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Video Games Become Illegal and now a group of nerds must fight for what they love.
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The Speech
When Jimmy returned to America, he met with all of The Resistance commanders via Skype, to openly talk about their plan for his new speech. They had sent 1,200 members of The Resistance to protest outside the pentagon, but that failed epically. They realized that if this speech failed, they would lose all support and Dick would have them all ruined. When they thought of Dick they thought of Adolph Hitler; Jimmy gave his first speech at Carnegie Hall in New York with that as the premise.
My fellow citizens, Dick Green has manipulated everybody through their desperation, he has done it just like Adolph Hitler. When the Germans were suffering from the reparations of WWI and the Depression, there were many Jews who were doing well in Germany at the time so Hitler blamed them. People were desperate to find out why that girl was molested so Dick blamed it on video games just because they were popular. Hitler eliminated his rivals after the Reichstag burned down by blaming them; it so happens that a high percentage of people who run against Dick have accidents. Hitler once tried to start a revolution by himself but failed so he started the Nazi Party in 1923 to establish his regime; Dick uses the FAVG to enforce his rule, I don’t see any difference between them and the Nazis. There are gamer equivalents of Anne Frank who hide in their attic playing video games hoping they will not be caught. There are many people who have worked for Dick who have ended up dead, I have seen the crime families responsible go in and out of Dicks office; He betrays them like Hitler betrayed Stalin at Stalingrad. Oh Hitler wrote Mein Kompf, Dick takes your tax money and uses it in his words “to sit my mine comfy chair”. I say we throw Dick out of office and appeal the Anti Video Game Laws.
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