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These are my entries for Leger's June activity.
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June 11 - Sew
"You have but one wish left, wee lady, and then, done with you, I am. ...And don't be wishing for more wishes or it won't count."

Crissy, thought hard. She really couldn't think of anything she wanted. She actually only wanted to keep the little leprechaun, but he said he'd turn all of her Barbie dolls into boy's action figures if she wished for anything like that. With that thought in her head, the seven year old remembered that her brother's birthday was in three days.

"Action figures! Yes! My brother needs a net for his Spiderman doll! That would make the most awesome birthday gift ever! Can you make me one to give him?"

The leprechaun began mumbling something about how that's a really stupid gift, but then he looked into little Crissy's big brown eyes, and simply said, "Yes."

With a puff of green, he vanished into his workshop to spin a spider's web.

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