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Video Games Become Illegal and now a group of nerds must fight for what they love.
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The Final Encounter
Jimmy had done just what he had said. He was on the 10th floor of the Renaissance Center in Detroit pretending to be the janitor while still in a Spiderman outfit. He was keeping a close eye on Dick the whole time. Jimmy watched as the members of the FAVG were all being glorified for the anti video game laws. Dick was standing on a podium with 5 of his bodyguards while 1,000 people were sitting in the audience, Dick was talking about how wonderful he was and everyone was clapping. He was talking about how it upset him so much that the only man who opposed him turned out to be a criminal just because of the fact good people should stand up for what they believe. While this was going on Dick heard cops below shouting “GET DICK”. He realized that everyone found out about what he and Guido did so he ordered his guards to pull out their sub machine guns and hold everyone in the room hostage. While everyone was being rounded up, one of the bodyguards told Jimmy to remove his mask, where he then revealed himself. Dick and his men surrounded Jimmy.
Dick: It is all over, for all of us because I will kill you and all of the people in here, which will make me know even though I will spend the rest of my life in the nicest club fed I can buy, I will have made many more miserable.
Jimmy: Why? I remember when we went to boarding school together, you had everything and I was suffering. Then you made my life worse by beating me up so I threatened you where I was then thrown out of school due to your family’s political power.
Dick: Even though I have almost everything I want, I don’t have it all. While I was growing up in Newport, other people were too. What I want is for all children to work in sweatshops while I suck on my Tiffany’s baby rattle. I certainly ruined your life.
Jimmy: My biggest problem was letting you ruin my life. I thought I was nothing but a loser so I resorted to playing video games, but from trying to get them back I realized I am sophisticated, I managed to take down the man who made me miserable in high school. I am physical since I managed to break out of prison with an abundance of cops shooting at me; I have good social skills because I am now dating Chandra Fond, that actress who you always wanted. I don’t need video games anymore, even though I will still play them for fun occasionally. I believe that people should be free to make their own decisions though and I am going to stop pricks like you from keeping people from doing otherwise.
Dick: No you won’t, because I am right about to kill you, any last words.
Jimmy: Nope!
All of the men fired at Jimmy, but no bullets came out. Jimmy reveled that while Dick and his men were taking a lunch break, Jimmy broke into the safe where they kept their weapons and emptied the uzi guns of their ammo. Dick was so angry he ran to attack Jimmy; even though Jimmy was in ok shape, Dick was as strong as a professional football player. Jimmy remembered all of the moves he had scorpion do in Mortal Kombat and he used these to take Dick down in a fistfight. The police came in and arrested Dick and his bodyguards.
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