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Video Games Become Illegal and now a group of nerds must fight for what they love.
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A Happy Ending
While Dick was being escorted to a police car, he gloated about how great his life would be with all of the luxuries he would bring with him into his cell in whatever club fed he would be held in and how he would be living so much better than the cops who were escorting him to prison. The cops pointed out that because he worked with a mobster who had people killed, he would not be going to a club fed. He would be spending the rest of his life in a supermax with nothing but a roommate who was involved in the stonewall protests. Dick could not stand the idea of being with low class people so he asked the cops to shoot him and when they refused, he tried to tackle them only to be thrown in the trunk and was driven to the nearest precinct where he would be tried the next day.
Outside of the Renaissance center, people were all waiting for Jimmy. When Jimmy exited the building, people were cheering for him. He was walking towards a limo waiting to take him to the airport so he could return to Chicago to see John; while a reporter asked him “how do you feel knowing you will be able to be a gamer again” and Jimmy responded by saying “I am no longer going to be a gamer, I am going to become a fashion model for Armani.” While in the limo, he made a call. He called John, who told him about what a genius Jimmy was for managing to take down these two tyrants and exclaimed that thanks to Jimmy, he got a job working for the CIA and how he was dating Miley Cyrus; he told her he needed to go because Miley had been a bad girl and needed to be punished.
While waiting for his private jet to arrive, he got a phone call from Warren Buffet who said he would going to invest billions of dollars in the gaming industry once these laws were appealed. Jimmy told him to invest mainly in game companies where there were a lot of violence and sex. Warren offered to let him use one of his private jets in Detroit to let him fly anywhere he wanted; Jimmy used the opportunity to get to Chicago without dealing with crowds of people asking for his autograph at the airport.
While back in Chicago, Jimmy and Chandra continued their relationship. Later that night in Chandra’s apartment on the Gold Coast neighborhood, she was being tied up naked while Jimmy was tickling her with a feather. Jimmy heard someone in the closet where he went into the closet and pulled the man out. It was revealed to be Ken Burns who was making a 72 hour documentary on the whole video game incident that has happened. Jimmy told him to be sure that he gets everything.
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