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Video Games Become Illegal and now a group of nerds must fight for what they love.
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The New Gunpowder Plot
Dick Green got a letter stating that there was going to be a senate committee in a week to investigate everything that happened to him. Dick flew to Chicago to meet with Guido about what to do. They realized that in order to be able to kill Jimmy without his legacy carrying on, they had to cause him to lose all support from the government. Guido told Dick about one of his assassins who had read about Guy Fawkes, and wanted to achieve what he failed at, but he was American. The master plan was to have him join the resistance (you could now register online) and they manipulated this guy to tell anyone if he was caught we was working for The Resistance so there would be no criminal charges. Things went exactly as planned and when the assassin was arrested while trying to blow up congress and blamed the whole crime on The Resistance. A warrant was made for Jimmy’s arrest.
Jimmy had just given his speech at Second City in Chicago and he met a very famous actress after the speech whose name was Chandra Fond. He took her out to dinner at the upside down pizza restraint and than he took her back to his hotel room where they had a very special time together. At three in the morning the police busted his hotel room, arrested him, and took him down to the station. Before he wall taken to his jail cell he was told by the DA of Chicago that he was accused of sending one of his members to attempt to blow up Congress. In the middle of the night in his jail cell he was woken by a guard who held him to gun point and told him that “Dick and Guido sent someone to blow up congress who was in your resistance, knowing he would fail and you would be blamed for it and be arrested, since most of your respect has dropped due to these auspices, if I kill you, there wont be a huge investigation. I will claim you tried to take this gun from me and I killed you in self defense and than you will have lost all support and Dick will become the most popular politician ever.” before the hitman could shoot him, Jimmy grabbed his gun and shot him. Since his cell was open he ran down the hall to find the nearest window. Right when he was climbing out of the window of the three story building, is when the cops saw him. Jimmy climbed down three stories where he was than stuck in a back ally with cops shooting at him through the windows of the precinct. He found a loose sewer pipe where he then opened the pipe and went deep into the sewers. There was now an APB set out for Jimmy and it was ordered to have him arrested on sight. If he refused, then shot.
Dick gained so much popularity mainly due to the fact that the man, who tried to bring video games back, was an alleged terrorist making video games look even worse. Two days later, Dick was invited to the renaissance center in Detroit where he was to receive an award for politician of the year 20**. Dick will have so much power now, that he began writing up bills that would gain so much support but would be so ridiculous; and no one would be able to do anything about it because he would have so much support. Dick knew that if he caused a civil war 2.0, he could just flee the country. He was officially crazy with power like many great people before him.
Dick expressed all of this to Guido who began to worry because he knew Dick was going crazy and thought eventually the truth about what they did would be exposed. Guido decided to flee to Brazil, but decided to get one last lap dance from an American girl and chose his bottom bitch known as Cindy, where she would be wearing an iron mask and would later reveal her face to Guido.
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