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Things I've Learned (or almost learned)
Things I’ve Learned (or Almost Learned)
( in no particular order)

Vol. 6
( Volumes 1 thru 5 were lost in the great Hoover Brain Drain of 2012 )

                   1. The best you can hope for is to start the day with the blue water.

                   2. Lebanon Bologna is very good.

                   3. Hershey chocolate syrup is very good.

                   4. Lebanon Bologna with Hershey Chocolate syrup is not.

                   5. Sleep is not overrated.

                   6. Reality is.

                   7. As you grow older the floor gets farther away.

                   8. Smile often.

                   9. Cry

                   10. Laugh

                   11. Stand up for what you believe.

                   12. It’s okay to sit down.

                   13. If you fall down the up escalator it balances out.

                   14. Electricity is positive

                   15. Electricity is negative

                   16. Too much electricity is positively a negative thing.

                   17. Too much of anything is a negative thing.

                   18. Look at the world sideways. It’s a wonderful view.

                   19. At the end of the day there is no more blue water.

                   20. Absolutely nothing is written in stone.

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