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Welcome to my CA Lighthouse Series!
First off, forgive my hiatus during the month of May. I was a busy little bee promoting my latest release, "The Wolf's Torment," and writing furiously to meet my deadline for "Danube In Candlelight." I've got a busy summer planned – more writing, and a vacation that's not really a vacation with the boys, but my lighthouse series is back. It's going to be a fun and busy summer!

I thought I'd take a peek at a lighthouse a little closer to my house – The Long Beach Lighthouse. Heck, I thought since the boat to Catalina Island leaves out of this harbor, I pass the lighthouse all the time. Shame on me! When I started doing my research and saw a picture of the actual lighthouse, my mouth dropped to the floor. That ugly thing was the lighthouse?

Indeed, the Long Beach lighthouse has the distinction of being the ugliest lighthouse in California.

Previous to 1949, there was a skeleton tower. In 1949, a 3 story, monolithic structure was made out of concrete and sits on 6 columns. Practically, it was built to withstand tidal waves and earthquakes, but it's not very pretty.

The lighthouse is known as a "robot light" because it's completely automated and remotely controlled. It's cool, modern, but aesthetically not "hip."

The good news – there are two fake, yet attractive lighthouses in the harbor. Heck, I was fooled!

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