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Video Games Become Illegal and now a group of nerds must fight for what they love.
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Lap Dance
Miley and John exited the sewer at 3:00 P.M. and arrived at Cindy’s (Guido’s bottom bitch) apartment at 4 in the afternoon to discuss their proposition. Cindy was afraid of Guido and what he may do to her that evening, so she agreed to help them. Two men were supposed to arrive in an hour to take Cindy to Guido’s penthouse on the gold coast neighborhood, she would go to the restroom and tell them she was getting her iron mask, John would change into her clothes where he would then go out with the two guards to Guido’s penthouse. At five, the two guards showed up and told Cindy to come with them, where she told them she needed to use the restroom, where John changed into her outfit after spending an hour shaving himself and putting moisturizer on. He was now wearing an iron mask; he stored a tape recorder in one side of his shirt and a 9mm in the other side for self-defense. When John arrived at Guido’s penthouse, Guido was sitting on a chair designed like a kings throne, where John was ordered to get onto his lap and start dancing. There were 10 guards in the room, but after a while Guido told all of them to leave. Guido then told John to remove his mask where he did, shocking Guido. Before Guido could call for the guards, John grabbed a 9mm out of his bra and told Guido he would shoot him unless he admitted to everything that he did. Guido then admitted to everything, where John then killed Guido with a bullet to the head. The guards came in and realized they had no reason to kill John because they would not be paid. John paid them to be able to use Guido’s Mac (Macs are so cool, that even mafia members have them), to get onto him email address and upload the confession, which he then emailed to the police.
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