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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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That was then this is now, Ben had talked to James about what he had done and it turns out James had no clue why or how or what even provoked him to kill Jane and Sarah. He didn’t remember what happened either. Something was taking over him. Only what, it was going to be pretty hard to figure this one out. That was until Ben had May over one night because he needed help with looking something up for Demetrius’ friend that had danced with her.That was when May had overheard Demetrius and his dad talking when she was on her way back from the washroom. “I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. I mean you peaked around fifteen,” Mr. McCoy said.

         “I know, what are we going to do he’s already killed two people we have to do something to stop him before he wrecks himself,” Demetrius said. May was really confused by this. When she got back to Ben she asked him about it.

         “I think it has something to do with the library underneath our house. But I’m not sure because no one has really told me yet, Demetrius knows about it. You might want to ask him,” Ben answered.

         “Okay. But is there anything that you know like anything at all?” she asked.

         “Well, I know something runs in our family and we all get it eventually, it’s kind of like a disease but I don’t know what it is,” Ben answered. May pondered this for a while, while they worked on what he needed help with. Demetrius came in a bit later.

         “Hey what’s up?” he asked.

         “Why did James do this to Jane?” May asked and Demetrius face sank.

         “May, that’s a long story, that is really hard to explain,” Demetrius sighed.

         “I’ve got time,” May answered.

         “I’m not really supposed to tell anyone,” he said.

         “Look Demetrius she isn’t going to say any thing, besides he killed her best friend she kind of has to know,” Ben answered. There was some sort of family secret that if an outsider found out there would be trouble for that outsider from other similar families.

         “Fine, but I can’t tell you here, I’ll tell you upstairs,” Demetrius said. Ben and May followed him up stairs. They went to his room. “Take a seat.” May didn’t exactly know where to sit down because she didn’t feel right sitting on his bed so she took her place on the floor.

         “Well, out with it then,” Ben insisted.

         “Alright, but you can’t tell dad I told you already,” he said. Ben nodded. “Right, well centuries ago, the McCoy’s were part of some sort of anarchy and well, it wasn’t your normal anarchy in fact it was a Vampire anarchy. Well yeah, you see, we don’t exactly have fangs, but our teeth are sharper than usual, and they contain venom. I know blood sucking creatures… kind of hard to believe.”

         “No fangs?” May questioned.

         “No just little sharp points on our molars and the rest are really sharp, I remember when I peaked I bit myself and drew blood. Anyways, once we hit a certain age our teeth become sharp and venomous. It’s called peaking because once this happens and we’re in the second stage of peaking our teeth produce extra venom that we have to find a way to get rid of. How ever once the venom becomes excessive we can’t stop ourselves from using it. I remember I bit our dog… and that’s why we’ve never had another one. Anyways we usually end up biting a lot of things, kind of like human babies and teething. However, not only do we empty our venom by biting things we also have an uncontrollable urge for blood. Sometimes it’s mostly human blood,” he continued.

         “That’s horrible,” May breathed.

         “Well yeah. I was lucky you see, I didn’t much care for human blood. Too sweet. Soon I’m afraid James will become unstoppable until his venom levels settle. I remember when I was locked up down stairs with a plastic container. No blood mind you but it helped with getting rid of venom. When we bit it our venom squirts out. It was kind of terrible, but it was the only way dad could make sure I wouldn’t kill anyone. I was lucky they caught me before I actually killed some one. It’s too late for James now, but we can still stop him, he hasn’t bitten anyone yet,” Demetrius said.

         “ I can beg to differ, Jane had two crescent shapes on her neck that were black and kind of looked more like tattoos.That’s kind of creepy but doesn’t garlic, a stack through the heart, or silver bullet kill vampires?” May asked.

         “Ha, no, the stack and sliver bullet would kill anyone, and I love garlic!” he answered, “Wait did you say she had crescent shapes on her neck?” May nodded as Demetrius cursed.

         “This doesn’t make sense; do all of the McCoy’s turn into this monster?” Ben asked.

         “Yeah, at least all of the males do,” Demetrius answered. This was mind boggling. What were they going to do now? It was horrible if James was put in jail then people would find out the McCoy secret. It wouldn’t be possible, and if he was sent to jail the McCoy reputation would be ruined. There was no way they could let that happen, if it did the McCoy’s were ruined. Demetrius explained that his father was going to do the same with James as soon as possible. That would have to wait until he got back from where ever he was.  It was a good thing that the McCoy boys played football because they would need to tackle James in order to get him into the room in which Demetrius spent his days of peaking in.

         May went home, but couldn’t tell Hunter what was going on, which was hard because she told him everything. Luckily he didn’t ask or call for that matter which was strange but May figured that the foal was having problems again. It was usual for Hunter to not call if something was wrong with one of the horses. It was another long night; May contemplated what Demetrius had told her and whether or not she still wanted to be in a relationship with Ben. It was alright that he was a vampire, just as long as he didn’t kill one of her best friends like his brother did, because that would end it.

         All of this was weighting on her shoulders, there had to be some way to get all of this off of her shoulders but, that wasn’t going to exactly happen because she didn’t know how to get it off of her shoulders. The person she usually told things to couldn’t know about the McCoy secret. Or did he already know? May was so very confused with all of this. It was going to be hard to understand any of it, but maybe some how she will. It would all have to wait. At the moment she had to figure out whether Ben has peaked yet or not. By the way Demetrius spoke it didn’t sound like he had.

         There was a strange barrier that was now broken. The barrier between reality and myth, vampires do exist. What is it that the world has come to? Or has the world always been like this and we just haven’t opened our eyes to see what’s really around us. If there really are vampires around are there werewolves to? This was going to lead to so many things. People are going to get paranoid about this if they ever find out that yes indeed vampires exist. The news papers would be buzzing with the news of vampires living in the city, and the McCoy’s would be ruined. Mr. McCoy would be ruined because no one would do business with him after they found out that he was a vampire.

         May didn’t even know what to do with the fact that her boyfriend was going to turn into a vampire soon. It was frightening and that was that. Only if love was strong enough would it hold May to Ben even while he was peaking? It would have to be tested in order to truly know if it would.  May was kind of sceptical about the whole going out with him, and yet she somehow fell in love. May hoped that Ben still loved her, if he didn’t then she was screwed.

         There was some sort of bond between her and Ben even though Ben was rich and May was just sort of rich. She was more middle class, and Ben was definitely upper class. It was kind of odd; maybe it was just a vampire’s magnetic draw that made May feel bound to him in some way. Either way it was kind of hard to tell until their love was tested. Vampires… this is so…. Twilight if you asked me. Not that May ever liked Twilight much… just the werewolf side. Everything else was really far fetched and kind of made you wonder what the author was thinking, seeing as vampires drink human blood most of the time and that they wouldn’t have self control. Plus vampires didn’t sparkle and now that May knew an actual vampire it was ridiculous to think that they could even be that glitzy.

         Folklore has made vampires a dark creature and for a reason, they aren’t meant to be pleasant. Mind you the McCoy’s were possibly the only exception. Unless it was just the old vampires that were crude and the modern day ones were much more civil.

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