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Video Games Become Illegal and now a group of nerds must fight for what they love.
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The Resistance
Jimmy and Bob contacted Gamers all over the country to form a group, which they called “The Resistance.” The point of this group was to gather information to malign Dick, so that the FAVG would be shut down and video games would become legal again. They knew if they were the known leaders, Dick could easily have them assassinated so they set up regional headquarters in ever major cities, with a close friend running each of them; there were regional headquarters in New York, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Seattle, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Charleston, Miami, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington, Dallas, San Antonio, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City, Baltimore and San Francisco. Jimmy and Bob secretly ran The Resistance in Jimmy’s house; the only people who knew they were the leaders were those who controlled the regional headquarters. Lawyers, accountants, investigators, soldiers, artists and plenty of other people with useful skills all joined The Resistance.
The first major task was to find information that could malign Dick, so he would lose all respect. Jimmy had known for a long time that Dick was a complete Demagogue, but he had to be able to prove it, which would be the hard part. They needed real information which members of the resistance would gather that would be used to malign Dick. Investigators in The Resistance began to look up information on the groups that Dick supported, so they could find information on his corruption. They managed to find out through investigation work that Dick’s accountant worked at the AON building in Los Angeles.
Tommy Hills (who was in charge of the branch of the Resistance in LA) was sent by Jimmy to the AON building to meet with Tim Rooks, the accountant, in order to get proof that Dick was taking bribes from other corporations. At first Tim gave documents, which stated Dick used his own money to finance his whole campaign and he only took the money that was in his salary. Tommy threatened to let people know that Tim was Dick’s accountant if he didn’t show him the real documents. This would cause a riot in LA to kill Tim and no one will even be surprised about the riot since they will just think Rodney King is back in town. Tim gave Tommy the information in order to ensure that his position as the accountant of the most hated politician in the world would be kept a secret. Dick had received 12.67 million annually from teachers unions, 5.9 million from small stores, 2 million from animal rights groups, 12 million from human rights activists, and 500 million from groups who were opposed to the possession of weapons (it also says that dick had spent 10 million dollars on hunting territory); it wasn’t financial contributions, the documents state he took bribes to pass laws.
Dick found out about the scandal and Dick did a TV commercial about how if thought he was taking bribes, they could ask his accountant, where he gave Tim’s name and address; Tim was beaten down in a riot that emerged. Dick was now thinking of a way to find out who is responsible and take down the members of The Resistance. Dick first thought they were a joke; now he realized that if he didn’t act before the information could be displayed publicly, he would be destroyed. Dick was pounding his head on his desk in his office when one of his interns had managed to get Intel on the two leaders of The Resistance; Jimmy Tonka and Bob Delcon. Dick then flew to Chicago to meet with Guido Santelli; when he met with Guido, they had a long conversation.
Dick: It is an honor to see you again Guido Santelli, the last time I saw you, you weren’t the greatest mobster of the 21st Century.
Guido: It is great to see you Dick, the last time I saw you, you were still the most corrupted politician ever.
They both laugh
Dick: You have heard of this resistance that has spread all over the country.
Guido: Yes, do you really think they will be able to do anything?
Dick: That is what I thought, but apparently they have gotten information on bribes I have taken and they are in the process of using it to have me impeached. If I go down, so does your who family, since video games will be legal again
Guido: Don’t worry; I will get someone to take care of both of them.
Dick: Tell your men when they kill Jimmy to tell him “Dick says Hi”
Jimmy and Bob were updating the website for The Resistance while in Jimmy’s house in San Francisco, they were putting up the information about Dick taking bribes. When Bob was just about to update the website, a hit man broke in and assassinated Bob and tried to kill Jimmy. This is when Jimmy yelled “HELP” out while climbing out the window and the police then came in and arrested the assassin. Jimmy flew to Houston to go to Bob’s funeral, where 1,200 people showed up. One of these people (who showed up for publicity reasons) was Dick Green; everyone there was angry with him, but in the eyes of the media, it appeared that he was supporting people who disagreed with him due to the first amendment. Jimmy made a twelve-minute speech on all of the good times he had with Bob; defeating the Locust in Gears of War, fighting back against zombies in a co-op on Resident Evil, when they played call of duty online and they pawned everybody. When Jimmy saw Dick, he was not pleased, though Dick was being nice to him, while starring at his Rolex. There was an announcement on the news about how the assassin who killed Bob was murdered. Dick apologized to Jimmy and walked away with a smirk. This made Jimmy realize that Dick would have him killed soon, so that he had to leave the country to escape whatever connections Dick had. He than packed all of his things, and got on the first plane to London in order to get out of Dick’s connections with the mob; Dick only had connections with families in America. Dick was originally watching the second Godfather where he came up with the idea for how Jimmy could be killed where someone would meet him when he got off the plane disguised as a reporter and shot, the only problem was that the guy that Guido sent was arrested for trying to sneak a gun through security.
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