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Rated: 18+ · Book · Comedy · #1822710
Kids make bad teachers lives miserable so they will quit.
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Bob's New Friend
The next morning, Bob arrived in classroom 666, which was the Special Ed room. The room was incredibly decayed but that was more appealing than the lazy smile the teacher, Max Dean gave him, which implied “do what you want but don’t interrupt me from my sleeping.” Bob didn’t even want to look at the students so he spent the first half of the day playing Angry Birds on his iphone. Half way through the day his phone was almost out of battery so he looked around to see if there was anyone in the class worth talking to. He noticed one kid who had just finished reading Richard III and had put down the book and was now working at his computer. Bob went over and introduced himself and the kid was quiet until Bob noticed that the kid had managed to program a video game on his computer that looked like Grand theft auto except more realistic and after complementing the kid for a while, the kid introduced himself as John.
After talking for a prolonged period of time, Bob began to enjoy being around John and Bob questioned why John was in Special Ed. It was revealed that John had ADHD and that once he reached High School, the teachers didn’t want to deal with him so they kept him here in this facility when the irony was he could easily do the work in the regular classes. Bob asked John why he never socialized with anyone and he told Bob that he lost all confidence in being able to socialize from being put here and he had become anti social and Bob pointed to his video game and told him that if he could make a game like that then all of the girls would love him and he told him after school he would take him to a place to help him meet girls. Bob took John to Hooters. At Hooters, Bob told John to talk to the girls, which he did reluctantly at first but once the girls were pliant in speaking to him he talked to the hooter girls with more and more confidence each minute. He saw a Space Invaders arcade cabinet which he started playing while all of the girls were watching and one began massaging his back which made him feel impervious to reject, he got a high score on space invaders of 267,000 which was when Bob told him that they should eave and go to a party that was being held by Tim Bond who was the captain of John Glenn High Schools football team.
While they headed to the party, John was reluctant because the last party he had was a sleepover when he was in third grade and ever since middle school, everyone had forgotten about him but Bob kept insisting that he enter which was where Bob hid in a bush. John was about to puke when Monica who was the girl he had a crush on since 4th grade answered the door instead of Tim. John read Monica a poem he wrote about her which caused he to fall in love with him and she invited him into the party. Tim went outside to greet John but noticed someone was in the bush so he jumped in the bush to tackle the person out right as all of the other teenagers were walking out to see what all of the commotion was. When they noticed it was Bob, Tim was about to beat him up until he realized that Bob had helped John talk to a girl and he and everyone earned enough respect for him and invited him into the party.
After talking and drinking beer for an hour, Bob was about to go until the girl he saw earlier asked him to go outside. Once outside, she asked him why he left Duckard’s to go to public school where he exclaimed “SALLY WHY DID YOU ABANDON ME LIKE THAT, I WASTED MY ENTIRE CHILDHOOD ON YOU AND YOU THREW IT AWAY. She tried to explain to explain to him that she didn’t leave him because she didn’t care but she was ashamed to admit certain reasons.
What they didn’t know is Peter York was driving by and he saw Sally and he decided to sit in his car pulled out a bottle of lube and began masturbating while looking at her. He then stopped in panic when he noticed that Bob was sitting next to her and realized that he is becoming popular and he might unite the students to take him and all of the other corrupt teachers down.
Meanwhile Bob heard George on the window ledge yelling they were super man and they were going to jump, however when he jumped Bob caught him. They took him inside and waited an hour until he was no longer stoned. George expressed no repentance for what he did because he like everyone else didn’t care that much about his future. Bob understood why they didn’t care due to the lack of an adequate education available for them but he expressed that it was because of the teachers that they were suffering. Everyone here had gotten a good education up until high school but JGHS has a bigger gap in education quality between the middle and high school than any other school in the country. When Tim expressed how their parents couldn’t do anything about it, Bob expressed that they could. He pointed out how anyone as selfish as their teachers must be very vulnerable and if they could bring out that vulnerability, the teachers may end up losing their jobs. Bob told anyone he would start a group called The Troubles, which would be dedicated to making the lives of the teachers at JGHS so miserable that they would quit. Bob, John, Tim, Sally, and 26 others at the party all agreed to join. Bob spoke about how he was going to get rid of the special ed teacher so he could get back in regular classes and join them.
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