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Rated: 18+ · Book · Comedy · #1822710
Kids make bad teachers lives miserable so they will quit.
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Failed Attempt
One morning during Janet Hoopers English Class, she told them that instead of giving a reading check for Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan, they were going to watch the Disney movie instead. After the movie started, Mrs. Hooper began to fall asleep in her chair. Bob did three things during this class period that he knew would piss her off; he put her hand in warm water, he took tampons and dumped them all over the classroom and he took out the Disney movie and put in a BDSM video. When Bob took the tampons out of the chair, the other students began to laugh which made him think he had their support letting him know that they wouldn’t rat him out once she woke up which would cause her to go crazy on the entire class and do something that would cost her job. After the class was covered with tampons, Bob took out the Disney movie and put in a porno of three Chinese girls being tied up naked and whipped by 2 white guys; even the girls in the class were laughing hysterically. When Bob finally put her hand in warm water, he managed to sit down right before she woke up. When she got furious and was about to go crazy, two kids ratted Bob out because of how he had made fun of them earlier for their clothes.
When Bob got sent to Principal Anderson’s office, Mr. Anderson was about to expel him until Peter York entered and told Bob to leave the room for a minute. Peter had discussed with Tom about how Mrs. Hooper interrupted my Zimbabwean History class and told me there was a student that she wanted me to get thrown out, I told her I would do so until she told me his name was Bob and I realized that having to be placed in another institution may benefit this student. Peter explained to Principal Anderson about how Bob had been advocating for AP classes to be brought back and brought up the point of how if bob was expelled he may be sent to a school for delinquents where he would still potentially get a better education there than he would here and how that would make people think that causing problems in class will get them what they want, than there will be an outbreak of trouble makers. Tom Anderson tried to attest because he didn’t like how just because Peter was head to the schools union that he practically ran the school opposed to him. Peter reminded Tom that because of how powerful he was that Tom wasn’t fired for coming into school drunk two years ago. Peter than sat in Tom’s chair and called Bob back into the office. Peter told Bob that he must have some social disability and he needed to be put into Special Ed to receive the help that he needed and he was than kicked out of the office. Peter was laughing about how the kid who was trying to oppose the system was losing and shortly Tom joined in with the laughter.
Bob didn’t know what to do with the fact that his father was hiding from the government so could not give him the financial or political support to get him the prestigious education that he desired and the fact that he was dealing with a corrupt system that would take him years to fix and by then it would be too late for him to go to college. His last attempt of trying to make the teachers lives hell only hurt him so he decided to give up on being happy in life. He still planned to destroy these teachers lives but he had nothing left to live for so he didn’t mind going down in the process.
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