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Rated: 18+ · Book · Other · #1822451
4 teenagers embark on a mystical journey and encounter strange gods. Nanowrimo 2011 Novel.
#738476 added November 2, 2011 at 11:18pm
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Chapter 2

The rock walls limited what the kids could see. Mostly grey and brown matter, the walls stretched up and gradually blended into the dark, starless sky. If one had been standing and looking down into the darkness, a sensation of vertigo would most certainly be present. However, looking up into the sky only made one wonder what lay hidden in the void. Was there a ceiling? Surely they were in a cavern of some sort. How else could they be surrounded by so much silence?

Light, dim as it was, was enough to see by. There wasn't much color and the effect had the blurring sensation of swirling, ephemeral movement of greys, blacks, and browns. Only the kids appeared sharp and solid. Their denim blues and white soled sneakers help break up the seemingly directionless walls.

Kalina's hair clip, a six inch diameter white plush of a rose, drew glances from the boys. Her cheeks would flush at their gaze. Although she knew they were looking at the flower, she found the extra attention unnerving. She considered putting the flower away, but then Evan would ask about the clip. He loved it whenever she wore her hair up and she had nothing to replace the clip.

Joshua threw a chunk of rock into the sky. It struck the darkness with a faint thwack. It landed somewhere near, judging by the sound of striking and rolling across the floor, but the rock's color was as grey as the surroundings and vanished the moment it left Joshua's hand.

"I think we're in a cave," he said.

"No duh! We know that already, Bro."

Kevin's words stung. Especially the way he pronounced "Bro". Evan liked to call him Bro, which was probably how Kevin started using the nickname too. Lamentably, Kevin swapped the brotherly tone for a brutish sneer. "You're just a wimp," the tone seemed to say.

Joshua gritted his teeth. "Flat floor, shadowy walls. I feel like I'm lost. Like I'm in a fog and I can't get out."

"We're all thinking the same things, Bro." Evan's soothing rumble took some of Kevin's edge off. "Don't worry, we'll get out."

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