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Video Games Become Illegal and now a group of nerds must fight for what they love.
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The Affair
It was a normal day in Boston for Mr. King who was an eleventh grade American history teacher at Wyatt Earp High School. He had just had a hangover the night before and was so tired that he had planned to teach his lesson on Custer’s Last Stand straight forward without taking any questions. His plan worked for his first three classes, but when he got to his fourth period class; his plan didn’t work out too well. A nerdy though sexy sixteen-year-old girl named Chelsea argued that the Indians weren’t out to slaughter Americans; they were trying to defend their land. Mr. King asked Cindy to stay after class. After class, Mr. King told Cindy that she needs to stop focusing on her brains and more on her body. Mr. King then dropped his pants
Fifteen minutes after class ended, the principal came into the class and realized that both Chelsea and Mr. King were very tired. The Principal called the police who took Mr. King to the police station. While in the station, Mr. King was being kept away from Chelsea’s dad who was trying to beat him down with a baseball bat. When Mr.King’s lawyer Harvey Brown arrived, he took Mr. King aside and told him to claim that he was under the influence of something. Even though Mr. King was an alcoholic, the defense had been overused. Mr. King recalled hearing some of his students talking about a video game called Mortal Kombat, so he decided to use that as the scapegoat.
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