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These are my entries for Leger's June activity.
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June 9 - Surf
The desert world of Corning, boasts three gorgeous suns. The view across the planet's only ocean at suns set is absolutely breathtaking.

Twins, Lucas and Logan, stood together on the dock and gave each other one last high five before jumping into the hoverboat.

"Are you sure you're ready for this, Bro? These stealth suits are only 75 percent effective against keeping us undetected from gillions." Logan teased as he taunted his brother.

Logan, a member of the Water Guard, was used to daring the vicious attacks of the dangerous ocean predators, but this would be the first time for Lucas.

"I trained three months for this, dude, and there's no way I'm backing out now." Lucas affirmed as he excitedly strapped on the gliding equipment.

Lucas stared out at the orange glowing horizon as he braced himself into position for the glide across the ocean.

"Get ready then, bro." Logan called over as he put the craft into full throttle. He pulled the lever which released the hatch at the back of the craft.

Lucas could feel the adrenaline building up. In one mighty jump, he bolted out into the abyss.

"Ridicuuuulessss!" He screamed as he sailed through the air.

Logan concentrated on keeping the craft steady. He took one glance over his shoulder just as Lucas's glide board glazed the water in a perfect landing. Logan smiled proudly, as his mind wandered about how his brother will make a fine Water Guard someday.

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