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Video Games Become Illegal and now a group of nerds must fight for what they love.
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Royal Albert Hall
Jimmy Tonka was living at The Ritz, while still running The Resistance in America through Facebook and Skype. He spent about six hours a day commanding protests throughout America, but while he was in the city known for it’s shopping, dining, and theater; Jimmy spent time playing low quality region 2 video games (the quality has sank everywhere ever since they became illegal in America.)
After living in London for three months, he got a letter that there was going to be a Nintendo concert held on the 33rd of that month at Royal Albert Hall and he was invited to come and give a lecture. Jimmy knew that he needed to present himself well in order to be able to give a speech.
A week before Jimmy needed to give a speech; he decided to buy a nice suit just to present himself well at the concert. Jimmy went to Harrods to buy a genuine suit, when he came back a few days later to pick up his new Burberry suit, he realized that he was really good looking. When he walked out of the store everyone paused to realize what a good looking person that he was, this made Jimmy realize that maybe he doesn’t need video games to communicate.
Jimmy decided to go to Queen Victoria’s Bar in London, where he didn’t speak much at the beginning but then later was able to talk to everybody there and lit up the whole room with his conversations on video games. That night he lost his virginity by going to bed with three girls at the same time. Jimmy had never enjoyed life as much as he did now.
The next evening at Royal Albert Hall; Paul McCartney and Freddy Mercury were performing the Nintendo themes for 5,000 people; the songs included Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid and Kirby. At the end Jimmy was invited up to give a speech.
Since the dawn of the 1970s, people have fallen in love with video games, they were originally two lines and a ball but now they have become an art. Video games let you be something that you could never be, let you see the world from a much more amazing perspective. Video games are the reason that you study in school so your parent’s will let you play them and so you can afford them when you get older. Dick Green doesn’t want to make society better, he is just trying to gain support from parent’s groups for his election. I know that many parents tell their kids to quit playing video games and start playing sports, but why are sports more important as long as you get a basic exercise and if you don’t it is the parent’s fault, and bad parents have existed since the dawn of time, I mean look at the Kennedy’s. So video games provide people with an appropriate escape and just because some people abuse them, doesn’t mean most people need to suffer. We need to combat the Federation Against Video Games and the people who started that baleful organization. The revolution WILL be televised.
This speech was originally only broadcasted on BBC but the views soared so fast that every news station picked up on it; it was broadcasted internationally on CNN. Dick Green was meeting with a father with a son who was so ugly no one wanted to hang out with him so he spent al of his time playing video games and all Dick did was recommend that the kid takes up a career in acting and told him if Hollywood ever did a remake of the movie Mask, the kid would definitely get the part; Dick was mean to anyone who was both not one of his constitutes for powerful enough anyone would believe he was mean to them if they confessed. Dick then turned on the news and called up Guido and asked him if there was any way that they could have Jimmy assassinated in the UK and Guido apologized, but assured him that if he ever came back, they would blow up his plane before it landed.
When Jimmy left Royal Albert Hall, a limo was waiting for him outside which was going to take him to Buckingham palace; he was so big that the king wanted to meet him. When Jimmy got to Buckingham Palace, The King exclaimed how much he loved video games and how he was going to support Jimmy in trying to make them legal again in America. Because of all of the publicity that these two events got, Jimmy had so much support that nobody could any longer assassinate him without a thorough examination so no person would have Jimmy killed. Jimmy made his plans to return to America, when it had turned out that The Resistance had tours scheduled for Jimmy all across the country to make a speech. The biggest thing the resistance had done was write a script for a new Star Trek movie that was so good that Paramount agreed to produce it. What happens is that Humans flee to Krodus after they realize that they have high quality video games and in exchange, they give the Klingons the secret for our weapons, which is what enables them to begin the war with the Galactic Federation and Starfleet is sent to retrieve the humans on Krodus.
It was now more than the resistance that was supporting Jimmy. Colleges closed all over the country due to these protests where every college had their own video game equivalent of Timothy Leary. It started off with the ivy leagues but it led to 95% of every private university. Dick called the Chinese to ask how to handle student protesters, but they advised him that if someone stood up to a tank, they would have to start censoring the internet, so Dick realized he would have to wait for Jimmy to screw up. Guido tried to have some British mafia family assassinate Jimmy but they all loved video games so much that they supported him as well. Jimmy took a limo from the Ritz to Heathrow where he was boarding United Airlines 666 for America, where a strange man was boarding the plane as well. Jimmy slept throughout the whole plane ride except for two hours where the second Die Hard movie was being shown and we watched it. Passenger 57 and Executive Decision were also being shown on the plane but he slept right through them. Once they landed at JFK, Jimmy got off the plane and never saw the strange man again.
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