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Video Games Become Illegal and now a group of nerds must fight for what they love.
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Anti Video Game Laws
A 27-year-old Massachusetts senator named Dick Green was meeting with Peter Lork (head of a teachers union) to discuss how it was unfair teachers had to do too much work during class. Dick went onto his computer and checked to see how much money this teacher’s union had invested in his campaign and it turned out that this union had invested $500,000 dollars in his campaign. He said to the Union leader that he understands how stressful all of this work must be on the entire faculty and he thought that teachers should be allow to show movies instead; he referenced the movie Blackboard Jungle to illustrate how hard it is for teachers due to the students behavior. He exclaimed "in order to be able to pass the law, there must be some relevance to the subject in these movies or the law will not be able to be passed. Peter asked “when teaching about The Fourth Of July, if they could show Independence Day.” Dick asked, “What is the economic background of the schools that the teachers you represent teach in”. When Peter told him they taught in inner city schools, Dick agreed to it.
Dick turned on PBS, when the News Hour was on and Jim Lehrer was talking about the protests that have been led by the parents group over the affair at Wyatt Earp High School. Dick Green met with a very wealthy women’s rights group known as POW (Pissed off women) and asked for their support so he could pass a law making video games Illegal and offered him an abundance of money in exchange for passing this law. These women didn’t even bother to investigate; they were so angry about the affair, they sought the nearest possible reason to make themselves feel better as soon as possible.
Dick went to a juvenile detention center in Massachusetts and spoke to 10 kids who were serving life sentences for murder and made an agreement with them that if they testified against video games and claimed that is why they committed the murder, he would get them out of prison. Dick had very powerful mafia connections and advised them not to reveal the truth. This started a spiral of inmates blaming video games on everything. At a prison in New York known as Attica, there was a riot over how the prison blamed them for the problems instead of video games. At a therapeutic wilderness program in Utah known as Hell on Earth, twenty kids got out of the program in a week by telling parents it was the video games and parents withdrew them on the condition they would never play video games again. These kids all claimed it was video games, which gave Dick a greater excuse to make them illegal. A month later, Dick spoke at congress with 164 senators, the Vice President and 540 representatives present.
Crime has emerged rapidly in America, because of this abhorred technology known as video games. Video games promote violence and I will use an example of one of the most controversial video games of all time “Super Mario Brothers”; you slaughter innocent Gumbas and Koopa Troopas in order to get a girl just so you can have her for one night, don’t you people see what that could promote in society. Despite the incident that happened at that high school in Boston, there have been other violent incidences that have come from video games; how do we know that Charles Manson didn’t play violent video games. In war games like Call Of Duty, you do what that game tells you instead of thinking for yourself, that is exactly what happened in My Lai; people weren’t thinking about what they were doing, they were doing what they were told. I am a witness to how video games can have a violent effect, there was a kid who threatened to kill me, who did nothing but play video games; I know because that is why I beat him up every day. Video Games cause murder, they caused the molestation of that poor girl, and they are responsible for crime. Forget about the crimes that they cause, think about the male boys in America who play these games; with the time that they spend playing video games, they could spend doing more productive activities, like Habitat for Humanity. Video games are not how people should be spending their free time; is this how Lucy and Ricky spent their Friday evenings; no they spent there evenings hanging out with their landlords so they don’t have to pay as high of a rent, which is more productive than playing video games. Thomas Watson would not be proud knowing that his inventions led to the productivity of video games, he made computers with the hopes of making the world better not worse. I say we make video games illegal.
Though most senate members thought that Dick’s speech was ridiculous, there was so much anger over video games right now and there were many organizations that supported Dick and politicians knew that if they didn’t support this bill, their careers would be ruined. Dick met with President Jeff Links in the Oval Office, where Jeff Link’s hands were tied and was forced to pass the bill. Jeff knew teenagers would resent the law and Dick’s only response was that Dead Poet’s Society was only a movie and kids never learn to think for themselves. Dick exclaimed he had always wondered what would happen if video games became illegal and the president responded by saying “I have always wondered what it would be like to be castrated, but that doesn’t mean that I need to know what would happen.”
Dick went and spoke with the members of the Judicial Court who exclaimed, “The law cannot be passed because it violates the first amendment.” Dick illustrated how much anger would be caused if the court did not allow the law to be passed, so they agreed. Dick officially manipulated all three branches of government using his political support.
It was declared that in one month, the anti video game laws would go into place making video games illegal in the US. An organization known as The Federation Against Video Gaming became a government bureau; they were in charge of helping the police find anyone using radar. Anyone who was playing video games which would range anywhere from Atari 2600s to Game and Watches, to PS1s to Xbox 360s, would be prosecuted according to law.
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