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Survivor Finale ~ PLS VOTE!
Good morning, WDC!

At long last, the voting poll is open for the finale of the "WdC Survivor! contest. It's been a long contest, so let me bring you up to speed, in case you haven’t been following along with bated breath *Laugh*: The contest opened four months ago with thirty participants. Each round, we were challenged with a tough writing prompt and the voting was open to all WDC members who wished to vote on their favorite writer/entry. The participants with the fewest votes left the competition and the rest moved on to the next round. Every round earned successful participants GPs for themselves and GPs for their charity group.

My charity group is "Rising Stars of WdC! *Smile*

It's now down to just two remaining contestants: me NickiD89 and my dear friend Grateful Fyn . Which of us will take the title as WDC's ultimate Survivor? That all depends on your votes!

This round is different from the others. I can't reveal to you which story I wrote. The entries are anonymous, and you must choose the story you enjoyed the most, the one you felt was most tightly written and successful with the prompt. Personally, I think this is a wonderful way to present our final entries. May the best story win!

I'll link the entries, and below them is the link to the voting poll. But first, here was our very challenging prompt:

Survivor Final Round Prompt: You (or your character) get(s) a phone call that contains the unexpected and draws out true emotion from you (or your character). There is a catch, however: Write the scene using only dialogue - internal and external. Then, rewrite the same scene using no dialogue whatsoever - only description.

*Down* The two entries competing for your votes are: *Down*

"Secret WdC Survivor - Torn Apart
"Secret WdC Survivor - Disconnections

Once you have read our entries, click the following link to cast your vote. Remember, the winner earns a whooping 287,531 GPs for her group! (That's in addition to all the GPs earned up to this point.)

Enjoy our stories and thank you for voting!!

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*Up* Voting poll is open until 11:59 p.m. Friday, July 15th, 2011 WdC time. *Up*

*Heart* Nicki

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