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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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After they were done in the vet they went back to Hunter’s place, Daisy had to stay over night at the vet’s so that they could keep and eye on her. The poor foal had lost a lot of blood and they wanted to make sure that she was going to be okay. Hunter and his dad were a bit worried about her. At the barn Jenna and Jake were still there. “Hey Mr. Addison how’s Daisy?” Jenna asked from on top of a large Belgian horse.

         “Oh she’s just fine, they kept her over night just to make sure she was going to be okay,” he answered.

         “Oh, I see well it’s good that she’s going to be alright,” Jenna answered. Jake was in the isle sitting beside his horse on a hay bale. Jake was having some issues with his confidence and didn’t know how he was going to get over it. Even though he was the oldest he was possibly the more careful of the two.  Seeing as they were brother and sister. Jenna thought that Jake was a wimp and just didn’t want to fall off. When really falling off wasn’t so bad, mind you he’d never fallen off before so maybe that’s why he was having troubles… not knowing what it felt like to fall off and all.

         “Jake you’re not going to get anywhere on the ground now it’s been over an hour and you’re still not riding what’s your problem you weren’t near this bad last year!” Mr. Addison exclaimed. Mr. Addison wasn’t happy with the fact that Jake wasn’t riding because that meant that he had to ride Jake’s horse. Not that Mr. Addison didn’t like riding it was just that it was a pain when he had to do a lot himself, plus it was Jake’s horse and if he wasn’t going to ride it then what was he going to do with it?

         “I’m sorry but I just can’t…”

         “You can so now come on I’ll go first and show you that he isn’t going to do anything,” Mr. Addison said pulling Jake up.  Hunter and May went to the living quarters to change. There wasn’t many times that the living quarters were in use but sometimes Hunter would have people over and they’d hang out in the living quarters. May loved staying in the living quarters because it was so close to the horses.

         “Jake still isn’t riding eh?” May asked.

         “Yeah, he breaks into tears whenever dad makes him get on. It’s kind of sad really. Um, what time does that clock say?” Hunter asked.

         “Eleven, thirty, I’m kind of tired,” May said.

         “Do you just want to stay here then instead of going for a ride?” he asked.

         “Yeah, I want to talk to you,” May answered.

         “Alright I’ll let dad know,” Hunter left to let his dad know that they weren’t going to go for a ride that night. It had been a long night and they needed to go over what happened in the night.  Once he got back Hunter and May stuck one of they’re horror movies in and May started to talk.

         “How do you think Jane is?” May asked.

         “I don’t know. Do you remember seeing this one?” Hunter asked.

         “Ah, no…Oh!” May covered her eyes.

         “Wow, I definitely don’t remember seeing this one. Do you want to call Jack and see if anything’s changed?” Hunter asked turning down the TV.

         “Yeah, should I call his cell or the house number?” May asked.

         “Definitely his cell,” he answered. May nodded and went to get the phone.  May dialled the number to Jack’s cell and waited for him to answer. Finally his voice came over the phone.

         “Hey Jack? Is Jane okay?” May asked.

         “Jane’s not doing too well, they said that she lost a lot of blood, do you remember seeing any blood in the McCoy’s washroom?” Jack asked.

         “No, why?” May asked.

         “The doctor said that she’s bleeding some where inside because blood keeps coming out of her nose. Mom’s flipping because she doesn’t know what’s going on and Dad’s pretty pissed off,” Jack explained.

         “Oh, um, I don’t know she drank some punch at the McCoy’s but then again we all did and Jane’s the only one like this,” she said.

         “Did you leave her alone or did Hunter?” he asked.

         “Yeah, Hunter went to dance and Ben asked to talk to me in another room,” she sighed.

         “She might have eaten something in that time frame. I’m sorry I’ve got to go, Mom’s blubbering for some reason. I’ll give you two a call later,” Jack muttered.

         “Okay, bye,” May replied as he hung up. Hunter was laying on the floor in front of the TV still.

         “Well what’s up with Jane?” Hunter asked.

         “They don’t know what’s wrong with her. Like she’s bleeding from her nose and has lost a lot of blood. Jack asked if I saw any blood in the washroom and I told him no because I didn’t. Plus she wasn’t bleeding when we took her out,” May told him.

         “Oh wow, I wonder what’s wrong,” he answered.

         “Yeah, Jack said he’ll call after he finds out why his mom is freaking out. I really hope she’s okay,” May yawned as she laid back down beside him. “So what’s going on in the movie?”

         “Some guy just died,” Hunter answered.

         “Oh well that’s real…AH! Hunter turn it off!” May shrieked as another was killed in a gruesome way. Hunter stopped the movie.

         “Well that was really unexpected! Sorry about that I think Jake left that one here. I had him over last weekend,” Hunter said. May rolled onto her back with her hands clamped over her eyes.

         “I don’t think I’m going to ever be able to sleep ever again!” May mumbled. Hunter took her up into his arms.

         “Sorry, I didn’t know you were this squeamish you usually always watch scary movies with me,” Hunter apologized.

         “It’s okay do you have anything else?” May asked, “Oh what about Titanic can we watch that please?”

“Sure,” Hunter said taking the other movie out and putting Titanic in. May sat on the couch and Hunter sat next to her.

“Hunter, did you feel right tonight in the McCoy Manor?” May asked hestantly.

“No not really I kind of felt out of place and that girl I danced with seemed a little too into me,” he answered.

“No I mean besides that, like the McCoy’s were hiding something,” May said.

“No not really, it was kind of weird that Demetrius was hovering over us,” he said. May glowered at him.

“That’s exactly what I mean! Look maybe something happened and it was one of his brother’s sick ideas of a joke… a rape and kill? Or re-enacting a movie scene, look something was definitely going on. If it wasn’t with Demetrius, Ben or Daniel that it was with one of the other ones,” May said.

“I couldn’t have been I mean I didn’t see Oliver or James all night,” he said.

“I know that’s kind of what worried me,” she answered.

“Well it doesn’t help that Oliver has a reputation at the parties held at McCoy Manor,” he mumbled.

“And that is?” May asked.

“You’ve been where? Everyone talks about it, how he always seems to end up drunk and with a girl upstairs,” Hunter said.

“Your kidding right?” she sounded disgusted.

“No, not entirely, but that’s not surprising to not see him as for James I don’t know,” Hunter said.

As the night went on May fell asleep against Hunter. Hunter had the phone next to him in case Jack called. Around one in the morning Jack called Hunter’s cell. Jane wasn’t getting much better and the doctor’s were taking tests. They think she was poisoned with something but aren’t quite sure what the poison is yet.

It was all really confusing and Hunter was really worried. May jumped awake. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just scared myself,” May said falling back asleep. Hunter eventually fell asleep as well. The night was long, but it still seemed like morning came quickly once they were asleep.

May and Hunter slept long into the day the next day, they had been up for a long time last night. When they finally did get up it was around one. Hunter woke May up who was kind of asleep in his arms. May woke and groaned with sleep. “Can’t I sleep a bit longer?”

“No, it’s one,” Hunter said.

“In the morning?” she asked.

“No in the afternoon, come on dad’s going to be mad if we don’t go and help with something. I think one of the fences needs to be fixed,” Hunter said.

“Oh man, fine, I’ll go get changed. What is there to eat around here?” May asked.

“Lunch is in half an hour,” he answered. May got up and went to get changed into her barn clothes. It was going to be a long day. There was a lot of stuff that had to get done around the farm and Hunter still had to help Jake with his confidence issues. Then Hunter probably would have to get the foal’s stall ready for its return. It shouldn’t take too long to do that but it still had to get done.

May went out to the barn once she was done getting changed and looked for Jenna to see if she needed help with anything. Jenna and Jake weren’t there yet, so May decided to get a jump on getting the stall ready. Hunter’s dad was standing in the isle when she went back into the barn. “May where’s my son?” he asked.

“Still changing I expect, would you like me the help with something?” she asked.

“Um, if you don’t mind starting to get Daisy’s stall ready for when she gets back, other than that I’m not sure,” he claimed. May nodded and got to cleaning out the stall. Moments later she heard his voice coming from the living quarters. He didn’t seem too happy at all. May wondered if it had anything to do with the party they had gone to with Jane. If it did then she’d be in for it too. Hunter’s dad, Mr. Addison was very close with her parents and knowing him he wouldn’t hesitate to tell them too. It got kind of quiet and May was hoping that it was over until Hunter came out nearly in tears. May had never seen him this way before.

“What’s wrong?” May wondered.

“I think he found out about the party some how. I don’t know what Jack did but I’m not too happy about it,” Hunter sighed.

“Well I wasn’t going to assume that you were your dad’s pretty…”

“May, can I speak to you for a second?” Mr. Addison asked. May nodded,

“Good luck,” Hunter muttered to her as she followed Mr. Addison out. May was most definitely in for it too. Seeing as he didn’t look to happy. Jack probably meant the best by telling Hunter’s dad but in all it was painful for both of them. May understood though why he would’ve told him because what if it was one of them that was in the state that Jane was in?

“You went to that McCoy party didn’t you? I suppose you know what Jane’s really sick from something that went on there. Do you have any clue as to how serious this kind of thing is?” Mr. Addison addressed.

“Yes,” May answered.

“It could have been anyone of you that ended up in the hospital. I know your parents aren’t happy about this either, but you don’t have to worry I offered to do the yelling this time. I want you to know that Hunter and you are forbidden to  even thinking about the McCoy’s let alone talking to them, or going to one of their parties. The doctor’s still don’t know what’s wrong with your friend and if you weren’t there this would have never happened. Now I’m putting you and Hunter on cow duty, after you finish the stall I want you to saddle up the cutting horses and head out to the pasture,” he continued, “It’s not a pleasant job but you’ll have to do it, the cows are getting out some how I need you and Hunter to bring them back, then I want you and Hunter to find the spot where they’re getting out.”

“Alright,” May answered.

“And the buckets, blankets, saddles, bridles and harnesses need to be cleaned for the cattle drive next week. Get to it,” Mr. Addison added on to their punishment. May went back to help Hunter finish the stall. Then they went and saddled the cutting horses.

“Well it didn’t sound like he went too hard on you,” Hunter said.

“Are you kidding me, we have to clean everything pretty much in the barn!” May exclaimed. May and Hunter went to get the cutting horses to go out to round up the cows once they were done cleaning up the stall and getting it ready for Daisy’s return.

“Oh, well I guess we’d hurry up and get to this then,” Hunter answered, “Um you may want to hold on to him when you get on because he gets excited about going to work.”

“Okay, so, how does this work?” May asked shortening her reins and swinging up.

“When we leave I want you to hold him back from loping he isn’t allowed to go fast going to the job,” he informed her.

“Okay,” they were off in a few minutes. May was having a little trouble with holding the horse back as they went to the pasture but eventually they got there. When it came to getting the cows back into the pasture May was having trouble with staying on. She hit the dust a couple of times and Hunter had to get her horse under control for her to get back on. Finally they got the problem fixed and were on their way back to the barn.

“Cleaning duty now,” Hunter grumbled.

“Its not that bad, at least I get to sit down or something. Instead of being tossed off. I’m kind of sore now,” May sighed.

“We’ll have to get you some ice for your cheek cause its starting to turn purple,” Hunter said.

“What! Oh, that sucks,” May grumbled unhappily.

When they got back to the barn Daisy was in her stall in the sling that Mr. Addison had adjusted for her. She wasn’t supposed to put very much pressure on her leg so they had to keep her off of it until next Monday.

Hunter’s phone rang a little later while they were cleaning the buckets. It was Jack; something must have been up with Jane. “I take it that you have both gotten the third degree from you father. Jane’s doing a bit better but has slipped out of consciousness. We’re afraid that she might not make it. On the other hand we don’t even know what is wrong with her,” Jack told Hunter.

“Are you kidding me what are they doing then? I mean should could be dying for all we know,” Hunter exclaimed.

“I know, the doctors think that in fact she is dying. I really hate to think about it because I’m almost positive that it was one of the McCoy’s that has done this to her,” Jack mentioned.

“Are you sure? They didn’t seem to want to harm any of us,” May took the phone from Hunter.

“Well some one definitely did, now I want you to keep us in your prayers, I’ll tell you if anything happens,” Jack sighed. May took the phone from Hunter again.

“ Jack didn’t you say something about two crescent shapes oh her neck?” May asked.

“Yeah, the doctors just thought they were tattoos. I knew for a fact they weren’t because she was at work all day that day and she didn’t have them in the morning,” He said.

“What did the doctors think?” May asked.

“They said that they could just be caused by someone biting her seeing as they looked more like a bite mark but other than that they didn’t think much of it. Just put antisceptic cream on them and left it at that,” Jack said.

“How could have someone have bitten her?” May asked. Jack laughed on the other end of the phone.

“Not funny, I’m serious, I mean she did seem to be in the washroom for a while but other than that,” May trailed off.

“Ever thought about rape? Or maybe she was making out with some guy and he bit her. Rape’s out of the question though because the doctors checked her over for that and they didn’t find anything. So, I’m going with the last one,” Jack said.

“Hmm, yeah okay, but that still doesn’t explain as to why she’s like this,” May sighed.

“I don’t know and neither do the doctors, hopefully they find something,” Jack said.

“Yeah, okay, we’ll let you go,” May said.

“Okay I’ll keep you guys posted… I really hope she pulls through,” Jack sighed.

“Bye,” May said and hung up.  May looked at Hunter and Hunter looked at her.  What were they going to do now? The McCoy’s seemed harmless, but did they really seek to kill Jane or any of them for that matter?

“Well what do we do now?” Hunter asked.

“Good question, I think we have to do some investigating, I mean, why Jane? Is anyone else like this?” May questioned. Hunter shrugged and got back to scrubbing the bucket. They need to find out what was going on with this. Where the McCoy’s trying to get rid of certain people one at a time? If there was some way they could get into the McCoy Manor they had to go for it and see if they could uncover some sort of mystery that is the cause of Jane’s illness and possible death.

The only problem was that they had no clue as to how they were going to go about doing this. As they scrubbed buckets May tried to think of who would be able to help them and if they’d even be able to figure out if it was the McCoy’s for sure or not. It wasn’t like the McCoy’s were the only ones at the party so it could have been anyone. “May, Jake would love to help I mean he isn’t exactly too friendly with Demetrius in case you haven’t noticed at school, but I’m sure he’d be able to tell us something,” Hunter mentioned suddenly.

“Okay and Jenna could help too I mean she’s pretty good a creeping on people. Have you seen what she does in her spare time?” May answered.

“Yeah she horseback rides doesn’t she?” he asked

“Well yeah most of the time but when she gets bored at home she starts kind of stalking people,” May answered.

“Well that’s not creepy at all now is it?” Hunter sneered.

“Well it does come in handy don’t you think?” she asked.

“True, so we’ve got two people…now what?” Hunter asked.

“We wait till they get here; I mean it can’t be that much longer can it?” May asked.

“Speaking of the devil here they are,” Hunter said. Jake and Jenna walked up to them.

“Oh, bucket duty what’d you two do this time?” Jake asked.

“Just went to the McCoy’s latest party, um we need your help actually…Do you two mind doing some spying on them for us?” May asked.

“Depends on what for?” Jake retorted.

“Well Jane’s now really sick from something that she ate or whatever from the party, and we have a feeling that the McCoy’s have something to do with it. Whether they’re trying to get rid of certain people one at a time or what, we don’t know but we need your help,” May explained.

“I see, if it’s for Jane then yeah sure,” Jenna replied.

“Okay good now tomorrow at school we need you two to be on your toes listening into different conversations that regard any parties or anything of the kind. Then get back to us,” Hunter answered.

“Will do sir!” Jake laughed.

“Not a laughing matter Jake,” Jenna hissed. They went to get their horses saddled. Hunter was hoping that Jake would actually ride to day.  They kept at the cleaning and soon they were done cleaning the buckets and saddle pads, now all they had to do was the brushes and saddles. This always took along time because they worked on one saddle together to get it done faster. Though it would have definitely go faster if Hunter and May didn’t have to help Jake get on. It was kind of strange as to why Jake wouldn’t get on by himself. It took a while to get Jake up but finally once he was up he was okay. It wasn’t like he was crying his eyes out up there.

“See not so bad is it?” Jenna asked.

“N-no I guess not,” Jake said.

“Alright back to saddle detailing,” Hunter said.

“See you,” Jenna called. May and Hunter went back to cleaning the saddles. It was a long task but finally they were done they’re punishment. Or so they thought. When Hunter and May went to the main house Hunter’s grandma suckered them into helping her with packing the flour and such of the cattle drive.

Once they were done with that, Mr. Addison took May home. It was getting kind of late in the day. May wanted to get home and have a shower before it was too late in the day. Then she’d have to start her planning and hypothesizing on the fact that the McCoy’s were out to get Jane. Mind you she didn’t really have very much to work with considering the fact that all she knew was that Jane was ill and the McCoy Manor was the last place they were at.  She’d have to wait until tomorrow when she got information from Jake and Jenna. She had to get to the bottom of why Jane was possibly going to die and who was to blame for it.

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