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My Biography
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Chapter 8 : " My Beautiful Wife"
She's great!! I got married at the age of 40 years old. On Saturday June 12 th 2004. I was beginning to wonder if or when it would actually happen but I never gave up my hope of seeing my dream come true. Sometimes it is hard to believe that I have been married to such a beautiful and dwonderful wife, for so many years now. I guess time dose fly by when your having this much fun, ha ha. She is and always will be one of the greatest blessings that I have ever received from God.

I met my wife on E - Harmoney and just in case there are still some people in the world that don't know what this is, It's a computer dating service. I wouldn't recormmend that for everyone but, it has worked out very well for me. Only after I was well into a online relationship my future wife, I heard my pastor preach against ever using a computer to find a lifetime mate. I had been chatting with her since the middle of 2002, I was also already speaking with her over the telephone and did not want to end our friendship. Plus although I love my pastor and I will for all eternity, I never told him what I was doing. I guess that I was scared to tell him because I knew if he'd told me that I should dump her chances are that is exactly what I probably would have done. Because at the time I was still wondering if what my pastor didn't know would oneday, hurt me, ha ha. However after nearly two years of talking to her and writing e-mails I felt that I knew very well what kind of lady that she was. My wife, over the years has proven herself to be everthing I thought she'd be and so much more. Yes we do have our so much more moments and sometime it hard to tell if there good or bad but always worth the battle. She said I could say this and I almost always do what I'm told. Like any other smart married man on the face of this earth.

The major qualities that I wanted in my wife were, nunber one, she had to be a born again christian, nothing else would do because that's what I am. Alone with most of my family.

Number Two I was hopping and praying for a nurse or somebody from the medical feilds. It is just a little easier that way, then you don't have wonder if she can handle wippking your butt after you go to the bathroom. Alot of people freak out over that one basic need alone. I learned that at a verIy early age also and, to this day if I don't know a person very well I will not ask for help. I don't believe I will ever get use to asking people for that kind of help because it's not normal and it really sucks. For me that has always been one of the hardest things about being handicapped and in a wheelchair. So if you know or, when you meet somebody who's handicapped, please let them know if you can help tthem with personal needs and don't make them ask you.

As a teenager an also a young adault, one of the hardest things I facaed was having to watch other people with their girlfriends and later wives. All the time wondering if I would ever be blessed enough to have one of my own. While that feeling is comond to every human on earth at some point in life. It can be a much strionger more hurtful and depressing feeling for people who are handicapped. Especially those who are confined in wheelchairs.

When I was in school, the few times that I ask a girl for a date I was either laugh at or given a fony phone number. Sometimes if the girls had guts enough they'd even say, who'd want to date somebody like you. What could you do, your in a wheelchair. As if I needed someone to tell me that fact. People seem to forget that we have the same feelings as everyone else. Plus because some people are stupid and selfish I've had to fight much harder to reach my goals in life. However I do not fight alone, My Lord has been standing by my side helping me make it though every battle I have faced. He is my help in times of trouble.Sometime I do forget that and worry to much about things that I have no control over.

My beautiful wife, worked as a C.N.A. for nearly 20 years before becoming somewhat handicapped herself. She was injured in two car wrecks several years apart and either one could have ended her life but, God knew oneday she'd became my beautiful wife. I am so blessed and greatful for the choices she made in her life.
The first wreck caused her left foot to be cut off after the engine few backwards at impact and landed on her. However my wife is very strong and tuff her foot was reatached and eventually she returned to work in a nursing home. Until her second wreck several years later, wreck number two was caused by an old man, who hit her car from behind.At a rate of speed in eccess of 80 miles per hour, on a busy highway.That finally ended her nursing career because now she suffers from fibromyalgia.

For readers who may not have heard of or understand what that is it's a chronic disorder characterized by widespead pain,tenderness, and stiffness of muscles and associated connective tissue structures that is typically accompanied by fatigue, headache, and sleep disturbances.

Even with all her problems, she has and I believe always will continue to do her very best to take care of me. I am very proud of what she has done for several years now. I LOVE YOU BABY, I ALWAYS WILL. God gave me what I had been praying for exactly, My beautiful wife is a born again christan and in the nursing feild but, he did not give me or my wife and easy road, in this life he never will but I love our Lord Jesus anyway for eternity.

This chapter still a work in progress
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