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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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         The next day they were still sort of stalking the McCoy’s, only May was kind of bait, Ben actually ended up talking to her today. In fact he seemed worried about Jane, May told him that she was unconscious and he was actually kind of shocked. That was when he asked her out. May said she’d think about it then a minute after said yes. He seemed pretty happy. “Um, Ben something’s been bugging me.”

         “Yes what is it?”

         “Well Jane’s sick because of something that happened at the party…I don’t know what but she is possibly going to die from it,” May said sadly. Ben gaped at her for a moment.

         “I don’t really know anything about that, like someone thought the punch was spiked but it wasn’t, but there was something wrong with one of the dishes. But no one ate any amount that would hurt them from it. Unless one of my brothers did something because I didn’t really see any of them very much accept Demetrius,” he answered.

         “Hmmm, that’s strange,” May pondered.

         “No not really they were probably in their rooms with their dates,” Ben answered, then he pause for a minute, “Then again I think Oliver’s the only one that’s ever been caught doing anything. Most of the time they stay out in the open or are on the dance floor or whatever. James was pretty scarce and so was Oliver, if you want I can talk to them.”

         “Ah…” she started.

         “Don’t worry they only watch TV or something,” Ben answered, “I want to help you out with this though,”


         “It’s horrible, that your friend is sick because of something that happened at the party. I mean it could have been avoided,” Ben said sincerely. May and Ben talked over the situation for a bit and came up with a plan as to what he was going to do.  That night after school, May called Hunter and asked him if it was alright that she brought Ben over sometime. Of course Hunter said no. Hunter’s dad would have freaked and not to mention Hunter wasn’t too happy with the fact that May threw herself out there to go out with Ben.

         “He wants to help Hunter he thinks it’s horrible that she’s sick,” May said.

         “Oh alright but if he’s going to join us on a ride he’s riding your horse,” Hunter sulked.

         “Alright, that’s fine. I’ll give him a call. Tomorrow are we meeting?” May asked.

         “Yeah, Jake asked if we could go and ride in the out door arena,” he replied.

         “Really?” May asked.

         “Yeah, I wonder if he’ll actually ride though,” he sighed.

         “Yes he will,” May answered.

         “How do you know?”

         “I just do okay. I’ll see you tomorrow with Ben, bye,” May hung up. Then she called Ben with the news. May hung up on Hunter so that he wouldn’t object but he’d probably get mad if he ever figured that out. They talked over what Ben would need when he came and if he had found anything out from his brothers. They ended up talking longer than she had expected. By the time they hung up May was ready to go to bed. It was going to be a long night because finally reality was a bit better than her dreams. Though her dreams did take her places she couldn’t usually go.

         The next day at school Ben sat with them at lunch, Hunter didn’t really feel right sitting with him but once Ben told Hunter that he was sorry about Jane, it wasn’t so awkward. “So what have you figured out so far?” Hunter asked.

         “Ah, not very much, all I know is that Demetrius is in crap for being caught…ah, yeah with his girlfriend and the James is being all weird around mom and dad,” Ben answered.

         “That’s it…hmm, that’s kind of suspicious though,” May said.

         “What that Demetrius was caught? Or the James being all weird around my parents?” Ben asked.

         “The James thing, I mean why would he have to be guarded around your parents?” May asked.

         “Good question. Maybe he did something too?” Ben answered.

         “Or…killed someone, do you know if he has any access to any illegal substances or weapons?” Hunter inquired.

         “No, he doesn’t but I suppose if he absolutely needed something he could get it,” he answered.

         “Interesting, very interesting, um, I suppose we’re going to have to figure out how to get information from him,” May answered.

         “That shouldn’t be too hard… we have a football game and I’ll just pin him, he hate’s that,” Ben answered.

         “That probably will work but I think it might be better if you did that at home, and not have people overhear,” May answered.

         “Oh, true, do you want to come to the game?” Ben asked.

         “No it’s too long I’ve got to do stuff,” May answered.

         “Wait I thought you were coming down to my place,” Hunter said.

         “Oh, crap I forgot! Um I can’t miss this, tomorrow will be a definite go,” Ben answered.

         “Okay,” Hunter answered. After that they went to their classes. May began to actually like Ben but she didn’t want to become attached to him because she knew it would be over soon enough. There always had to be an end to something, even your life. At least that was how May thought of it. Nothing could last forever. How pessimistic of her to think such a way, but with the way things were going couldn’t help it, being a pessimist came easy these days.

         Jack called May later that day and it had been that Jane had indeed gone into coma. It was too late for them to do anything now. May burst into tears and didn’t know what to do. Jack tried to comfort her over the phone but it didn’t seem to work too well. Jack had asked her if it was okay that he hung up to tell Hunter the news. May agreed and let him hang up; afterwards she called Ben and told him what happened. He was pretty angry that one of his brothers could have done this. “May I’m going to hang up, okay? I’ve got to talk to James about this,” May let him go, once she hung up the phone rang and it was Hunter.

         “May I’m coming over,” he said then hung up.  A little while later there was a knock on her door, it was Hunter. May was curled up in a ball on her floor. “Oh May.” He broke down and cried. They sat there together and just cried, it was horrible they’re best friend had passed away, Jack said that the family didn’t want to keep her on the machine and Jane wouldn’t have wanted to either.  There were no words between them for hours they just cried or sat in silence that was until the phone rang once again. May answered it.

         “Hello?” she sniffed into the receiver.

         “May, oh May, God is cruel sometimes,” it was Ben.

         “W-what do you mean?” May asked.

         “My stupid brother, I seriously hate him,” he huffed.

         “Why, what happened?” she asked hesitantly.

         “It was him, he’d tricked her when she came out of the washroom, asked her out and… ah injected her with something. Oh man, oh man, I don’t know what to do my brother is a murderer!” Ben sounded really torn with all of this.

         “My gosh, what are we going to do, I mean he’s your brother so we can’t exactly turn him in. We do however have to find out why and how he’s killing people,” May answered. Ben sighed.

         “May, you know I love you, and I love my brothers, I don’t know what to do, I mean, somehow Demetrius knows Jane, I’m guessing it’s because we’re both rich families but he was her friend and I don’t know why James would do such a thing,” Ben explained.

         “I don’t know, we’ve still got to find out, Ben, if you ever need somewhere to run you can come here,” May offered.

         “Thanks, I think I’ll be okay right now though. Just that my brother is a psycho killer and I don’t know what to do,” he sighed.

         “I don’t know just lay low for a while and don’t do anything to piss him off,” May suggested.

         “Alright, now um, I’ve got to go, I’m really sorry about Jane. Hope to see you soon,”

         “Me too, bye,” May closed the conversation.  They both hung up. Hunter sat there in silence until May broke it. “It was James.”

         “May that’s horrible, what are you going to do?” he asked. May shrugged.

         “It wasn’t Ben so I guess I can’t be mad at him but right now I definitely hate James,” May answered. It was a really hard to deal with, Jane was gone and Ben’s brother had killed her. What was she supposed to do? It wasn’t going to get any easier, if anything it was going to get much harder. May liked Ben and she could definitely tell that he liked her back. If his brother had killed her best friend then would anger set in and end up hurting them both? May wasn’t sure but she really didn’t want that to happen.

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