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Video Games Become Illegal and now a group of nerds must fight for what they love.
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Guido Santelli
Guido Santelli was a mobster who ran a crime family on the South Side of Chicago and had many connections with the Chicago police, so he was able to put many of his rivals “out of business”. When video games became illegal, he had corrupted the police by bribing them and giving them information on other video game rackets. He dominated the Chicago gaming rackets and since video games were the most prominent racket, he had the most influence. Due to his power in his arsenal and the politicians he befriended, he managed to eliminate all other families in Chicago, which allowed him to take complete control of the whole city
He was so powerful that he had more control over rackets than any mobster since prohibition. Prostitution was solicited right outside of schools. Guido was able to make it so that weed was sold in super markets. Guido also had gambling dens right next to city hall. He did all of this just to humiliate politicians and make them realize that he was above them.
His video game rackets were nicer and more secure, than any other rackets in the country; this was because he didn’t have to hide the rackets (he had enough protection from corrupt bureaucrats) or take down customers that he saw as threats (even if they ratted him out, nothing would happen). People came from all over the country to play in his game basements because of the fact that they were nicer and safer. Chicago became a living hell due to Guido’s monopoly; there was crime everywhere and most of the rich fled the city due to Guido’s rackets.
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