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Kids make bad teachers lives miserable so they will quit.
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Off to Public School
It was the first day of John Glenn High School for Bob while he entered the school he was stared at and he just stated in front of everyone that they must admire him for how superior he was to them; it was a living hell for him from there on. In a school of 1,200 kids, all of them would grow to hate him by the end of the day. He went into school in an Italian Suit with an 18k gold Cartier watch and as soon as he laughed at the other kids for as he put it “dressed like poppers”, he was beaten up. While eating at the cafeteria, he complained to the African cook that the food was like what they eat in a 3rd world country and if this is the food that is eaten in Rwanda, no wonder one group slaughters the other; the cook was about to punch him but restrained. He had joined the schools football team where he demanded to be made captain that day because he was the best on the team; when it was refused he walked away angrily (when Bob was a kid, his parents hired Tom Brady to teach him how to play football; they also hired Derek Jeter to teach him baseball and Michael Jordan to teach him basketball. Bob was originally afraid of going to public school because he thought it would be like the movie Blackboard Jungle, but it turned out that it wasn’t that bad.
Bob hoped that he would be able to take enough classes that he would be able to graduate high school that year and then he would be able to go to college next year being a three year senior. He was taking AP Modern European History, AP War of 1812, AP Calculus, AP Biology, AP Art, AP Physical Fitness, AP Classical Literature, AP Chemistry, and AP Workshop. His classes were not nearly as hard as the classes at Deckard’s, but he had a 4.1 grade average and he thought if he told the story to Princeton, he would be accepted.
He just went to school and home everyday without interacting with any of the students there because he despised them for their economic status and they loathed him because he was a snob. He got beaten up after his first week there, when 10 kids who Bob had made fun of for their hand me down clothing, circled him and beat him to the ground; he went home complaining to his parents saying he wanted the kids expelled so his dad managed to use his political tactics to get the kids expelled for beating him up which just made everyone in school hate him more.
One day, Bob was so angry about how he was stuck in this school that during lunch he began laughing at a kid who weighed 500 pounds with the hope of making him seem cooler. He then went to sit with the cheerleaders who had just noticed him making fun of the fat kid so they ignored him he had noticed one of the cheerleaders looked familiar but she walked away in disgust when she saw him.
Bob was really looking forward to being captain of the football team hoping tom impress everyone of the first day of practice but to his surprise, he was about in the middle on skill level compared to everyone else and was barely good enough to make varsity. His old school mostly consisted of kids who inherited a lot of oney and just got by in life without making an effort where the kids here
On his way out of the school he saw a kid named Chris Dole, who asked him if he would be his friend and Bob just laughed and walked away while complaining about how someone as awkward as that could be accepted into any school and he than remembered that it was public school and they had to take in everyone; Bob had no sympathy for people even though he would never go out of his way to hurt anyone, his favorite part of Rain Man was the end where he goes back to the institution and gets away from everyone.. This was observed by the special ed teacher named Perk York. Peter had originally became a special ed teacher so he could do a half ass job and still get paid a good salary since the classes were very basic and most kids in the classes weren’t even capable of learning. One day he got mad and insulted an autistic student while he was in a bad mood and when a kid who had dyslexia testified against Peter, he was brought to court where he was acquitted due to his skills the manipulate the jury that the kid was making the whole story up. He became president of the schools union and the union became so powerful since other unions financed that schools union, that no teacher could be fired unless they did something serious. Peter headed to the union meeting, which was held in a conference room in the basement floor of the school. Peter opened the meeting by talking about how there were kids like Chris who have a lot of trouble in school which means they probably won’t have a good future and that not a lot of kids like those kids. He brought up the fear about how a kid like this might bring a gun into school and kill everyone. They came up with a proposition, which was to hire detectives to get information on all of the kids in the school who were bullied, stupid, or physically weak and see if they had any plans to shoot up the school. They realized that this plan would cost $300,000 a year and they realized they could acquire the money by cutting the AP classes.
That night back at the Jeans flat bob was looking at old photographs of him on his fathers private jet, him at Disney World having the whole park to himself while surrounded by all of the Disney characters (his family once paid Disney $200,000 to keep everyone out of Disney World for one day except for the Jeans making sure that Bobs Disney world experience would be the best in the world), and he finally broke down and cried when he saw himself as a baby playing with his 18 carrot gold rattle.
He heard a noise on his 24 carrot iphone indicated he had a letter which he than read it stated that the AP classes were cut and they gave him a new schedule. Bob was about to jump out of his window but he then realized that maybe he could still do well in these classes and he could still get into a good college, even a full scholarship.
Bobs first class was Cold War, where he entered and the teacher was talking about the Second Red Scare where everyone was afraid of Communism and demagogue’s like McCarthy were using people’s fears in order to gain power. Bob had known a lot about this and when he tried to give his input, the teacher silenced him. The teacher talked about how comics were used as propaganda and he passed out copies of different issues of The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America. A student exclaimed how Captain America was WWII and the teacher told him to be quiet and another kid asked what was communism and the teacher told him that they would talk about that later. Bob hoped that not very class would be like this but he was wrong; his math class taught 2x=4 x=2, , his earth science class taught not to play with fire, his Spanish class just watched documentaries on Mexican Gangs. The straw that broke the cammals back was the 500 pound Mrs. Hoopers English class where she told students to put the following statements in chronological order a. now they are mean. b. then they met Rodney King. c. The cops were once nice. Bob could no longer take all of this crap so he arranged to meet with the school board at their regional headquarters to discuss getting the AP classes back.
When Bob walked in the meeting, his optimism began to fade when he saw that Peter York along with all of the other teachers who belonged to the schools union were sitting among the board members. The union new Bob would try to get the classes back and so they requested to sit in on the meeting which the board members would be afraid to refuse due to the fact that they knew if they went against the teachers, the teachers would make their children’s lives hell. When Bob spoke about how the fact that AP classes were cut so the school could hire detectives to be sure kids wouldn’t commit a massacre at school could be fixed, with teachers being more involved and helping students who struggle. Peter responded to Jimmy by talking about how hard it is to be a teacher and how much teachers have struggled; he spoke to Jimmy about how his father had sold toilets to wealthy dictators and referenced how during the Khmer Rouge, teachers were among the many killed since they were intellectuals. Peter began talking about how teachers require a lot of education and don’t get paid very much which is why they shouldn’t have to suffer while working. He told Bob that if he was upset about the AP classes being cut, he told Bob that it is good for him to learn with everyone else because a class where everyone is taught the same and has to work together will make the world a better place.
While the infuriated bob was walking out of the building, he was thinking about how being a teacher must not be very difficult and they were just trying to be lazy. He had then realized they were all complete liars when he looked at the reserved parking spaces for the different teachers who were in the union and he noticed that they all had BMWs. He had then realized that he would have to get rid of these corrupt teachers if he wanted to get a decent education.
Bob went to speak to a lawyer in downtown Herington who told him that there had been so many laws passed protecting these teachers since Peter’s union had a lot of power and money to corrupt politicians and that unless they did something really serious that there was no way to get rid of them; all a teacher really had to do was a half ass job and they would still get paid.
Bob realized what he would have to do is to make life so miserable for the teachers that they would end up quitting. He realized that he couldn’t do this job himself so he would need to work with the commoners he despised. He would now have to relate to them which he despised, but had no choice.
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