decide to like me. That would be horrible. I’d be one of her rants,” Hunter said terrorized.

         “We could play spin the bottle…” Ben suggested.

         “Um I’d rather not!” Hunter said. Julia came back up with a couple of Hunter’s friends. It was kind of early but that didn’t matter much.

         “So, where are the girls?” Jeffrey asked.

         “No here yet, unlike some people they’ll be on time. Not like half an hour early,” May accused. That’s when the doorbell rang and two giggling girls came up to May’s room.

         “I guess we can get started since everyone is…” May was cut off by two girls shrieking and practically flinging themselves at Ben.

         “What are you doing here?” they all asked staring at May.

         “Oh gosh, girls he’s my boyfriend,” May answered. Ben smirked at her. Of course it was going to be a very long night. Now that they were here, May figured it would be filled with them trying to get with Ben. It wasn’t going to work though because he just wasn’t interested in any of them but May.

         “Let’s play spin the bottle, does anyone have a bottle?” Cory asked.

         “No, you have to drink a pop in order to get a bottle,” May answered going down stairs. In the kitchen she went to get some pop and the CD she had forgotten down there. They gave them all a pop, and sat back down next to Ben. “So what’s up with everyone?”

         “I’ve been waiting to get back out to ride,” Mel answered glaring at May.

         “Sorry, I’ve been kind of busy, with things and all,” May answered. Hunter rolled his eyes.

         “Well, we’re moving into the city. I guess it isn’t as bad as it sounds but mom said that we have to decide which one of the dogs we’re getting rid of,” Tawny sighed.

         “Oh, that’s horrible,” May answered,

         “Yeah, we’re going to sell one of them though not put him down, it would be too sad to do that,” Tawny reassured her.

         “I’ve been really busy with my motor cross competitions,” Jeffery stated.

         “I’m still waiting on the part that my dad needs so that I can help him out to get ready for the bike show in Daytona,” Cory sighed. Hunter had finished his pop so he put the empty bottle in the middle of the rough circle they had formed.

         “Ready to play?” he asked.  Everyone moved to sit in a better circle on the floor.

         “Who’s going to go first?” May asked. Cory spun the bottle and it landed on Julia.

         “Hmm…Cory you have to lick the back of Julia’s hand,” Hunter said. Julia wrinkled her nose but didn’t protest.

         “Oh ew,” she sighed. As they played it started getting later. Finally May had to get rid of some of them because they were getting kind of rowdy and her parents would be home.  Soon only Ben and Hunter were left. Hunter actually fell asleep in the corner with the bottle they had used for spin the bottle and Ben was kissing May. May however pushed him away after a few seconds because she didn’t want to get caught when her parents got home. The spin the bottle game was bad enough. It had gotten kind of dirty and she didn’t need to have that burned into her mind.

         “I’m kind of sorry about the girls, they were just um,” May tried to explain her friends to Ben.

         “It’s okay, I guess they don’t get to be within close proximity with a McCoy too often,” his blue eyes sparked.

         “Yeah, they also aren’t used to you or your brothers actually talking to them. I mean I’m lucky to even be here with you now,” May sighed.

         “Well, I’m glad you think so. Um, can I tell you something that might be kind of awkward?” he asked.

         “Yeah sure what is it?” she asked.

         “Well…I must say you’re the nicest girl I’ve ever gone out with. By this I mean that, everyone else would want to show me off to their friends and be all like “he’s mine” but you aren’t anything like that at all. Heck most of the time I find myself at their place in their room with them half naked. I don’t want that and I usually end up leaving when it gets to that point. The next day I usually break up with them. Unlike what people have twisted into the truth in their minds I’m nothing like that. I may be rich but I’m not looking for a Playboy model as a girlfriend. In fact I don’t think any girl should exploit themselves like that at all. It’s horrible,” Ben confessed. May felt a bit strange to be sitting there.

         “Well, um that’s…wow, I don’t know what to say actually,” May answered.

         “Ha, that’s okay, I just thought I’d let you know that you’re an awesome person, and that it would be a shame if you ever changed,” he said looking down at his watch.

         “Oh, well thanks, um don’t you have to go now?” May asked.

         “Yeah actually I do,” Ben sighed, “Um…see you later?”

         “Yeah,” May answered and he leaned in and gave her a soft kiss before leaving. Once he was gone, May woke Hunter up because he also had to leave, in fact his dad would be calling soon if he didn’t. Once Hunter was gone as well May broke down and cried. It was the first anti-homecoming that Jane wasn’t at and it hurt. After she had finished her crying she called Jack, to see when the funeral was.

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