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These are my entries for Leger's June activity.
#754639 added June 20, 2012 at 10:28am
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June 7 - Dragon
Lady Vera wasn't always violent and dark.
Born of grace and status in a place called Mellolark,
She was loved by all until one day,
When everything suddenly turned disarray.

In Mellolark,powers were forbidden.
Magical Vera was forced to keep hers hidden.
People might have never caught on,
If Vera didn't come across a dragon.

While walking home outside of town,
Locket, the dragon, sensed her around.
He offered friendship to the teen.
Vera accepted, knowing what that would mean.

Outraged townspeople cast her away.
Frightened Vera begged to stay.
To Vera and Locket, each person turned their back.
With teary departure, she vowed love she'd lack.

Away they went, with her heart full of pain.
The bond of friendship with Locket will remain.
It's a new life, a new way, a new vision -
A new dark beginning for Vera and Dragon.

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