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jds memorial.
95 players 14 divisions both singles and doubles

Melissa Touchton 3.5 ladies doubles 7.0 mixed 2nd time playing 4 and half years. Trying to find a hobby something to do. played 4 matches. 5 hours of tennis 2 matches 6 sets.
Ladies doubles

Mixed doubles 7-6. in the first set. A lot of fun. Both satyed relaxed and calm. Had a lot of fun. Mixed I had never met my partner before. We had never played before .good match. Never played that much tennis 10 hours of tennis in 3 nights. I had to drink another red bull. Didn’t alter schedule. Plans to do it next year. 478-461-

Mens singles 3.0 first seasons. Only played in high school 4 years. Stopped for 15 years. Just started this season. My serve was definitely on tonight and I think that’s what won the match for me, really.

Serves was on during in the finals. That ‘s what won the game for me. I don‘t I’m pretty good about keeping myself cool when I’m playing. I play as best as I can and if I loose, I loose, obviously the other player’s just better.

Damien Fields d. Marlon Walker 6-2; 6-1 never dropped a set. only lost 8 games total. first adult tournament


John Drew Smith Memorial NTRP Tournament finished up Saturday afternoon after a weeklong event of evening matches. Ninety-five players registered among 14 divisions to play in singles and doubles events.

The event is a mainstay for the Macon Tennis Association who hosts the tournament year after year. Tournament director, Darrell McDowell who retired from the City of Macon Parks department as JDS’s facility coordinator returns to run the tournament. McDowell has been running the event for the past 12 years. “It’s more of a family thing,” McDowell said. “JDS has always been a family place. I loved there for over twenty years.”

The event offers an opportunity for everyone to watch all levels of play. 2.5 players can watch 4.5 players. “Everyone from different levels can come together at one time to watch really good tennis,” said McDowell.

Macon resident, Melissa (Birdsong) Touchton, a 3.5 league player entered two events; 3.5 ladies doubles and 7.0 mixed doubles. “It was a lot of fun,” Touchton said after the Macon Tennis Association’s awards banquet held in conjunction with the end of the tournament. “I played ten hours of tennis in three nights.” Touchton played back-to-back matches during the tournament. Both matches split sets forcing her to play the full third deciding sets. “I’ve never played five hours of tennis (straight) before,” Touchton said.

Touchton made it the semifinals in both her events.

Damien Fields of Macon was crowned the Men’s 3.0 singles champion after beating Marlon Walker 6-2; 6-1. “My serve was definitely on during the finals,” Fields said. “I think that’s what won the game for me.”

Fields entered the tournament when some of his league buddies decided to register. “I haven’t played tennis in 15 years,” said Fields. “I only started back this season.” Fields, who never dropped a set during his first tournament run plans on participating next year.

“We’ll find him a doubles partner,” Donna Bailey, the MTA’s executive director said.

I don‘t I’m pretty good about keeping myself cool when I’m playing. I play as best as I can and if I loose, I loose, obviously the other player’s just better.

Going on for 24 years. More of a family thing than anything. It always everyone from different levels to come together at one time. Family place. I lived there for 20 years…30 can watch the 4.0 everyone can see everyone to give them a change to understand the game. Old friends. One of the good things, coming back to john drew every year.

Edith stopped by to see me. A lot of good matches.

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