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Rated: 18+ · Book · Comedy · #1822710
Kids make bad teachers lives miserable so they will quit.
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Getting Out of Special Ed
Peter met with Mrs. Hooper, Mr. Anderson and Mr. Dean to discuss how he noticed Bob is becoming more popular and how other students may follow him in his attempt to bring hell upon the faculty, which mainly included them since they were known for being the worst faculty in the school. He told them that if anyone seems to be working with Bob on anything, use drastic measures to make their lives hell so they would quit working with Bob.
That day in Special Ed, while Mr. Dean was sleeping. John had managed to use his computer to hack into Mr. Deans where he then accessed his email. He didn’t come across anything except for messages from his wife and friends but then he noticed emails both sent and received from a high end escort agency which stated a lot of information which included payments. Bob took over the computer and looked for previous messages from his wife and he found one from the day before which stated that she was meeting him at home for dinner at eight. John and Bob decided to send an email to the escort agency asking them to go to Mr. Deans house at eight.
After school John and Bob were leaving when Tim met up with them and told him that while Mr. Anderson was out of the classroom, he broke in to the class to get leverage on him and he found a schedule for a Gay bar in Herington called New Stonewall. While they were reading this, they noticed Principal Anderson heading to his car with a look on his face, which indicated he was horny so everyone got into Bob’s car and decided to follow him. They followed Mr. Anderson to a bar where they sat in their car on the side of the road and watched him take of his oat where he was wearing a formal pink dress and they saw him dancing with other men. Bob took out his camera and began photographing everything. That night, the three of them broke into the school at about midnight and they went around the building posting the pictures all around the school, they even snuck into the girls bathroom and posted them. After they posted it, they used the student directory to email them to all of the parents. Using Mr. Anderson’s facebook profile, they emailed it to all 4324 of his facebook friends, which included his mother.
The next day in school, all of the students were looking at the photos while laughing horrendously. As soon as Principal Anderson walked into the building, everyone began laughing at him he didn’t know why until he saw the photos. After he saw the photos a student said to him “would you sit on a bar stool if I turned it upside down.” Mr. Anderson ran out of the school crying while %70 of the student body was laughing at him. He drove off and was never seen at school again, he ended up moving to Alaska where he would hopefully never have to face anyone who would remind him of this day again.
John and Bob were sitting in special ed looking at the pictures they put on the class bulletin board last night of Principal Anderson and next to the photos it was written “a very special guy”. The Vice Principal who now took over the school, Kyle Bates, came in and informed the students that Mr. Dean’s wife had him arrested last night for soliciting prostitution and according to Megan’s Law he now has to be registered meaning he can no longer work in a school so you are all back in regular classes for the time being. Peter met with Mrs. Hooper because he knew that Bob was behind getting rid of Mr. Anderson and Mr. Dean and the two of them realized that they would not only have to get Bob expelled but arrested in order to stop him.
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