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Video Games Become Illegal and now a group of nerds must fight for what they love.
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The Sewers
Jimmy wondered the sewers for four days listening to pipes above, where he was trying to find a spot where there were no cops available; he knew that if he didn’t manage to prove his innocence before he was seen, he would be dead. Every time he found a sewer pipe, he would hear sirens, which indicated each sewer was being surrounded by cops looking to kill him. While wondering the sewers, he found a homeless man named John Mon; when Jimmy realized he would be his only chance at survival he sat down and had a conversation with him.
Jimmy: What is your name?
John: John Mon and you?
Jimmy: Jimmy Tonka?
Jimmy: It doesn’t have to; Dick Green and Guido Santelli have framed me for trying to blow up congress so they could get rid of me. I need you to go to the surface and find someone who works for Guido and would not mind ratting him out and since he controls all of the crime in Chicago, it won’t be hard to find someone.
John: I think the only person who would be willing to help is a prostitute, Old town has become a major Red Light District in Chicago ever since Guido acquired this much power, I will take you there and lets talk while we walk.
Jimmy: I really hope were able to make video games legal again. I remember being a kid and going to a birthday party and giving the kid his present and then getting thrown out. I couldn’t cope with the pain anymore, so I tried playing paintball but it hurt too much so I resorted to video games. I remember playing Metal Gear where I was a spy instead of this kid who ate lunch everyday with his imaginary friends, it was a huge cooping skill for me, and I never imagined having to live without it.
John: You think you have had it rough; my dad abandoned me when I was two and my mom and I had nothing. I had no access to an education, I had barely enough to eat, and I got beaten up everyday to and from school. Thankfully we managed to save up for a used N64 and I played Duke Nukem where I no longer had no opportunity and I was this muscular guy fighting off aliens.
Jimmy: I really hope we can return to the good old days when we won’t have to suffer anymore.
John: So do I. The reason I was in the sewer was because I couldn’t cope with no video games so I resorted to Cocaine, I got arrested so many times for it so I now live in the sewers where I can store my cocaine all over without anyone finding out. My apartment is now constantly raided, so I can store any there.
Jimmy: Some day we will no longer have to suffer and video games will come back to us the way they were back in the golden age.
John: The golden age of video games was the 1980s; I hope we go back to before those stupid laws were passed.
Jimmy: Good point.
When they reached Old Town, John found a secret passage way covered in paper, while walking through it a prostitute was walking down through the passage way. John was amazed because he hadn’t scene such an attractive women since Jody Foster in Taxi Driver. When they went down and met back up with Jimmy, it was revealed that the prostitute was Miley Cyrus; she had been living there because she could no longer cope with making bad music so she started playing video games to escape the harsh reality; but once they were gone, she couldn’t cope with the horrendous music so she left Disney where she met up with Guido who treated her well but than forced her into prostitution, now she wanted out. There had been a secret passageway at Guido’s brothel for the prostitutes who could no longer take him and would escape to the sewers. Miley talked to them where they revealed everything they knew to her and she told told them that Guido’s bottom bitch was giving him a lap dance at eight that night and since she was supposed to be wearing an iron mask, they could disguise John as the bottom bitch and then he could reveal himself and threaten to kill Gudio unless he would agree to attest to what he and Dick did, John would also hide a tape recorder in his bra, where he would than use this information and send it to the police where Dick would be arrested and Jim would be cleared of any charges. Miley informed them that Dick was hosting a convention that evening in the Renaissance Center in Detroit, and Jimmy knew Dick well enough to know that, before Dick would go down after, he would kill everybody. Jimmy knew he had to get in there and wait for Dick to go postage and then he would take Dick down. Jimmy needed a disguise so he could escape. John pointed to a Spiderman costume on the ground, which Jimmy could use to go through Chicago and get to O’Hara where he could get on a plane to Detroit. Jimmy would then enter the Renaissance center in a Spiderman costume, pretending to do some job that would allow him to get close to Dick. Once Dick found out the cops were going to get him, he would take people hostage, which is when Jimmy would kill Dick. Jimmy got into the Spiderman costume and left the sewers while getting a taxi to take him to O’Hara. Jimmy expressed his feeling for a different plan since he thought it was too risky but Miley told him that Guido was leaving the country forever after this lap dance and Dick will be too powerful. He asked Miley how she knew all of this would happen and she said she was friends with Cindy who expressed she overheard Guido talking about this plan and how it is all over the news how powerful Dick will be once he receives this award. They all exited via the secret passage way and departed for the mission. Jimmy had gone from being Gandhi to Charles Bronson in Death Wish. He was happy now knowing that people were listening to him for the first time in his life.
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