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My thoughts on everything from albacore tuna to zebras
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Vol 7
Vol 7

                   1. Always lend a helping hand. It’s the least you can do and you should always do the very least.

                   2. Eat more garlic.

                   3. Talk less. Listen more.

                   4. Pain is an excellent teacher

                   5. Irony is useful. Explosives are better.

                   6. Patience is a virtue. There is no money in being virtuous.

                   7. When you’re eighteen you’ll be mad at the world.

                   8. When you’re thirty you’ll have all the answers.

                   9. When you’re forty you’ll realize there are no answers.

                   10. When you’re fifty you’ll wonder what happened to the questions.

                   11. When you’re sixty you won’t care.

                   12. No matter what, keep smiling. It will keep everybody guessing.

                   13. Eat green vegetables. I don’t know why. Just eat them.

                   14. Eat Shoo-fly pie. I do know why and so will you when you eat it.

                   15. Coconut is best fresh out of the shell.

                   16. If you take a shower, make sure you put it back when your done.

                   17. Take a shower.

                   18. It’s okay to: not answer the phone; turn off the TV; the computer; or those funny little music things.

                   19. Sit in the woods and listen. Do this often

                   20. Read a book, a real book. Bury your nose in the pages. Inhale deeply. Remember that smell.

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