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May's best friend dies for a mysterious reason. Can she find a way to solve this death?
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“Hey, hello… Jane!” She shouted at the window where her best friend was standing. Her friend waved back and beckoned her in. May ran around to the door of the store where her friend worked and went in.  “Hey!”

         “Hey what’s up?” Jane asked.

         “Nothing much, just out for a walk,” May answered.

         “Really, at this hour its kind of late isn’t it?” Jane asked. It wasn’t that late just a bit closer to night time than usual. May liked walking no matter what time of day it was.

         “No I’m okay with it, so are you going to that party tonight?” May asked.

         “Um, I don’t know yet, I want to see if Hunter is going,” she answered.  Hunter was their best friend, most of the time they didn’t go anywhere without him but he was grounded for skipping first period the week before to sleep in.

         “I don’t know if he’ll be able to, isn’t he still grounded?” May asked.

         “I don’t think so I mean he’s been doing everything around the house lately, besides his dad isn’t going to be home until Sunday morning. Even if he’s grounded we can sneak him out,it’ll be easy,” Jane said.

         “Cool, that works, if he’ll go with it,” May sighed.

         “Why wouldn’t he? He’s been wanting to go since he found out about it so he can’t miss this,” Jane laughed.

         “True, it killed him to get grounded I mean I heard about that all last night,” May said.

         “Anyways…I’ve got to get to work, meet me at my place I get off in half an hour,” Jane said.

         “Cool, I’ll see you then,” May said walking out of the store. The afternoon was kind of cool but it was okay because it was supposed to stay at that temperature which would be good for the dance. May decided to walk down to Hunter’s place to see what he was up to.  Probably still cleaning but she had to see for herself. Walking up to the black townhouse door she knocked on it. Hunter came to the side window to see who it was then opened the door for her.

         “Hey what’s up?” he asked letting her inside.

         “Nothing much you look horrible,” she said.

         “Too much cleaning…I think I’m high from all of the fumes,” he said.

         “Nice, so are you going to that party?” May sat down on the couch.

         “I don’t know if my dad finds out that I went out without their permission I’ll be even more grounded. I don’t think so,” he answered.

         “Oh come on Hunter, you’ve got to go, I mean how will he find out? He comes back Sunday and this is Friday night, I don’t think they’re going to magically show up,” May complained, Hunter sat down next to her.

         “I don’t know,” he said hesitantly.

         “Please Hunter, please, please,” May begged.

         “I don’t…”

         “Please, please, would you do it for a kiss?” May asked.

         “Hmmm, maybe,” May leaned over him to peck him on the cheek only Hunter turned his head toward her and she ended up kissing him on the lips.

         “Hunter!” May exclaimed but ended up laughing afterwards.

         “Well, I suppose I will go with you and Jane. I really don’t want to miss it, I’ve been waiting for this since I found out about it,” Hunter said.

         “I know that’s why your coming, now…what’s up?” May asked.

         “Nothing much I’m sick and tired of cleaning that’s all,” he answered.

         “Nice but it’s nice that you know how to clean I mean I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get into that room of yours ever again by the way things where looking,” May smirked.

         “Well you’d die if you saw it now then,” Hunter stood up, “Want to see?”

         “Um no, I’ve got to go I’m meeting Jane at her place in fifteen,” she said. Hunter frowned.

         “Okay, I’ll be over as soon as I’m ready,” Hunter replied. May nodded and walked to the front door.

         “We’ll be waiting for our escort,” May giggled going out the door. Hunter locked the door behind her. May walked down to Jane’s house, it was quiet a walk from Hunter’s but she could make it in no time. If she jogged from Seventh then she’d be there with seconds to spare not leaving a long wait. Jane lived in a large townhouse apartment, the door man knew May and Hunter well and would always let them up to see Jane. The only problem with it was that Jane’s family was really wealthy and owned all of the two top floors. It was great party country but Jane barely had any parties most of them were held by her brother.

         “Hey, what’s up?” she asked meeting Jane at her door.

         “Nothing much, are you totally psyched?” she asked.

         “Yeah, so is Hunter he’s coming soon…I hope,” May giggled.

         “Nice what’s eating you?” Jane said walking into the townhouse.

         “Oh nothing,” May smiled widely at her friend. On the other hand Jane was looking at her suspiciously. “Okay fine Hunter kissed me, well technically it was an accident but I went to kiss his cheek and he turned and we ended up kissing each other’s lips…”

         “Your crazy, he’s practically your brother don’t you think that’s kind of weird?” Jane asked, “Besides since when do you like Hunter?”

         “Ah…Good question, I don’t know,” May answered. Jane stabbed the elevator button with her long acrylic nailed finger. The elevator arrived and they stepped in. May rocked back and forth on her heals as they waited until they got up to the first floor of the townhouse. It was crazy that they actually owned the two top floors.

         “Seriously May he’s like you brother I think that’s kind of sick that this is making you look like you’ve just had a dose of  speed. I think it’s time for the Locked box,” Jane said as they walked across to the spiral stair case that lead up to Jane’s room on the second floor of they’re apartment. The Locked box was just between the girls, it held the reasons as to why they didn’t like or did like certain things. Walking over to her closet she opened up the false back and pulled out the black wooded box. There was a large rather intricate lock on the front that Jane held the key to. The lining of the box was blood red and the notes inside were either red or white. Some were blue or pink.

         “Why do we have to do this now?” May asked not liking it when they did the reminders.

         “Because you need to know why,” Jane said dumping the contents on the floor and kneeling down before them. Pulling one of the red notes out she skimmed it and threw it aside. “Come on help me would you,”

         “Oh fine,” May dropped to her knees. They went through all of the red notes until Jane found the one.

         “Here this is why: At no point in time will we ever become more than friends with Hunter because then that would make it a two some. Leaving the one behind,” Jane read the note.

         “Here’s another one: Hunter is our best friend and if one of us ever become more it will break the bond we all share,” May said.

         “And that is why you can’t like him more than a friend otherwise I’m gone,” Jane said. May nodded, it would suck to lose Jane, or exclude her. Hunter knocked on the door. Jane quickly threw all of the pieces of paper back into the box and had May lock it and put it back. Jane stuffed the key in her bra and got the door.  “Hey, Hunter what’s up?”

         “Nothing much, what are you up to?” he asked them.

         “Well you didn’t give us enough time to actually get ready,” May said.

         “Sorry, I’ll go see if Jack is home,” Hunter said.

         “Okay, don’t say anything to him about the party, he’ll kill me or ruin the whole thing,” Jane said.

         “I know, I’m not stupid Jane,” Hunter left.

         “Now that he’s gone for a bit, let’s hurry and get ready,” Jane said. May went to Jane’s closet again and grabbed her dress, it was a black dress from the sixty’s or something like that. A bright pink sash cut through the middle. May went to Jane’s bathroom and stripped down and slipped the dress on. The satin lining felt good against her skin. Balling up her other clothes she went back out to Jane’s room. “That looks so good on you May,”

         “You say that every time I put it on silly,” May said slipping the tail coat on.

         “I don’t know why you have to go and ruin it with that thing though. Let Hunter wear that,” Jane said.

         “Fine,” May slipped it back off.

         “I’ll be back, go find Hunter, we’re pretty much ready,” Jane said.

         “What we aren’t going to do our hair?” May asked.

         “Oh yeah, and our make up, then we should go and see if he has gotten himself lost,” Jane said before she closed the door. Jane was going to wear one of her many dresses, this just happened to be her last Semi dress, it was a bright pink number that was very pretty and looked rather nice on her slim frame. Once she came out Jane helped May with her hair. They wanted to leave they’re hair down because of where they were going but with May’s really long hair she had to have it up in some way other wise it kind of looked like she was hiding. Jane pulled May’s hair back into a half French braid.  “Like it?”

         “Yes, I do! You turn,” May said trading places with her friend the curling iron was plugged in and May was brushing through Jane’s hair when Hunter came in.

         “He’s not home is he?” Hunter asked.

         “Ah, not that I know of,” Jane answered. May picked up the curling iron and curled Jane’s layered blond hair. It looked really cool when she was done.

         “Well Hunter, it’s your turn come here…” May said.

         “Ah no I’d rather not, Jane do you mind if I use you washroom for a minute?” he asked.

         “No not at all, but don’t leave the seat up or my mom will freak,” Jane answered.

         “I won’t,” he left the room. May did her own make up and so did Jane. Once they were finished, they attacked Hunter who had just gotten out of the washroom.

         “Jane won’t let me where my tail coat so now you have to,” May said.

         “Oh…that’s cool, I’ve always liked your tail coat,” he laughed. May handed him the black coat and he put it on.

         “Looks, pretty good on you,” Jane said, “A lot better than it did on May, anyways let’s go.” May put her high tops back on.

         “Your kidding right?” Jane asked.

         “What?” May asked.

         “High tops? May, this is a McCoy Manor party! You can’t go looking like that!” Jane stared horrified by her friends bad sense of fashion.

         “Please, I had wearing heals,” May answered.

         “Take these then,” Jane handed May a pare of flats.

“Let’s go, how are we going to get there other than walking?” May asked.

         “It’s not that far, it’ll only take a bit, or we can take a taxi till we’re a block away that would be best, I mean I don’t think anyone will be arriving in a taxi,” Jane said.

         “Good idea but don’t you have like a personal driver?” Hunter asked.

         “No, mom doesn’t let me have one for some reason, I either have to get a taxi or get Jack to drive me, which I choose not to do most of the time because I know he wouldn’t,” Jane answered.

         “Anyways let’s go,” Hunter said the walked down the staircase and to the elevator. Outside the house there was a few taxi cabs. Jane called one and threw the driver a tip as they piled in.

         “Where to Miss?” he asked.

         “Where’s the closest block to, the McCoy Manor?” Jane asked.

         “Oh that would be Tenth Ave.” he answered.

         “Perfect take us there then if you don’t mind,” Jane said.

         “Honey, with the tip you just gave me I’d take you to Manhattan,” He answered. The taxi driver was a little strange but they didn’t have to deal with him too long. They were quiet for the whole ride but once they got out they started talking.

         “I mean really who is it that’s holding the party?” May asked.

         “Demetrius McCoy,” Jane answered. May and Hunter starred at her wide eyed. Demetrius McCoy was a senior at their school. One of the many rich kids at their private school, but the McCoy’s was as big as it got. They all held the best parties and if you got an invite to one of Demetrius’ parties you were totally in. Mind you most of the McCoy’s were arrogant.

         “He’s a senior how did you get an invite?” Hunter asked.

         “His dad knows my dad so he kind of felt obligated to invite me,” Jane said.

         “And he let you bring us?” May asked.

         “He said to bring a couple friends if I wanted to,” Jane said.

         “Sweet,” Hunter grinned. They walked as fast as they could, well as fast as Jane could in her stilettos. They were really going to one of the famous McCoy parties; the oldest boy was holding it, which made it that much better because he was higher up on the McCoy chain.

         “The only freshmen attending a McCoy party! I can’t believe this,” May said as they got closer to the large house.

         “Shut up, you can’t be like that when we get there otherwise they’ll know it’s our first time,” Jane said.

         “And that’s a bad thing?” May asked. Jane nodded. Demetrius was standing at the gate talking to one of the guards when they walked up.

         “Oh my gosh!” May grinned at the sight of him, “He’s so hot!”

         “Hey!” Hunter exclaimed.

         “Sorry,” May said. The line at the gate was kind of short. So that probably meant that they were early or everyone was already in side.  When they got to the front of the line Demetrius greeted them and lead them in.

         “Hello there, Jane nice to see you made it, these must be your friends,” he said politely as they walked down the lane. This totally ruined the arrogant rich kid knack that he put on at school. Usually Demetrius would snub anyone who was a freshmen and was under him in the status ladder.

         “Yes, Demetrius this is May and Hunter,” Jane said.

         “Well hello there, you know May, my brother Benjamin has been looking for a girl…I’ll introduce him to you if I can find him,” he said.

         “Oh, ah…okay,” May said bashfully. May was flattered that Demetrius actually thought that his brother might like her.  They continued walking to the huge house.  Once they got to the Manor, Demetrius passed them off to his other brother Daniel.

         “Jane your looking very beautiful this evening, please come inside,” he grinned at them opening the door.  Inside the music was rather loud, and many people were on the dance floor.

         “Well what do you think?” Jane asked.  Hunter stared around the place as if he couldn’t believe that he was actually in the McCoy’s house.

         “Awesome, I mean I didn’t think I’d ever be inside this place and now look at where I am,” he said. Jane grinned.

         “Come on, let’s get something to drink,” Jane said leading them over to the punch bowl, a pink punch was in it and Jane handed them each one of the plastic wine glasses, May wasn’t sure what to do because the punch was surely spiked but she decided to only have a cup just in case.

         “It’s kind of loud don’t you think?” May asked.

         “It’s only loud out here, in the back room it’s muffled, want to go with me?” someone asked. May turned around; it was the third oldest McCoy, Benjamin. He was two grades ahead of May but that didn’t really bother her. As long as he wasn’t like eighteen or something she was fine with it.

         “Sure,” May said looking back at Jane who smiled and mouthed “have a good time” to her. The house or at least what May saw as they walked to the back room was beautiful.

         “Well, I’m Benjamin, but please call me Ben,” he said.

         “I’m May…you can just call me May,” May said.

         “Ha, right. So what brings you here?” Ben chuckled. Ben had a square jaw bone that looked really nice with his long hair. However he had his hair pulled back in a ponytail. Icy blue eyes stared sweetly at her from behind a strand of hair that had fallen out from behind his ear. That was the only trait aside from the fairly long hair that all of the McCoy boys had the icy blue eyes.

         “My friend Jane was invited and was asked to bring a couple friends along…I’m half of that couple of friends,” May answered.

         “So who’s the other half?” Ben asked.

         “Hunter,” May answered.

         “I see, and you are…?” he asked.

         “Just friends, I swear, he’s like a brother that I’ve never had,” May rambled off.

         “I see, so you are single yes?” he asked with a mischievous smirk. If it weren’t for the fact that his brother set this up, May would’ve said that he was digging a little too deep too fast.

         “Yeah I guess you could say that, but I don’t really know about the whole…dating thing,” May said unsure as she took a sip of her drink.

         “Oh, well I’m sure your opinion will change in time, time is everything so they say,” he said.

         “Yeah, I know, but time doesn’t heal everything,” May said thinking back to when she had her first big crush.

         “So I’ve found,” he answered.

         “Yeah, it’s a long story, I’d rather not get into it, at least not now anyways,” May said looking off toward where Jane and Hunter had been left.

         “I see that’s okay, I won’t nag you about it,” he said.          

         “I should get back to them, they’ll be worrying, I’m sorry,” May said turning to go.

         “Well I’ll see you around then,” he said.

         “Yeah, maybe save a dance for me,” May said walking off. Jane was still standing by the punch bowl.

         “Hey, well what happened?” Jane asked.

         “Nothing we just talked that’s all it was kind of awkward,” May said.

         “I see,” Jane said, “You should talk to some of the guys here, some of them are jerks but I’ve found a few nice ones. You see the guy across the dance floor standing against the wall looking inconspicuous? Well he’s really nice.”

         “Really, I wouldn’t have thought he was, what with all the black and stuff,” May answered.

         “Ha, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Just go talk to him. If I’m not here when you get back I’m on the dance floor with someone,” she answered.

         “Ah, okay… meet you back here in three songs?” May asked.

         “Sure if you want… three songs? That much time?” Jane asked, May nodded her answer and started to make her way across the dance floor. It was a dangerous crossing seeing as no one seemed to care that some one was trying to get through. May was bumped into and elbowed so many times that she emerged rubbing her arm and glaring back at the crowd. There he was standing not even ten feet away. May started to walk toward him… getting about a foot away she tripped at his feet.

         “Are you okay?” he asked bending down to her.

         “Yeah, um sorry about that… I’m kind of clumsy and I’m not used to these things,” May refered to the flats that she was waring.

         “What do you mean? Usually wearing heals?” he asked.

         “No but their too big for me and well I’m used to converse,” May said standing up.

         “Ah, I know what you mean. A buddy of mine almost made me wear freaking dress shoes… what he doesn’t know is I switched to these,” he said pointing to his feet.

         “Nice, so much more comfortable if you asked me,” May smiled up at him.

         “Agreed, did you want to dance?” he asked.

         “Ah, to this?” May said in disgust. Some club dance song came on.

         “Good question, no, I requested something a little more…civil a few minutes ago and it should be coming up next. I hate this club music, hurts my ears,” he laughed.

         “Nice, I can only stand so much of it myself… by the way my name’s May,” she introduced herself.

         “The name’s Sterling, kind of like the silver,” he smiled down at her.

         “Cool, so what are you into other than coming to the McCoy parties?” May asked.

         “Um, I’m only here because Daniel invited me without his brother knowing, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. If you really must know I’m into music… and art of course. The two kind of go hand in hand with me,” he said.

         “Sweet! I’m into horses, and art… dramatic art mostly but that’s just me, I usually end up painting the backdrops because I’m the only one that can draw,” May grinned.

         “Ah, I see, a friend of mine was into film making. So what kind of music do you listen to?” he asked. The song that was currently playing was a long one at that.

         “Billy Talent, Green Day, Paramore, AFI, My Chemical romance, and the list goes on if you know what I mean,” May listed off some bands that she listened too.

         “Ah, so would Hedley be in there?” He asked.

         “Most definitely yes!” May laughed along with him. That’s when his song came on. Of course it just happened to be May’s favourite song ever! For the Nights I can’t remember by Hedley. A classic slow song that May was glad it was that song he chose. Slipping his hands around her waist he pulled her closer and they swayed along with the song. They both sang along … horribly due to the fact that the music was so loud. Afterwards he gave her a hug and told her thanks for the dance and hoped that they’d run into each other some other time. May walked back over to the punch table where Jane was.

         “Where’s Hunter?” May asked. Jane frowned and pointed to the dance floor where some girl had him in her clutches.  “Do you know her?”

         “No but Demetrius says she’s a real whore,” Jane sighed.

         “Damn, I’ll be back,” May said walking toward them.

         “May! I wouldn’t she’s vicious,” Jane shouted after her but of course the music was too loud.  May tapped the girl on the shoulder and asked if she could talk to her and then…May hit her. Not just a cat scratch or anything girly, but a full on punch. Hunter wrapped his arms around her and dragged her away.

         “What are you doing?” Hunter asked.

         “Well sorry, I didn’t want you to get seduced by some whore, if you believe otherwise then go ahead,” May said. Hunter’s jaw dropped.

         “What, you’re kidding right? I can’t believe it! Ew!” Hunter looked so disgusted by this news. The dance wasn’t really going so great; May didn’t really feel comfortable there for some reason.

         “Jane you don’t look too good,” Demetrius walked up to them.

         “I’m fine just a little light headed, may I use your washroom?” Jane asked.

“Yeah, it’s just down that hall and to the left,” Demetrius answered. Jane walked off; May had a bitter taste in her mouth. Hunter stood close to her, close enough that she could feel his body heat. “So are you two having fun? I see that you met my brother earlier, how did that go?”

“Ah it was ok I guess, not what I expected,” May said.

“What do you mean by that?” Demetrius asked.

“Just that it was kind of awkward,” May answered. Demetrius smirked.

“Yeah that sounds like him, he always seems to make things awkward some how,” Demetrius answered. May some how didn’t feel much better. She was glad that Hunter hadn’t left her side.

Jane walked down the hallway looking for the wash room when one of the McCoy boy’s came out of no where. “Hi, um I assume your looking for the washroom am I right?” He asked.

“Yeah, do you mind showing me where it is?” Jane asked him.

“Yeah, it’s down the hall. I haven’t seen you here before,” he said.

“No you haven’t Demetrius invited me here for my first time, my name’s Jane,” she said as they backtracked. Jane went into the room and did her business. Once she was finished she stepped out and bumped into him. “I thought you left.”

“Oh, well no I didn’t seeing as you may need some help to get back to the dance,” he said.

“You’re James right?” Jane asked.

         “Yeah, hey are you here with any one?” He asked.

         “Just some friends, why?” Jane asked. James smiled sweetly at her.

         “Oh, just wondered do you want to maybe go out sometime?” he asked. Jane blushed and nodded before she answered. A McCoy had just asked her out. Weren’t all of them taken? Must not have been unless he was cheating.

         “Aren’t all of the McCoy’s taken?” Jane asked.

         “Were taken, I’m single now, and that’s why I asked,” He smiled. Jane smiled back, they started to walk back together James behind Jane. Standing at the end of the hall for a moment James put his arm around her and bend down to whisper in her ear.

         “This may be your last,” He hissed before kissing her neck a couple of times before he actually bit her. James knew better than to drain her completely so he just took a small sip of her blood before letting go and gliding off. Jane reached up to her neck and felt the two wounds left behind. Blood oozed slowly from them. Jane ran back to the washroom to clean it up and to see what was actually going on seeing as she could see her neck.

         In the washroom Jane cleaned up what blood had leaked out of the wound. Dark purple appeared around the crescents making it look worse than what it is. Touching a wet tissue to the would there was a sizzling sound and Jane gasped with pain smoke rose from where she’d touched the tissue. Quickly taking it way Jane examined the damage in the mirror. Now, what used to be two red crescent shaped slits with bruising looked as though they were burnt into her skin, blackened blood and blue bruised tissue. Jane felt dizzy all of a sudden… then blackness. She flickered in and out of consiousness.

Demetrius suddenly looked worried. “I think I’m going to go see if Jane’s okay.”

“Creepy much?” Hunter asked.

“I know eh, it’s kind of weird,” May answered.

“It’s more than weird, it’s kind of suspicious. What do you think we should do?” he asked.

“Grab, Jane and get out of here,” May said.

“But how when he’s hovering over the door like that?” he asked. What they didn’t know was that Jane could possibly be on the verge of death.

“I know! Only you have to act as my boyfriend and start a fight with Ben,” May said.

“Are you kidding me? He’ll kill me and I don’t think you want that to happen,” Hunter said.

“Don’t worry, it’ll only be a bruise or two, Demetrius will be there in no time,” May said.

“Okay but what are you going to do?” he asked.

“I’ll just be here ready to make the move,” she answered him. So it was said and done and Hunter was off trying to find Ben. It turned out that Ben was coming to look for May anyways so it wasn’t too hard to find him, as soon as Demetrius departed to see what was going on May booked it to the washroom door where Jane was. “Jane, Jane we’ve got to get out of here,” May knocked on the door and heard Jane stumble around to the door. The lock clicked and then May heard Jane fall. Opening the door, May quickly grabbed Jane’s arm and pulled her to her feet. “Come on we’ve got to go!” May and Jane passed Demetrius and Hunter on the way out. Jane held was holding conciousness a bit better now but she still wasn’t that stable.

“ This is the last time I allow any street kids into any of the McCoy parties ever!” Demetrius had Hunter by the arm and threw him out the door. “Guard make sure he gets to the gate and out.”

Hunter joined up with Jane and May and helped May get Jane out of there. It was kind of awkward because one of the guards was watching they’re every move. It also didn’t help that they had to half drag Jane. Something was terribly wrong with her and they didn’t know what. They went along as quickly as possible and once they were outside May called Jane’s brother. They all stood or slumped against the fence that surrounded the McCoy Manner waiting for him to show up. Jack got there and helped them get Jane into the car. “What happened to her?” he asked them as they drove off.

“We don’t know all of a sudden she looked as though she was going to pass out,” May answered.

“What in Sam Hell were you three doing at the McCoy’s anyways?” Jack asked them. As was afore stated Jack didn’t like the McCoy’s at all, he ha a good reason too.

“Well Demetrius was holding a party and…Jane invited us along,” Hunter said.

“Oh my gosh, Jane! Look when my parents get home don’t say anything of this to them, they’ll have your heads,” he spat, “Now, I never want to see any of you around that place, around the McCoy’s or whatever, nothing that involves them, got it?”

“Yes,” they mumbled. Jack pulled into the parking spot in front of the Townhouse. He threw the keys to the valet parking attendant and helped Hunter and May get Jane up stairs. Once they had Jane on the couch Jack looked over his sister to see if he could figure out what might be wrong. All he could find was the two crescent shapes that couldn’t have been what caused his sister to be behaving like this.

“Wait, Jack how are we going to compete against them in the riding competitions?” Hunter asked.

“That’s a good question but for now I want you two to go home, I’ll call you and let you know what’s wrong with her if we find anything, more than just these” Jack answered. May and Hunter nodded and crossed to the elevator. May never thought twice about it until they were waiting from Hunter’s dad.

“Were you going to still come over for the night to practise up?” Hunter asked as they watched the floor numbers change.

“Yeah, my mom knows I’ll be at your place,” May said.

“Okay I’ll call my dad to come and pick us up. I really hope Jane will be okay,” Hunter answered pulling out his cell. They sat on the step outside of the townhouse until Hunter’s dad got there. Finally when Hunter’s dad arrived he seemed pretty urgent.

“Get in you two, we’ve got to get Daisy to the vet’s,” he said.

“What happened, is she okay?” Hunter asked. Daisy was their new foal that was delivered last spring.

“She got caught in some wire near the woods and tore her one leg open pretty badly. Um, why are you two so dressed up?” he asked.

“Um, we were…busy doing a…” May started.

“Play! Yeah Jane was helping us rehearse. But I guess she had to go somewhere and so we wanted to go home,” Hunter answered.

“Is anyone at the barn?” May asked.

“Yes, Jake and Jenna are, but I need you two to help with Daisy so we’re going straight to the vet’s from here. She’s loosing a lot of blood,” Hunter’s dad said. May sighed figuring that her dress was going to end up ruined by time they got home.

Even though Hunter and his dad lived in a town house they owned a barn on the outskirts of the city. It was nice to get away from the noise of the city sometimes though so they’d stay at the living quarters sometimes.

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