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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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It was Saturday and May was on her way to Hunter’s with Ben. It was going to be a long day and May wondered if it would be able to be explained to Hunter without actually telling him that the McCoy’s were vampires. You probably just had to leave just part of the truth out and it might be okay but you never knew with these kind of things.May never did that with Hunter though so this would be the first time. “Ben you have to explain this all to him, because I can’t lie to my best friend,” May sighed as the pulled into his drive way.

         “Alright,” Ben answered. All of a sudden he got really tense.

         “What’s wrong?” May asked.

         “Just the fact that I’m on a rival’s farm this is really going to hurt my competition now,” Ben said through clenched teeth.

         “Oh, if that gets in the way then you can just for get about it. I mean it won’t hurt it unless someone finds out, and the only people that are going to know are you, me and Hunter. No big deal,” May said. They got out and met Hunter in the doors of the barn.  Hunter looked really tired.

         “Hey what’s up?” Hunter greeted them lazily.

         “Nothing much,” May answered, “Why didn’t you call me last night?”

         “The foal broke her stitches so we had to stay up and fix it.  Then we had to make sure that she didn’t break them again,” Hunt explained.


         “So, what have you found out?” he asked.

         “Well….Ben has something he has to explain to you,” May answered.

         “Oh, well what is it?” Hunter asked leading them inside the barn and to the hay loft where they could talk. Ben explained to him that his brother James was going through a stage that was considered dangerous to him family and that he had killed Jane kind of by accident. There was no way that it could have been stopped once the venom was in her system they just had to let it take its course. Hunter at first didn’t exactly understand the whole concept. After Ben had finished explaining, it hit him. The McCoy’s were vampires. Well it was actually harder for Ben to explain the other part about blood because Hunter was asking dumb questions. Finally he was out of questions and Ben finished his explanation. “What the heck is wrong with you? I mean are you going to turn and kill May or something?” Hunter asked.

         “No, my brothers will make sure they catch me before that happens. It was just unfortunate that we couldn’t catch James sooner because I’m scared that he might have already had is first taste of human blood. If he has then we’ve got a problem,” Ben sighed.

         “Whoa, you never told me this,” she exclaimed.

         “My brother didn’t want to scare you, but you should still know the truth. Anyways, if he has had human blood we can’t stop him even if we put him in the peaking room. He’ll stop at nothing to get human blood. And if he gets a hold of someone then we’ve got a problem. There’s this think called Deadly Seduction and most often if a vampire has had human blood before this will kick in and any poor girl the he pleases will become his next meal,” Ben said disgustedly.

         “That’s terrible,” Hunter sighed.

         “Yes, I know, I’m afraid that this has happened though, the party was most likely his first feeding. Sarah didn’t day from ingesting the venom. She died because he had drained her of her blood. It was risky having you at my place last night May. If he had decided to show up and be hungry then you would have been in a lot of trouble. Don’t get my wrong he’d have to go through Demetrius and I before he could have you but it would have been difficult for us to stop him he’s our brother,” Ben explained further.

         This was all really horrible and May having heard all of this for the first time was startled. After they had finished their little meeting and May and Ben went home. May decided to do some research. It was going to be kind of difficult too actually find any information on the subject because it sounded like it was only the McCoy’s in the area that were vampires. May went to the library to see if she could find anything on the McCoy’s but all she could find was one old newspaper article saying that the McCoy’s had started up and equestrian center.  Maybe that was what Ben meant by the library under their house. The library must have had all of the books containing information on the McCoy’s so that no one would be able to find out their secret. It was a good idea when you thought about it but also kind of weird.

         Giving up on the search for information on the McCoy’s she decided to go to bed. It would do her some good to sleep on what she had just learned. From then on the world was a totally different place that wouldn’t allow you to walk the streets alone at night. All of this was pretty far fetched but what was May supposed to do but believe the oldest McCoy boy? He had already gone through the peaking process so it seemed like he knew what he was talking about. Though the fact that there were vampires with in close proximity. 

         If the books had come true then is there a possibility to write Zeus into existence? Is there a way God could be written into the world? Think about it what would happen if all of a sudden people could be brought back to life just by some sort of spell?

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