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Video Games Become Illegal and now a group of nerds must fight for what they love.
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Land of the Samurai
The country that was hit the worst by Americas new laws was Japan. After games became illegal in America, Sony discontinued making video games since they would look for something they could sell in America, Sega went bankrupt due to the fact there was no longer a revenue and Nintendo monopolized the business so they stopped making new products and just sold older games. Jimmy sent a photographer in the Resistance named Harry King to Japan to photograph how bad things were there due to these new laws.
Harry took photos to show how many lay offs there were, how many students lost their motivation to due well in school, and how the atmosphere decreased. When these photos were broadcasted in America, people were appalled. There were protests right outside of Dicks office because people were so upset by how horrible of an effect his laws were having on one of our allied countries.
Politicians could no longer stand the negative effects these laws were having on people so they used the accusations that The Resistance had gotten on Dick and were going to use this to have him impeached. Every politician knew that if they could get Dick impeached, they would receive the votes of every gamer who was one of their constitutes.
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