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These are my entries for Leger's June activity.
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June 6 - Frog
"Think back, Sky. ...Back to the time when you were a young lass of five years. Try to remember. We met in a meadow near a small cottage."

Sky was apprehensive of this stranger who stood before her. She normally doesn't stay so late at her collage campus, but she really needed to catch up on her lab work. I knew it was a bad idea to walk through this creepy parking lot alone at night, and now I have this weird guy sneaking up to me...Apparently out of nowhere. I don't care that he's strikingly good-looking. If I feel threatened in any way, I'm going to scream as loud as I can. I'm sure no one will hear me from this far away parking lot, but it might scare 'Abercrombie Boy' a bit.

The mysterious man continued to speak. "My Lady, I was but a lone soul, trapped in the shell of a frog. I was finally free from the awful curse by your kind touch."

Touch me, crazy dude, and you'll wish you were a frog...Holy crap! Did this nut just say he's a frog!

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